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Archive for July, 2007

More Pressure Unleashed Trailer Screens…

Here’s a whole bunch of screens from the trailer. They are all now up for download in the downloads section. Enjoy!

It’s funny after looking through all of the screens, I notice that some don’t look at all familiar just because the trailer goes by so fast.. kinda neat.

Pressure Unleashed Trailer Screens…

Here are a few screenshots from The Force Unleashed Trailer. Most of the them are from my favorite parts.. haha. I’ll add some more in the future! This game is going to be unbelievable…

Homer spoils The Exorcist…

Ah good old Homer! Where would we do without The Simpsons! Within this epic flashback, Homer and Marge mind towards the movies to determine The Exorcist (as though we are able to blame them). Obviously Homer includes a surprise for that selection on his way to avoid it. I believei’d have to follow him with a baseball bat! Although it still makes me laugh… hehe.

11 things you might not learn about “Star Wars”…

Some interesting facts. This guy read the entire “The Making of Star Wars,” and selected out 11 wild details that many people most likely wouldn’t know. Appears like an excellent book too!

1. Among the 2nd and third drafts, Luke was transformed to become a girl. (p. 40)

2. Due to its size and closeness towards the Tunisia-Libya border, the Sandcrawler set was looked through the Libyan military to make certain it wasn’t a secret Tunisian military weapon. (p. 157)

3. The R2D2 robot went of control and came in to the group of Franco Zeffirelli’s “Jesus of Nazareth,” that was also filming within the Tunisian desert. (p. 159)

4. Alec Guinness got mad and almost quit when, half way through production, George Lucas made the decision that Obi-Wan Kenobi would die. (p. 166)

5. Throughout the whole production, couple of everyone was fired with no one quit. (p. 255)

6. Barbara Fisher was on the turntable to film the R2D2 hologram message. (p. 257)

7. After playing negligence C3P0 for the whole production, Anthony Daniels was almost changed throughout voice-over tracks by somebody that might make the smoothness seem a lot more like a united states used-vehicle salesperson. (p. 265)

8. The trench the rebels fly through isn’t the one which temps the equator from the Dying Star. It’s certainly one of 18 vertical trenches that start midway up fromthe equator and run toward the north pole. (p. 280)

9. The motion picture review board rated “Star Wars” a G, until the studio went back and demanded a PG rating. Also, some of the raters fell asleep during the screening. (p. 289)

10. Lucas and Steven Spielberg swapped profit points on their two movies, “Star Wars” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” each believing the other’s would do better. (p. 298)

11. Twentieth Century Fox’s stock jumped 450% immediately after the movie came out. (p. 301)

Thanks to

Family Guy: The Exorcist Special (Blue Harvest)…

This is great!! I can’t wait to see the full version of the. Family guy rules!

“A sneak preview proven by Seth MacFarlane at The Exorcist Celebration IV from the Family Guy Season 6 premiere episode hour-lengthy (about 44 minutes) The Exorcist special, episode named “BlueHarvest”. Full episode airs on September 23, 2007 on FOX in US.”