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Natural Motion: Excitement…

Well, in this post (while we are waiting for some more exciting FU news) i’ve decided to give a more indepth look into the new technolgy used in The Force Unleashed, commonly known as, “Euphoria”.

This is a fantasic new technology that is going to change the gaming world.

“Well, you probably Force pushed a stormtrooper or two as Kyle Katarn in a Jedi Knight game, right? Imagine if that stormtrooper was able to stop his progress by grabbing onto a railing and then proceeded to grab a gun beside him and fire back at Kyle—all this because his biomechanical AI simply knew that that’s the best thing for him to do. That’s excitement for action.”

―Haden Blackman


Excitement brings Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS) onto Playstation® 3, Xbox 360 360 and PC.

With excitement, animations aren’t canned but they are produced on-the-fly through the CPU as the overall game is performed. Every tackle is the tackle, every haymaker is the haymaker.

Formerly, animation data needed to be by hand produced (through key-framework) or recorded (through motion capture). This really is frequently costly and laborious, to cause static, non-interactive data.

Excitement is rather with different full simulation of the three dimensional character, including body, muscles and motor central nervous system. This produces fully interactive animations that act and react in a different way each time.


Excitement:core is NaturalMotion’s lightweight DMS engine. excitement:core runs parallel to the overall game’s animation engine and it is known as by the overall game’s AI whenever synthesised motion is needed rather than canned animation. This allows a non-troublesome integration and scalable use.

Excitement:core includes a small kernel, AI controller modules (for adaptive behaviors) along with a rigid dynamics module (for physics). excitement is physics-engine independent and works together with all in a commercial sense available engines (in addition to proprietary ones).


Excitement isn’t middleware. Rather, NaturalMotion has close co-development associations with marketers and development teams to integrate excitement to their next-generation game titles. This enables clients hitting the floor running and convey excitement-enabled games within small amount of time frames.

Excitement is presently being built-into multiple AAA next-generation console game titles, including Grand Thievery Auto IV, The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed, Indiana Johnson and Backbreaker.

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