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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PSP details revealed…

We have some new details pertaining to the release of The Force Unleashed for the PSP. According to

“People have seen Star Wars before,” the game’s producer, Dan Wasson, comments in the trailer, “but they’ve never seen Star Wars like this – this is in your face.” From the in-game footage shown, it certainly looks that way, with opponents being tossed about the screen, lightsabers slicing up droids, and crazy force powers.

As a user of the dark side of the force, you’ll have a number of unique abilities at your disposal – it’s only natural that these play an integral role in the game given its name. Standard powers like force push and grip will make an appearance but expect new additions such as maelstrom, which generates a field of kinetic energy that hurls enemies away from you.

The PSP iteration of The Force Unleashed follows the same storyline and gameplay as its console counterparts, but developer Krome Studios is adding a load of exclusive content. Three areas are mentioned by project lead, Haden Blackman, in the trailer: a secret place in Cloud City, access to the Jedi Temple for training, and a bar on polluted metropolitan moon, Nar Shaddaa.

The exclusive content doesn’t stop there. “The Force Unleashed on PSP is designed to be pick-up-and-play,” says Blackman, speaking of the game’s quick play modes. Rule the Galaxy, Force Assassins, and Order 66 round the list mentioned. While we’re not certain what the first two modes entail, we do know that Order 66 pits you in a survival game against waves of enemies.

Along with single-player quick play options, you also have the ability to link up in ad-hoc mode with up to three other buddies. No mention of infrastructure support, though.

Another feature hinted in the video are historic missions, which depict classic moments in the series, such as the climatic battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. We’re pretty eager to see how that one plays out – word has it there’s a family secret waiting to be aired.”

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