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The Pressure Unleashed Wii Review…

Wii has posted a cool Wii review of The Force Unleashed. They talk mostly about the control of the Wii remote with The Force Unleashed and the multiplayer aspect of the game, which from this review, sounds absolutely badass!! I wish I could get my hands on a copy of the game to preview… I wonder how you’d go about getting something like that.

I can’t wait to try out The Force Unleashed on the Wii.. it’s going to be amazing. Since I first heard that they were releasing a new game, I was stoked and praying that it would come for that console. I really wanted it to come out for the PC as well but It looks like that’s not going to take place… it’s possible to always hope though.

Take a look at some excerps in the interview:

“Ever since all of us realized the abilities of Nintendo’s latest console and controller, there’s been the continual thought at the rear of every true nerds mind – when will we reach play game which will allow me to make use of the wiimote just like a lightsaber?

Let’s understand this taken care of quickly the softball bat here – this isn’t that game. Actually, after hearing WHY this isn’t that game, I doubt there’ll Be that type of game. As the concept is effective during my mind, used the idea doesn’t translate as well to some gaming experience. What goes on whenever your lightsaber connects on the watch’s screen however your swinging motion keeps going? How frustratingly difficult would deflecting be? Technical restrictions aside (even though they exist too), I love my The Exorcist games to become fun, and the thought of a lightsaber simulation game doesn’t seem as appealing after i really consider the sensible logistics behind it.

The very first taste I acquired of the overall game was really a mode only at the Wii and PSP versions of the overall game – Fight Mode. There hasn’t been a The Exorcist fighting game since The Exorcist: Masters of Teräs Käsi around the Ps (a game title that we loved and thought was highly underrated), and so i was stoaked concerning the inclusion. There appears to become a good choice around 8 levels approximately, the main one we chose was at what appeared as if a Star Destroyer hanger.

It had been here’ reached grips using the unique Wii controls. The wiimote motions control your swing of the lightsaber – horizontal movement constitutes a horizontal swing, vertical movement create a vertical slash, and thrusting the wiimote forward can make your onscreen character do likewise. Even though it required a little of calibration to obtain the stabbing motion lower, the relaxation from it felt great, together with your actions symbolized on screen almost immediately.

The nunchuck controls your pressure forces, which is in which the real fun a part of the overall game is. Swinging the nunchuck does a typical Pressure push, while holding C will shoot bolts of lightning from your hands.When an object (or character) is highlighted, you can press Z and pick them up, then use the joystick to move them around. From this position you can either hammer the nunchuck down to slam the object into the ground, or let go of Z to send it flying off in whatever direction you were moving it in. “

Check out the full article here.

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