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    GameTrailers: Large Pressure Unleashed Reveal + New Footage…

    That’s right Force Unleashians… According to a post on the LucasArts Forums, GameTrailers TV will reveal something big about The Force Unleashed as well as show some never before seen footage. Be sure to catch the episode on Spike, Friday, August 15th.

    There are a couple other things I wanted to post as well that were kind of interesting. According to SliceGaming.com, they’ve got word from LucasArts the demo won’t be launched whatsoever now. So we must hold on until a minimum of in a few days before we obtain our demo.

    Heard rumour that LucasArts were getting a demo for his or her much looked forward to Pressure Unleashed to Xbox 360 Live and PSN now? We hat to crush your dreams but there won’t be any such factor say LucasArts.

    Following a recent X-play episode stated that the demo is going to be coming around the 14th that delivered this rumor continues to be continues to be declared as incorrect by Adam Kahn, Senior PR Manager at LucasArts, and that he has mentioned that in no-terms will a demo be coming thins week… Sigh.

    “The Pressure Unleashed demo isn’t being released now. If X-Play stated that it is being released now, they’re wrong. They’re going to have more details concerning the demo within their display on the 14th.”

    With no The Exorcist fans, I doubt that the Jedi mind trick works on these coporate men.

    And finally, based on TalkPlaystation.com there won’t be a Trophy System integrated into the Ps 3 sort of The Pressure Unleashed.

    News just come for the reason that LucasArts approaching The Exorcist game, The Pressure Unleashed won’t offer the Ps 3’s Trophy system.

    We approached Adam Kahn, LucasArts Senior PR Manager for confirmation and that he responded with:

    “The Pressure Unleashed doesn’tsupport the trophy system on PS3. I can’t speculate about what might happen in the future, though.”

    Could we be seeing Trophies in a future update? All we know is that the game won’t support Trophies when it’s released.

    That doesn’t give you a reason not to buy the game because it looks brilliant. The game is scheduled to be released in September.

    Are you going to buy it? Do Trophies mean a lot to you?

    12 Responses to “GameTrailers: Large Pressure Unleashed Reveal + New Footage…”

    • sith:

      i couldn’t care less about trophies to be honest.

      this delayed demo is pissing me off though. I was stoked for this Thursday. Oh well.

      I hate it when demos are released at the same time the game is out. A month in advance for TFU would have been great. I bet if they ever do even release a demo, it will prob be after the friggin game comes out.

      So much for that lucasarts guy who was like “oh yeah! we cant wait to get the demo in people’s hands!”

      what a crock. theres no excuse for the delay of this demo either. the game has been completed and been polished for over half a year now.

    • Zen:

      The demo has new content and a new boss at the end, it’s not the same level as the game. THAT’S why it’s so late. Have you ever made a game? I have. It’s NOT easy, and the one I made sucked. BE PATIENT.

    • psn id unrealman:

      man i can’t wait for the game i will be watching gt tv friday u can count on it add me if you want on ps3 psn

    • DaveyJ:

      AW MAN. I wanted this demo SOOOO bad. ::SIGH::
      I guess I will just have to wait…
      Grumble… grumble…

    • Ash7X:

      I agree the demo should of been released this week so we get a months play, the demo is to draw us in to help us decide whether to buy the game so therefore releasing it now would of been more beneficial to them.


      I just completed Assassins Creed the other day thinking the demo was out today so i would have something to do, now seeing its not out im really annoyed tbh.

    • Wolf26pack:

      Aww no Star Wars the Force Unleased Demo. That’s Disappointing. I sure hope they put trophie support in thru a patch. I know that trophies were support was just added but I mean show some support for the PS3.

    • mally:

      Oh my god. I’ve been waiting like all week. I HATE when they release demos just before the game comes out cause then you cant decidei if you really like it. They should at least give you a months worth of playing

    • Zen:

      “Oh my god. I’ve been waiting like all week.”
      Really? Cause I’ve been waiting THREE YEARS for this game. And yet, somehow, people who have been waiting “all week” can’t be patient enough to let Lucasarts finish the demo/game and MAKE IT GOOD. Think about it. Would you rather have it right now and it SUCK? Or would you rather have it a month from now and it be the best game EVER MADE?

    • luke jameston:

      im with zen on this one people ive been waiting for this for about 2 and a half years. come people be patient and trust me it will pay off for everyone. remember it is the jedi way?

    • Darth Sithius:

      well i bare good new friends the demo wont come out after the game hits according to the project lead , he said to morgan webb on x-play’s force unleashed speacial that the game itself is finished and that right now they’re finishing off the demo which will hit this month(august) ,,,but he didnt say when >:(

    • luke jameston:

      i bare better news my friends. the demo will be online on the 21st.

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