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Archive for March, 2008

Force Unleashed: Official Playstation Magazine… Post 2…

Playstation, the official magazineHey fello force fans, I apologize for not following up with this post on Friday, but I had to leave the Province for a few days, so I wasn’t at my home computer. Anyway on to the second part of the Official Playstation Magazine post!

“Force grip a stormtrooper. Hand extended, emitting all that power (it’s like you can feel it through the controller), you effortlessly lift his flailing carcass off the ground, and, with a flick of right-analog stick and a release of the grip, lob him hundreds of feet before he lands in a twisted, crumpled heap. One down, hundreds more to go, but that’s no major worry when you’re Darth Vader’s secret apprentice and wielding Force power to the ninth degree… Force amped… Force juiced… The Force Unleashed.”

This was the pretty well the first thing you read when you pick April’s edition of The Official Playstation magazine and flip to the exclusive Playstation 3 look on The Force Unleashed, written by Rob Smith.

In this post I’ll be giving some quick snippets of what Rob Smith thought of the game and various other details about The Force Unleashed.

“As has leaked out elsewhere in recent months, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed contains plot twists that aren’t merely “OMG” moments within the game itself, but shake the very foundations of the revered canon. I know, but I’m not telling. It’s so damn cool that to reveal it would be a huge spoiler. And even knowing, after spending time hands-on with an early build of the game, I can still barely wait to experience how the events unfold in this bold interactive back-story reveal.”

“You initially drop into a straight forward hallway populated by droids that are essentially target practice. But inside the hangar you wield the first of the Force powers at your disposal. And these are Force powers unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

  • Force Jump sits on the X button
  • Force Push sits on the Circle
  • Your lightsaber sits on the Square
  • Force grip lets you grab targeted objects with the R2 trigger, and it’s immediately clear that every powerful effect is right at your fingertips

“Even at the start of the game your Force powers are well developed. After completing missions you’ll be awarded points you can use to boost existing powers or unlock new combos and skills. Force points they are called. In addition, Force talents are a separate upgrade option that allows you to strengthen attributes like your health or energy bar, your chance of deflecting shots back at a shooter, or the amount of damage your lightsaber inflicts.”

The Apprentice’s story appears truly fascinating as he works as Vader’s pawn, witnesses the birth of the rebellion, and discovers his own destiny in the galaxy. If you think some of the videos have looked cool, experiencing those Force powers at your fingertips is something else. The dynamic nature of the underlying technology drives a unique experience with each play through that should satisfy hardcore and casual gamers alike.

Force Unleashed: Official Playstation Magazine…

Playstation, the official magazineSo, I was out and abou today and decided to pick up the April addition of Playstation: The Official magazine. This was definitely worth the buy and featured a neat little pull out comic which is a exclusive sneak peak at the new Dark Horse comic graphic novel of The Force Unleashed. Written by Rob Smith, the article opens with the headline, “Strap yourself in for canon-shaking revelation as the gloves come off and LucasArts prepares Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”. Kudos to that! We can’t wait.

I’m going to go over some of the key points and some material that we didn’t know in the article. Naturally I won’t be giving out all the information in the article because, well, it’s worth the money and you should go get the magazine for yourselves. This will be a two piece post, the next post will be tomorrow so stay tuned!

Hare some key points about some of the game control:

  • “Hitting the jump button while in mid-air does the double-jump, and you can also alter your body direction in the middle of a jump”
  • “When using the lightsaber if you button mash quickly you’ll do quick strikes, but if you’re more deliberate you’ll do more damage in the area of effect”
  • “Your force meter is drained by using your powers (the more powerful the power, the more it’s depleted), but with evena liver of energy you use any power, even the most powerful, for a final desperation attack”
  • “A “pay-off” camera view will follow a flying body or other coll incident if you pull off a spectacular move”
  • “Connect with a powerful lightsaber combo and you’ll slug a target into next week”
  • “Blocking laser fire with the lightsaber is an automatic defense, but if you press and hold L2 the probability of blocking and reflecting that shot back at the enemy increases”
  • “Exploration is encouraged and rewarded by finding holocrons. Sith holocrons grant power-ups (the exact type and format still to be determined), and Jedi holocrons are treasure chests, unlocking new costumes, lightsaber hilts, and lightsaber crystals”
  • “A mini-map on the HUD will highlight enemies you know about and also have icons directing you to the next objective. It includes a snapshot of the map taken directly from Zed, the game’s level editor”
  • “Connect with a powerful lightsaber combo and you’ll slug a target into next week”

These guys have the release listed for July, 2008! Be sure to check out tomorrows post where i’ll post a few more details on the plot and more on your force powers! There are quite a few new screenshots in the magazine to that i’ve never seen before, but I won’t be posting them, so you’ll have to pick up the magazine for yourselves!

