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New The Pressure Unleashed Treats – Lightsaber Deposits, Clothes & Videos

Well, as the game gets closer to release, people have already started to receive their Force Unleashed strategy guides! So, luckly for us, some nice soul from the LucasArts forums leaked out some informatio, along with a couple pictures of the, “Good” and “Evil”, outfits for The Secret Apprentice along with Crystal & Holocron locations for the XBOX 360 and PS3. So if you do not want to know their locations, do not read any further!!

Lightsaber Very & Holocron locations:

TIE Construction Yard

yellow very

damage very

Raxxus Prime

Compressed red-colored very

Gold Very

Compressed yellow very

Sith Robe costume

Firkrann energy very


Unstable red-colored Very

Compressed Gold very

Empirical Lab

Blue Very

Lorrdian saber very

Cloud City

Unstable Orange very

Ruusan energy very

Unsable yellow very


Compressed Blue very

Kento’s Robes costume

Crimson Very

Imperial Felucia

Eco-friendly Very

Compressed Crimson Very

Vexxtal saber very

Unstable Blue very

Imperial Raxxus Prime

Sigil Energy Very

Compressed Eco-friendly very

Unstable Crimson

Dying Star

Unstable Eco-friendly very

energy very Katak

Black Saber very

Browse the pictures:

“Good” outfit -> here

“Evil” outfit -> here

More unlockables:

for duel mode on wii you are able to play as

the apprentice

apprentice see how to avoid training gear

apprentice in kento’s robes

apprentice in corellian flight suit

apprentice in fugitive hunter disguise

apprentice in Ultimate good Costume

apprentice in undustial explorer outfit

apprentice in jungle combat gear

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Anakin Skywalker

Darth Vader

Youthful luke Skywalker

Jedi Luke Skywalker

Mace windu

Shaak Ti

Darth Maul

Count Dooku

Asajj Ventress

Rahm Kota

Aayla Secura

Mara Jade

Darth Phobos

Maris Brood

Heavy Training Gear

Blaster Block Lightsaber Hilt

Light training Gear

Sith Robe

Kento’s Robe

Corellian Flight suit costume

Jungle combat gear costume

Raxxus Prime survival gear costumeBounty Hunter disguise Costume
Ceremonial Jedi Robes costume
Sith Stalker Costume

Also check out this great video from IGN:

Trick-Out your Saber in The Force Unleashed

97 Responses to “New The Pressure Unleashed Treats – Lightsaber Deposits, Clothes & Videos”

  • Jason:

    What does the compressed crystal do? and a black?! lightsaber..niceee

  • Matt:

    @Jason I don’t know what the compressed crystal does, but the unstable crystals make the lightsaber look wavy or unstable if you will. If you look at the IGN video above it will show starkiller with an unstable purple lightsaber. But I am curious what the compressed will look like.

  • Jay:

    Not to much, It makes a pulse go thhrough the lightsaber. The Black one is nice, the actual blade is black, but the ¨shine¨ around it is white

  • so I just noticed there’s no listing for the unstable gold crystal that I just found

    When you go back to meet with Kota after he’s blinded there’s a large hole at the top level and it spouts out this smoggy lookin stuff

    The unstable gold crystal is in there

  • force:

    been searching does anybody know where the black crystal is located

  • hihaho:

    easy. Its in the last level. After you have activated the Gaslifts jump in it an wait, till you are on top. Look around and you will will see it.

  • Sol:

    The Black crystal is in the last lvl somewhere. I think it’s where u first drop in with all the enimies. I tried to get it, but I kept gettin sniped & obliterated.

  • Br34ks:

    Ok i just got the black crystal and the unstable green crystal where are the last two holocrons at?

  • Zaradune:

    Sooo I just beat this game and as it turns out I guess I chose the good path. I wasn’t really aware of making a choice like that, though… anyone know where in the game it decides what path you follow?

  • Zaradune:

    Nevermind that last comment, I just had to go after Vader at end instead of Emporer. =)

  • BlackSaberBoy:

    i just beat the game on all diff. and not once did i think to go and get the black saber!!!!

  • Caldra:

    I can’t flippen find the blue crystal on the Nintendo DS verson of the Force Unleashed

  • master of the force:

    how do u go after vadar

  • wait so where is the black crystal exactly

  • Sevran:

    @ master of the force: if you mean at the end where the emperor fries Kota then its simple: after the video you regain control, all you have to do is jump down over the reling and then you fight Vader again, after you killed him you get the Revenge achievement.

