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The Pressure Unleashed “WEBDOC #1″… has finally launched the WebDoc around the Pressure Unleashed. The recording mainly deals everything they’ve been focusing on during the last few years in addition to a couple ofinsights of whats to come. I love their moto, “Kicking someone’s ass with the force!”.

2 Responses to “The Pressure Unleashed “WEBDOC #1″…”

  • Lefty:

    I realize there are tens of millions of dollars at stake here. Likely hundreds. So as a businessman, I appreciate the seriousness of the discussion. Totally appropriate. On the other hand . . . these are forty, fifty year old guys talking about being “allowed” to give Darth Vader (whom, I believe, does not actually exist in reality, as far as I know) a secret apprentice. Not just an apprentice, mind you, but a SECRET one. With a love interest, nonetheless, but it is not clear as to whether the love interest is secret. Now if the apprentice is secret but his love interest is not, wait, does that mean, hmm. How can . . huh. And apparently it is also officially OK to use Leia as a tertiary . . .something, according to the partially revealed Q&A form. MY GOD. I am SHOCKED that Leia would be relegated to a third-string anything, and I believe I may boycott the game as a result. That’ll show ’em. I got to third base with Mary Jensen because her boyfriend never got around to taking her to Star Wars and I did, and I told her she looked like a hotter version of Leia. How DARE they use Leia and Tertiary in the same sentence???

    Meanwhile, back in Iraq. . . .

  • Lefty:

    Well, I guess tertiary and third base do go together on second, err, third thought.

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