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Archive for December, 2007

Uh oh.. bad news for PC gamers…

According to TheForce.net it looks like PC gamers are in for a heavy duty major disappointment concerning a PC release of The Force Unleashed. This really blows for me as well because the PC is pretty well the only console I stick to… if I have to buy a PS3 or a xBox 360 just to play this game, i’m not going to be a happy camper!

“A few sites have been reporting that The Force Unleashed will be coming to a PC near you in 2008 along with it’s version on next generation consoles, the PSP and NGage. This was due to UK site HMV.co.uk displaying it for pre-order. Well, we put our detective hats on (which really just look like those tin foil hats to keep the aliens from reading our minds) and decided to get to the bottom of it. According to our source at LucasArts, they are not sure why HMV.co.uk is displaying this pre-order for a PC version as “it definitely will not be coming to PC.”

New Force Unleashed Screenshots…

Some new screenshots for the new THQ Wireless’ upcoming mobile title of The Force Unleashed have been released courtesy of N-Gage. The game is being developed by THQ’s Finland-based studio, Universomo, and will make use of Cell Weaver technology. It is currently scheduled for a 2008 launch.

So far this is looking like it’s going to be a pretty killer game!