    In my opinion: i liked LS ending better :)

  • midnitegreen:


  • dean:

    Why can’t u force push people through walls and stuff like it shows in the video clips?

  • Dave:

    Can some one please tell me were the green unstable one is. I cant find it in the last lvl.

  • Dave:

    Actually any crystal locations would be nice

  • Nik:

    there is no difference between compressed or unstable or normal lightsabers…compressed light sabers have a glow around them and the unstable ones have a sorta fuzzy glow to them thats all

  • Dave:

    I have all the lightsabers but the unstable purple one. I need the exact location.

  • Kevin:

    The unstable purple is located on second level of Raxus Prime. It is at the part where you have to knock over the tower (the tower is in the center of this part of the map with a black pit surrounding it). If you look around on the ledge that surrounds the tower you will find a pile of crates. Move these and you will notice a hidden tunnel. In the tunnel you will find the unstable purple lightsaber.

    On an unrelated note is anyone else experiencing an excessive amount of glitches? You would think that since lucasarts delayed the release of the game from February to September that they would not have this problem.

  • Garrett:

    Could someone tell me the exact locations of the unstable green and regular green crystals? they are the last two i need to have them all.

  • Jeff:

    I have all holocrons from all levels except only one left on the Death Star level. I looked at my lightsaber crystals and I’m missing the Unstable Blue one. But this is on Imperial Felucia, which is impossible, because I cleared it. My objective for Death Star says I have 1 crystal left to find… can’t find it, seems like I’m missing the wrong one altogether.

    And I expected a lot more from this game. Minimal character buildup, and almost no customization? What is this, 1997?

  • Chasten:

    It would help me out quite a bit

    if someone told me how to get the armors that you do’nt get from the main story line.
    i didn’t “unlock” any really
    i just go thtem from the story

    and i feel like i’m missing out on something by not having them.
    one looks like it could be awesome,
    but i can only see the outline

    help me out
    i need exact location.

  • Jo:

    Yea, I’ve seen those glitches too. My system has even frozen like 3 or 4 times already while playing Force Unleashed.

  • nick:

    on the ps2 version of the force unleashed are there any cheats for lightsaber hilts combat crystals and color crystals?

  • confused sith:

    does any one know if there is possibly a way to replay beaten levels on tyhe wii, i missed a couple force holocrons and this sis really frusturating

  • confused sith:

    also, some pictures of the saber hilts would be nice too because i havent unlocked like any : (

    (im only on the mission where vader stabes you just in case you were wondering why i have like none at all cuz some are very easy to get)

  • nick jackson:

    Hey i was looking at the stuff you can unlock…. and i was wondering how you unlock all of the characters and how you would use them!!!

  • Baron3000:

    sorry boys can i ask you some thing? i am looking for the lightsabers code can you tell me plz?

  • Shuuya:

    Where EXACTLY is the black crystal in the game, I’ve played thru a few times and gotten everything but that and its drivin me nuts.

  • Syras:

    The black crystal is located on the last level of the game, just above the emperors main door. just follow the lift straight to the top and look around u should find it.

    i am here to help anyone. if u have any questions, plz ask me i will give great help.

    to unlock all costumes, INCLUDING SECRET COSTUMES, just pause the game, go to input code and enter: SOHNDANN. this code will unlock tonnes of costumes including secret costumes and all other clothes.

    if anyone needs help plz ask me. thx for your time. =]

  • Shadow:

    okay then syras i have a challenge for ya. i have 6 of the 10 additional hilts other than the starting hilt including, darth vaders, qui-gonns, shaak ti, the pronged hilt, the old hilt with the cloth band at the top, andi think lukes second hilt but i cant be sure if thats what it is. Please tell me the exact locations of as many of the last hilts as you can as well as the locations of the 2nd red, 3rd blue, and 1st yellow crystals as they appear in the customization screen. I will award you with 200 internets if you can actually tell me all of this.

  • cool:

    I can’t find the green (plain) lightsaber crystal. Can anyone help me please?

  • Syras:

    the green lightsaber crystal is found in imperial Felucia, in a holocron i cant remember excactly but at least your search is narrowed.

