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Archive for May, 2008

StarKiller? The Key Apprentice revealed?…

I’ve been reading nearly everywhere the title from the Secret Apprentice within the Pressure Unleashed is known as “StarKiller“. In the beginning I didn’t enjoy it whatsoever, I believed it was type of cheesy.. however, I believe i’m beginning to love it a bit more every day.

I began thinking to myself, where did the folks understand this from? I’d no clue, I really discovered it searching in the Pressure Unleashed page on Wookiepedia and under Figures I saw this excerpt:


Starkiller.”The youthful guy includes a knack for that Pressure along with a dark slant to his attitude – creating a less-than-typical lead character for any The Exorcist title.” —IGN

“While your character is sufficient evil-searching and wields a red-colored lightsaber, company reps were quick to indicate he isn’t a Sith whatsoever. Actually, concept art shows the smoothness putting on a kind of shackle on his wrist that Vader apparently uses to manage him…” —GameSpot

In the overall game, the gamer shares an appreciation interest with Juno Eclipse, an Imperial who aircraft pilots your ship, the Rogue Shadow.

A few other sites I frequent, have posts relating to this StarKiller too. Neat.. where did they understand this rumor from? Yes, it’s not official since i’m around the official site constantly and that i didn’t view it published anywhere. After digging a little I discovered articles from stating the next:

Our second bit of exclusive details are regarding the games protagonist, Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. You might not have realized it but he hasn’t received a title publically, apart from the moniker of “Secret Apprentice”. That’s untilnow. Ladies and gentlemen, our anti-hero’s name… is… Starkiller.

Die-hard Star Wars fans will find this name rather familiar, and they should as it is the original name George Lucas intended Luke to have back when Star Wars was nothing but thoughts and ideas in Lucas’ head. The name stuck until the forth revision of the Star Wars script where Luke Starkiller was renamed to Luke Skywalker. A nice homage to what once was.

Very interesting to say the least. I’m still a little skeptical but it sounds solid enough. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

StarKiller was also was a Separatist superweapon crafted during the Clone Wars. It was a “hyperspace-point destabilizer,” which meant that it could cause ships to dramatically shift course in hyperspace, resulting in them flying into black holes, stars, and other celestial bodies.

The Starkiller was destroyed at Kromus before it was allowed to launch and leap into hyperspace. Its destruction destabilized the tectonic structure of the planet, killing many. Darth Sidious thought the Starkiller data could still prove useful for another weapon project, likely the Sun Crusher.

The Pressure Unleashed – Xbox 360 360 Multiplayer [Rumor]

Despite all of the denial from LucasArts about a multiplayer for the xBox360 or the Playstation 3, a little rumor has surfaced, proposing that their will be a patch released for the Xbox Live sometime next year.

I really couldn’t tell you if this were true or not but the source sounds pretty solid. I just can’t see why LucasArts would say that we weren’t getting multiplayer and piss a whole lot of people off and then turn around and release a multiplayer patch. That just seems to be on the silly side.

Anyway, from TheForce.internet:

” Bothan Spy originates up large if things i’m going to pass on involves fruition…

We’ve lately been told by LucasArts that you will find no plans for multiplayer around the PS3 or even the Xbox 360 360 versions from the Pressure Unleashed because it’s likely to be availble around the Wii, PSP and DS. (Check this out publish with this buddies at EUCantina.internet) Well, that is probably not entirely true based on my source who’s rather near to the TFU action. I’m able to only get into a lot detail to safeguard our Bothan Spy so you can take this like a rumor but when it works out to be real, you heard it hear first! Per Baloney (gotta love the shorthand initials 🙂 Microsoft is presently focusing on a brand new patch for Xbox 360 Live that’s slated to be released sometime early the coming year.

The patch is the one and only The Pressure Unleashed Multi-Player! According to what’s been seen of the “demo patch”, you will find 45 gamers to select from in multiple costumes and also the EU is extremely symbolized. Figures include Quinlan Vos, Mara Jade, Assaj Ventress, Jedi Leia, A’Sharad Hett, Qui-Gon, Cin Drallig, Darth Desolous, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Jedi Brute (in the ROTS game), Anakin, Yoda, Mace, Ben Kenobi, Luke, Vader Paplatine, figures in the Legacy series and much more. Apparently you will see 3 patches total who knows what else may be available.

To statethis could be great news is an understatement! Though multiplayer on the Wii should be fantastic, imagine the multiplayer with full use of the next-gen console capabilities, graphics and use of Euphoria and Digital Molecular Matter. Let’s not also forget the wide scope of Xbox Live in general. How many players will be able to battle it out at once while talking trash over the headphones?

The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed Up-to-date Impressions… has posted some new information regarding The Force Unleashed. LucasArts recently held an event in Sydney, Austrailia, where they showed off some new footage. The following post contains new plot specs as well as some spoilers, so if you don’t want to know anymore of the details or you want it to be a surprise when the game is first released, I would suggest that you stop reading now (You really shouldn’t though, the details are sweet!).

