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    Report from Question-Disadvantage: Lucasfilm Presentation…

    Brett RectorThe official Star Wars Blog has posted a great interview with Steve Sansweet talking with assistant producer on The Force Unleashed, Brett Rector at Moscone Center in San Francisco for Wonder-Con. In the interview Brett goes over the basics of The Force Unleashed and what stage they are at with the game. It’s a great read!

    A couple excerpts from the article:

    SS: Do you really get to pull a Star Destroyer out of the sky?

    BR: Yes you do. That’s one of the seminal moments of the game. It’s really cool right now. I think you guys are really likely to search it.

    SS: The Pressure forces appear so over-the-top. It’s less than a specific item within the movies. How can you justify that, or explain that?

    BR: Essentially, in early stages within the project, we looked at the beginning Clone Wars cartoon and saw the way they were coping with Pressure forces. Since it is a relevant video game, George enables us to complete this stuff using the medium. He knows. He’s a knowledgeable person. He knows that people really should take this stuff to 11 to actually repay on that. It isn’t breaking continuity it’s just a different way of picturing Pressure forces. And it is much more fun for the overall game. Everyone are actually likely to search it.

    SS: Provide us with an update on how the Pressure Unleashed is originating along at this time.

    BR: We patched our Alpha Stage before Christmas.

    SS: What is an Alpha Stage?

    BR: It’s where we’ve code and content complete with no major bugs have been in the machine. At this time — I simply arrived from work, the entire team’s there –optimizing, bug fixing. We actually want to deliver about this game for everyone, the fans, and it is something which we’re really happy with. So it’s coming along great.

    SS: A primary reason the overall game is a little postponed, when i comprehend it, is the fact that there 2 or 3 technology that are carried out by different companies that has to be merged because everything touches anything else. Would you like to explain a bit of that?

    BR: Essentially with new hardware a person always has to construct a brand new tool-set.. To develop for that Xbox 360 360 and Ps 3, furthermore we need to have a new rendering engine, we should also add these technology. The first is Pixelux, that is Digital Molecular Matter or DMM, and also the other is Excitement, that is Natural Motion. Pixelux enables us to produce realistic tables, chairs, structures, structures constructed of wood, cement, glass, whatever. And that we can make this stuff where one can make this stuff burglary real-time reasonably so it’s not only a canned animation,it’s something unique every time. And the same applies to Euphoria, with Natural Motion. It’s kind of a BioMechanical AI

    SS: So it’s actually the characters –

    BR: Yes, the characters are going to move uniquely. They’ll reach out and actually, stormtroopers will grab one another and hold on to … I’m sure some of you saw the Penny Arcade…”

    Check out the full article here

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