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LucasArts announces official release date!!…

Well, it’s everywhere now, mutiple websites have confirmed that LucasArts has finally announced the official release date for The Force Unleashed! The release dates are as follows:

  • United States on September 16, 2008
  • Southeast Asia and Australia on September 17, 2008
  • Europe on September 19, 2008

Quite interesting as you would expect, I had been really expecting a This summer release!

““Star Wars: The Pressure Unleashed is among the most ambitious projects LucasArts has ever released. The mixture of the new The Exorcist story with revolutionary new technology and action means more enjoyable than you’ve ever endured within the The Exorcist world,” stated Peter Hirschmann,Vice-President of Product Development, LucasArts. “We can’t wait until gamers get their hands on it this September.”

9 Responses to “LucasArts announces official release date!!…”

  • edcarr:

    I’ve waited since 1978 for this game. I suppose I can wait another few months.

  • rrmmstein:

    no :(((( DAMN!!!!! lucas sucks :((( i’ve waiting for a long time this game, until september i have to forgot about this game, 6 months :(( 😐

  • Markos:

    yeah!!! finally lucasarts have released an official release date. To bad its not coming out in summer though, I have my final exams from september – June. Real bummer but hey as long as i get to play it revising can wait.

  • Yeah, I was really surprised at the September release. Oh well, at least it is coming out this year!

  • cam:

    It’s good you guys, it means that they’re actually putting some quality work into it. Maybe the storyline will be complete *cough* kotor2 *cough*

  • Markos:

    If you think about it the story from KOTOR 2 is in a way better than KOTOR 1. Because it makes you think what has happend to revan, makes you talk more to your companions, find out more about the exile and revans past, could easily follow on for a KOTOR 3. Also I prefured KOTOR 2’s gameplay anyone who disagrees with that is blind. But i admit KOTOR 2 did seem a bit rushed. But KOTOR aside its all about the force unleashed. They siad for a whole week on spite tv that they were releasing new about the game, all they said was that you play as darth vader in the first level – i knew that a long time ago. I’m english so i don’t have spike tv they said there would be a new trailer can anyone send me a link showing it please. I’d be very gratefull.

  • Ryan Bracalielly:

    How many hours of game play will The Force Unleashed be

  • No one knows yet. The question was asked and this was the response:

    Is the single player mode long, as in, about 14 or so missions (maybe more)?

    We’re confident that the game’s length will satisfy the players out there. But, I can’t get into specifics on how many levels there are.

  • Matt:

    Ok, That is so cool that they are finally releasing the… well, release date! At least now we don’t have to keep being disappointed when they change the release date!

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