The Pressure Unleashed Release Date?…

Release DateAh.. the large question.. just when was The Pressure Unleashed likely to be launched? Are you aware? No. Will I know? No. Does LucasArts know? I don’t realize that either.. I’ve been requested this a number of occasions within the last month, and quite honestly I don’t think anybody knows yet.

What I know is, that you will find many, many site available having a different release date. Which is right? Again, I don’t think anybody knows. These dates I’d say are simply guestimates these websites use to allow them to get rid of their pre-orders, which may be beneficial, since you can secure your game, regardless of once the release date is.

With this publish, i’ve put together a listing of all of the sites I possibly could find having a different release date. Initially the overall game was set to debut in November of this past year. This clearly got pressed to an, “Early spring release”, following a couple of several weeks passed, I do think the rumor was that it might be launched in April 14, 2008. Again this date got pressed back. Actually, now LucasArts has stated that, The Pressure Unleashed would be launched within the Summer time. I’ll clearly publish the precise date when LucasArts releases it. For the time being, here’sa list of all the pre-order site release dates as well as gaming site dates.

EBgames.com – September 1, 2008
IGN.com – August 2008
Nintendic.com – August 2008
GameTrailers.com – July 15, 2008
WikiPedia.com – Summer 2008
GameSpot.com – Summer 2008
GameSpy.com – April 2008
Amazon.com – Jul 29, 2008

Pressure Unleashed: Manufacturers DS particulars revealed…

Force Unleashed - Nintendo DSIt appears such as the developer for that Manufacturers DS version, N-Space, has accidently leaked some particulars around the approaching discharge of The Pressure Unleashed. The particulars which have been leaked mostly are the control aspects for that DS in addition to some game play elements.

“N-Space has plumped for any traditional control method, where gamers make use of the D-Pad to manoeuvre their character. However, combat will take advantage from the touchscreen, being careful of sunshine saber shifts along with other special moves. Defensive blocks is going to be produced by pressing the L and R shoulder buttons.

Whereas the Wii version of Pressure Unleashed will probably feature realaudio dialogue and 3D cut scenes, the DS build will replace them with animated 2D sequences. The game itself, however, will be represented in full 3D and played via a third person perspective.

Lastly, we learn that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Nintendo DS will include a multiplayer option for up to four players. Unfortunately, however, each player will be required to own a copy of the game to take part.”

Thanks to: Nintendic.com

Pressure Unleashed Cheats & New Forums…

Force Unleashed CheatsLast evening I spend a while re-doing our Pressure Unleashed forums. Now our forums possess a new skin that suits the website! The undoing was which i needed to switch from vBulletin to phpBB3 which regardless I’m able to’t really watch a diffence, phpBB3 I’ve found is much simpler to handle making changes to, also it’s free, that is another plus! So I think you’ll will al visit and dicuss some Pressure Unleashed and The Exorcist stuff with this continuously growing community! 36 people to date and also the number keeps growing!

You have access to our forums here, or with the top navigation by hitting forums. Aspire to help you there!

Also based on GamesRadar.com you will find three cheats which havebeen already released for The Force Unleashed. Of course no one can test these cheats out yet so we can’t really confirm if these really work or not. Naturally, in time, I will erect a Cheats section with all the cheats available. We will also have a Game Patches section as well as a huge screenshot section. Our forums will be able to provide limited support for the game as well. The cheats are as follows:

Entry Location:
Main Menu > Options > Enter Code

HOLOCRON – Get Hooded Costume
WOOKIEE – Get Father’s Costume
MANDALORE – Unlock Kota