    Shawdow? wot version of the game are u talking about? i am only helping with the XBOX 360 version and the PS3. i could help u if u gave me a better idea of the situation.

    if any needs help getting all holocrons on each level, on either the XBOX 360 or PS3 versions, visit my friends youtube channel. Achievement Hunter. this channel helped me loads.

    thank you for your time, i can help with as much as i possibly can. =]

  • Ade:

    When you’re in the RogueShadow, go to Juno and select Cheatcodes

    type in grandmoff an dyou’ll get all costumes available

  • Shadow:

    Oooh, sorry, i got the PS2 version. That could be a problem couldnt it. Lulz.

  • Syras:

    lol dont worry i can get some codes for the PS2 for you if u want. do u want me to?

    ive got a mate who works in HMV and Hes got tonnes of codes for the game. i will do some research for u. =]

  • Shadow:

    dont need any codes i just need the locations of the other hilts as those 3 crystals. i HATE scanning felucia and thejunk planet, the color schemes make my head hurt.

  • confused sith:

    please could someone tell me how to replay levels on the wii?

    i just beat the game and it said start new so i did, but then it still wont let me select missions to go on.

    also: for the person wondering about the black crystal, if you are looking on the wii or some of the lower systems like the ds, there is no black crystal, good luck

  • Syras:

    Shadow, do some research about the PS2 version. im sure you will find some help. go to gameloft website, theres some info there.

  • Syras:

    soz its gamespot

  • XxRaN96xX:

    go to and on their page in the videos section type in the force unleshed and they have walkthroughs for all holocrons o each level

  • axel 777:

    how do u get the perpul saber

  • sam:

    here are some codes for the game on ps2

    to have lots o flife type in cortosis

    lots of damage from lightsaber type in lightsaber

    1,000,000 force points type in speeder

  • caleb:

    if u have the wii version there is no black crystal ive got every one and every hilt and costume i cant really c a difference bettween normal unstable and compressed crystals lol ive beat the game 2 times workin on 3rd and if u have the wii version can u tell me how to get your starting crystal back?

  • confused sith:

    for the part with getting the startign crystal back, if u mean in the begining on 2nd lvl when u change from red to green and it goes away, then read this…

    that happened for me when i changed it(it dissapeared), but when i went to my friends house and played with the same cd but a different wii, that didnt happen. i switched and then i could switch back, and im thinking what the hell?

    so if that was your question, just know that it could be just the wii, or some random other thing you do on that lvl, i have noo idea

  • cody:

    where is the last blue crystal?

  • The force unleashed Gameist:

    people,people i know what all the cheats are, just ask and by the way for proof the cheat for all the costumes is grandmoff

  • jon:

    n e 1 no were the gold or black lightsabers for the ps2 r.

  • Jon:

    also does any1 hknow were to get the sith stalker armor or the cheat for it on the ps2.

  • hypersabr:

    can any1 tell me what that armor is called the picture of it is on the. ” good” side just click here next to good up above the messages on this page.

  • jon:

    hey syras could u get me some good ps2 cheats plz.

  • Syras:

    hi guys soz for not being on for a while. how u guys doing? did u want some cheats jon? im shaw i can find u some. i will put a post on this page later this week for you and anyone who needs them. see ya later! =)

  • jon:

    hey shaw, yea I could use some cheats if u could that would be awsome. ty

  • hypersaber:

    hey guys I found a good u tube vids for ps2 version /wii its j and z sw:

  • wicked awesome monkey dude:

    I have the psp version. I need the green color crystal at the top of the crystal screen, and the blue at the very bottom. I need help!! I also have 8/10 hilts.

  • Syras:

    hi guys its me again. all people with the fore unleashed on PS2 listen up! follow the instuctions and u will have fun!

    At the main menu, choose the “Options” selection, then select the “Enter Code” option. Or, you can choose the “Extras” selection inside the Rogue Shadow, then select the “Cheat Codes” option. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    GRANDMOFF: unlocks all costumes
    LIGHTSABER: Amplified Ligthsaber Damage
    KATARN: All Force Powers At Maximum Level
    CORTOSIS: Immunity To All Damage
    COUNTDOOKU: All Combos At Max Level
    SPEEDER: 1,000,000 Force Points
    TYRANUS: All Force Powers
    VERGENCE: Unlimited Force Power
    SITHLORD: Darth Vader Costume
    ZABRAK: Darth Maul Costume

    PLZ note that some cheat codes may disable saving and achievements. Thx for ur time people. Have fun playing!!! =)

  • Syras:

    Plz note that the cheats i entered are cheats for the PS2 only! =)

  • jon:

    hey I saw the cheats syras. ty I’ll use them tonight

  • mikkey123789:

    on ps2 is their a black lightsaber and is their a cheat to get all the colour crystals

