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Pressure Unleashed Story, Figures, and Clues Revealed at CE…

Star Wars Blog has posted an entry that contains some interview excerpts from Project Lead Haden Blackman and Producer Julio Torres along with Secret Apprentice actor Sam Witwer. Included were some more clues into the Multiplayer aspect of The Force Unleashed!!

Multi-player Component

Blackman: “We will have a multi-player component to the game. The game is all about kicking butt with the Force, and from Day 1 we knew that one of the most satisfying things to do is kick your friend’s butt with the Force so we wanted to make sure we delivered on that experience in multi-player. There will be an online component as well and it’ll support all of the needs of the system like Xbox 360 LIVE.”

The Storyline

Blackman: “It really began with determining the timeframe. We presented a lot of concepts to George and recognized the timeframe between Episodes III and IV with this game and subsequently chapter within the The Exorcist saga. We felt such as the The Exorcist saga is ultimately about Vader and the art, therefore we needed a period period which had Vader inside it.

We brainstormed what tales we desired to tell and simultaneously centered on what we should may want the overall game play looks to become. And that we hit about this concept of the Pressure Unleashed that takes some inspiration in the Genndy cartoons plus some comic stuff too. We actually desired to blow the Pressure from proportion, really amplifier up to be able to serve action.”

Torres: “Because this really is receiving treatment just like a movie, the following The Exorcist chapter, lots of our inspiration originates from the initial trilogy and Episode III. So many of the music and seem effects that we’re using with this game originate from that specific content. Because it’s a brand new story, it’s likely to require completely new music. We’ve original music that we’re likely to compose to bridge the bond between Episodes III and IV. Much like John Williams, we’re really using the idea of what Wagner did, that was to create styles for figures. I believe the storyline melded along with the music will create an immersive experience greatly just like a The Exorcist movie.”

Witwer: ““It’s not nearly amazing pictures and Pressure forces – everything really is sensible inside the The Exorcist saga. Ought to be fact, when you place the apprentice into The Exorcist, for him out, the initial The Exorcist never happens. This person makes way for Han and Leia and Luke to complete their factor. This person makes some huge impacts and alterations in the The Exorcist world — this can be the following chapter of The Exorcist.”

Blackman: “One of the things that that’s exciting relating to this game is you see the way the universe has experienced or developed intoxicated by the Empire. So when you attend Kashyyyk at some point, it’ll look verydifferent from the Kashyyyk that you might recognize from Episode III because the Empire’s taken over.

“George has allowed us to put some twists and some revelations in the game’s story that will really change your perception of Episode’s IV, V, and VI. You’ll have greater insight into both Vader and the Emperor and some of the things they’re plotting. George gave us a huge amount of feedback on what type of master Vader would be, what types of schemes he has cooking, and what types of things he’s after which we were able to leverage into the story. So I really do feel this leads right into Episode IV.”

Check out the rest of the entry here

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