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Pressure Unleashed…More questions clarified…

Some more questions have been answered by our Force Unleashed representitive over on the LucasArts Forums.

Again there are a lot of unhappy PC gamers out there and this question has been asked a multitude of times. Again the answer is strickly, no, there will not be a PC version.

“Also, I understand many individuals have requested me in regards to a PC version of the overall game. I recognize it does not matter the way i phrase this, PC players is going to be unhappy. However when the overall game ships in September, there won’t be your personal computer version. If only I possibly could enter into the particulars of “why” there isn’t likely to be your personal computer version, but honestly, I simply don’t possess the information. As a result, all PC-related questions won’t be clarified.”

A few of the more interesting questions are as adopted.

I suppose my only real question is why will it be 6 several weeks until the overall game is launched, when the overall game seems to become virtually finished now?

“The entire TFU team is devoted to ensuring whenever you buy the overall game, you’re obtaining the best, most polished, and exciting experience possible. As a result, they’re working hard ensuring the overall game will probably be exactly that? the very best it may be.”

What kinds of personalization exist (lightsaber, fighting styles, ship stuff, etc.)

“While there aren’t specific fighting styles, like what you are able get in a fighting game, combat in TFU is very varied with lightsaber combo attacks and Pressure forces. You are able to modify your lightsaber while you progress through the overall game to incorporate various effects, and combined having the ability to use Pressure forces in combat produce a wide a few different fighting options.”

Personalization includes clothes and lightsaber color modifications, right?

“Correct, you are able to affect the color and forces of the lightsaber, in addition to unlock special costumes for that Secret Apprentice.”

Any possibility of a potential multiplayer way of the 360/PS3 versions later on?

“Honestly, I’ve no clue whether multiplayer is really a possibility later on. But I know that after the overall game ships in September, the Xbox 360 360 and PS3 versions will deliver one heck of the exciting single-player experience.”

Are you able to get weapons came by opponents?

“The Secret Apprentice can’t get blasters or any other weapons from defeated opponents. But, keep in mind that the he is doing possess a wide quantity of combat moves with both his lightsaber and Pressure forces, because both versions could be put up together to produce a lot of different attack combinations.”

In a few of the game play videos the key Apprentice has been shot at by Stormtroopers, however the laser blasts don’t have any impact on the smoothness and appear to visit through him. Is that this how final game play will appear, or perhaps is it too likely to be up-to-date?

“Simple answer, whenever you take damage, you’ll view it translate as a result on-screen. Lengthy answer, when assembling videos employed for marketing reasons, sometimes designers will switch on a God Mode or any other debug tool to make certain they are able to capture a awesome shot or action sequence with no annoying chance of getting blown to bits along the way. So, if you notice a relevant video where it appears like blaster shots go through the key Apprentice, don’t worry, it’s not really like this within the final product.”

Shall we be likely to see these men do plenty of random things with excitement, or perhaps is it simply duck, dive, and grab?

“euphoria is being used to imbue enemies with behavioral patterns and actions to provide them with more life-like reactions to what’s going on around them. This includes them being able to duck out of the way, dive, and grab onto anything they can when faced with a physical threat. In short, enemies will do what they can to take them out of harm?s way. They won?t, however, do the following: play chess, take a nap, make and eat a sandwich, dance or sing.”

Will the Wii version of the game have destructible environments?

“Keep in mind that in all versions of the game, certain parts of the environment can be destroyed, such as using the Force to blow metal doors that are hindering your progression. But, keep in mind, TFU isn’t going to be featuring 100% destructible environments. While it’s a neat idea, being able to completely decimate your environment poses a few gameplay issues. Rest assured, though, you’ll be able to do the same sorts of things in the Wii version.”

Finally, I’ve heard that the SA can use Force Choke? Is this correct? Of course, I understand if you can’t tell me this yet as well.

“You?ve all probably seen the Darth Vader video segment that aired on Spike TV on Sunday. In the segment, we all get the chance to see Darth Vader Force Choke a few unlucky Wookiee warriors. But to fill everyone in, Force Choke is a power exclusive to Darth Vader. The Secret Apprentice doesn?t have this power, but instead gets to utilize the very enjoyable Force Lightning power. Zap!”

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