  • mikkey123789:

    me again can some 1 tell me if their is a cheat to get all of the hilts and holocrons

  • jon:

    hey can any1 tell me were to get some ps2 or wii version hilts

  • sirSHANESS:

    on wii version to get origional lightsaber crystal (red one) it is the top red crystal on crystal selection screen

  • The Monkey Man:

    Ok, lol people the wii version sucks cause u can’t even move the screen, the only plus of the wii version is multiplayer…….
    just putting that out there…

  • jon:

    yea I found some great tfu vids type in jandzmovies on you tube I’ve found 4 moviesthat show were to get some crystals for wii/ps2 version.

  • jon:

    and also there was 1 vid that showed a saber hilt location

  • jon:

    hey can any1 tell me were to find some saber hilts for the ps2/wii version plz

  • jon:

    also can any1 tell me were to find the top green crystal and the bottom blue crystal

  • dude:

    You can move the screen around on the Wii version fool, you use the d-pad to control the camera.

  • force:

    does any1 no were the 4 tv red crystal is for ps2 .

  • ryan:

    cortosis is god power
    vergence is infintiy health
    grandmoff is all bounus costumes
    speeder is 100,000 force ponits
    lightsaber is massive damige


  • jon:

    hi people umm still wunderin if any1 noes were to get top green and bottom blue crystals for ps2/wii.

  • suicidex:

    is there a black crystal on the psp version of swtfu?

  • Robert:

    does anyone know where the black lightsaber crystal is or the rest of the crystals and the hilts for W

  • jon:

    hey Robert umm I cant tell u were to find all that stuff but I can tell u that the j and z starwars you tube vids show some crystals and a hilt but the 2nd time u got to Jedi temple there are 2 crystals and 1 hilt in the main lobby room with the statues.

  • jon:

    ps: that was for wii/ ps2 version and the vid that I told u about they use the wii version

  • i got the game the first day it came out on psp i completed it in 7hours and it is still a mint game and can u get black crystel on psp version

  • i think u should make a better and longer version of this game and make him hold the light saber cool on the psp like he does on ps3 i am praying there will be a number 2 coming out on psp

  • wicked awesome monkey dude:

    hey simon, how do you get the black crystyl on psp? where did you find it? Or did you use a cheat? Either way, please answer my question.

  • sawman:

    where do u get black crystal on wii version

  • sawman:

    yo it me i need a cheat for all crystals shaw please and thakyou

  • jon:

    there are no blk crystals on wii/ps2 version but I found u tube vids for all lightsaber hilts type in…. josh1512 for hilts and jandzmovies for lightsaber crystals

  • apprentice:

    how do you get him to hold the lightsaber differently on the ps2 versiom

  • apprentice:

    differently meaning holding it backwards sort of :S

  • lee:

    What are the locations of all the light saber crystals?!!!!!!

  • chuck:

    i can’t find the black crystal for ds!

  • wicked awesome monkey dude:

    Jon, thanks for the movies, they really helped me. Does anybody know where the lightest blue and the darkest green are?

    PS: (i need the location of them on psp/ps2/wii)

    PSS: (why does everyone say “ps2/wii” when psp also has the same locations?)

  • cody:

    IS THERE BLACK OR GOLD LIGHTSABERS 4 PSP? I DONT C ANY MORE BLANK SLOTS. I NEED THIS INFO!!!!!!! i beat game once already. btw im typin this from my psp and it taken 4 evar!!!!!!!!

  • wicked awesome monkey dude:

    Guys, I NEEEEEEEEEED your help. I Have all of the goodies in the game (ps2/wii/psp) except the top green crystal and the quigon jinn lightsaber. Someone, PLEASE give me the locations

  • apprentice:

    the black crystal is only on the ps3 version

  • basil:

    where r all the black crystals on psp

  • ctcraig1:

    I found the black crystal at the very top of the convergence room while on the death star.

  • ps2sp:

    Hi, My son entered the Cortosis cheat for the Force Unleashed Stars Wars game for PS2 and now he wants to disable this cheat. Is there a way to disable this cheat? Thanks!

  • THX1138:

    I need a little help with finding one of the blue crystals for the Nintendo Wii version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. On the color crystal display on the color crystal menu, where can I find the blue crystal that is supposed to be displayed in the second row of the blue crystal column? Also, could some one tell me the names of the blue crystals from top to bottom please? Thanks.

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