“While we weren’t capable of getting our on the job the title itself, LucasArts reps did unveil some fairly significant new particulars concerning the overall game, that is slated for release in September. Beware–we’re likely to delve just a little into spoiler territory within this preview, if you’d prefer not to know some plot particulars, you’d best look away now.

Vader and the apprentice. Tough occasions ahead?

Inside a move that’s certain to please The Exorcist fans, gamers will have the ability to seize control of the very famous Sith The almighty of all of them–Darth Vader–within the opening degree of The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed. Following the typical The Exorcist intro (filled with bombastic John Williams theme, text scroll, and slow camera pan from space to show a planet), we have seen The almighty Vader land an Imperial Shuttle in the world Kashyyyk, recognized to nerds around the world because the home planet from the Wookiees. Vader looks like it’s around the trail of the lone Jedi Dark night, however the Imperials will also be on the floor fighting against Wookiee insurgents. In early stages within this level, Vader strides intentionally with the eco-friendly vista of Kashyyyk, dealing with growing amounts of Wookiees (so when we are saying stride, we mean it–the baddest Sith of all of them apparently doesn’t run, because the designers thought it might be unbecoming from the evil Skywalker). Vader–as suitable for his status because the most frightening guy within the universe–brushes away the Wookiees’ resistance effortlessly, using his enormous Pressure forces to tennis ball so the bulky animals around as though these were tissue paper. At some point, he results in a sizable wooden gate, which turns out to be a momentary roadblock because he simply blows it apart with one mighty Pressure push.

The LucasArts repetition demoing the overall game then missed towards the finish of the level, revealing the ultimate motion picture of Vader’s solo run. Vader, getting trapped the Jedi he was looking for and keeping him inside a Pressure grip, all of a sudden finds his lightsaber Pressure drawn from his hands. He looks aside and sees a youthful boy holding the saber–apparently the boy from the Jedi. Realizing the boy’s potential, Vader delicately crushes the throat from the Jedi, before killing several Imperial soldiers who’ve seen the boy. Thus–it appears–is Vader’s secret apprentice (the primary protagonist from the Pressure Unleashed) born.

Hands-off demo then missed to the very first time gamers reach control the key apprentice, that is a mission by which he needs to find General Kota, another Jedi who handled to outlive Order 66 in the finish from the Clone Wars. This level happens within the same space station proven in the past demos from the Pressure Unleashed, although the very first time, LucasArts displayed the finish boss fight between Kota and also the apprentice. This happens inside a large, circular room, and also the forces being tossed around by both combatants looked mighty impressive. Midway with the fight, Kota uses his Pressure forces to totally sever the area station in two, leading to the section you’re fighting directly into plummet towards the planet below. The battle continues, much more hectic than before, using the added complication the floor has become damagingly hot because of the warmth produced because the station doesn’t happen the earth’s atmosphere. Finishing the battle triggers a God of War-style button-pressing sequence, where gamers will have to input specific button instructions to finish Kota with Sith flair. Asthe LucasArts reps demonstrated, missing the sequence won’t be too punishing, as it will simply reset to the beginning of the event for players to try again.

This level’s closing cinematic also served up a tantalising clue about what may happen in the rest of the story. Before the apprentice deals his final blow, the aged Kota says, rather cryptically, that he can see the young man’s future, and all he can see is himself (that is, Kota). Mysterious indeed.

What was even more intriguing was the final cinematic at the end of the next level demoed, which takes place on the junk planet of Raxis Prime (big spoiler coming, so watch out). After the apprentice completes his task on Raxis (once again, to track down and kill a rogue Jedi), he returns to Vader’s still-in-construction Super Star Destroyer (remember, this game is set between Episodes 3 and 4). Vader tells the apprentice they are ready to finally take on the Emperor himself, but as the apprentice turns away, Vader impales him with his lightsaber, saying that the Emperor’s spies followed him to the Super Star Destroyer. The Emperor himself then shuffles out of the shadows, and orders Vader to finish off his apprentice to prove his loyalty once again.

Unfortunately, that’s where the demo ended, leaving us wanting to know more about what happens next in the game. The game looked extremely good–as it has for a while–and should be an absolute stunner when it finally ships on the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year. Keep it tuned to GameSpot for more details on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed in the coming months.

LucasArts verifies The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed demo…

Well this is some huge news for Force Unleashed Fans! A lot of people have been asking me if there will be a demo version for The Force Unleashed and well, it looks like you have all got your answer! LucasArts has confirmed that there will be a Demo for release sometime in the near future. has posted a great interview with Cameron Suey, the producer in charge of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. Also in the interview they finally give us some insight into why there will not be a PC version of The Force Unleashed.

“LucasArts is planning an Xbox LIVE and PSN demo for upcoming Star Wars game The Force Unleashed.

Cameron Suey, the producer in charge of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, revealed the news in an interview with at a recent press event in London. The details and timing of the demo are, however, still under wraps.

“I’m not certain about the specifics, but we definitely want to get this game out into people’s hands,” Suey told us. “There are those who are looking forward to it, who are likely to listen to it immediately, whether or not they listen to it (the demo) or otherwise. However I think something that’s wonderful would be that the game play is so engaging, individuals who aren’t The Exorcist fans or who aren’t even hardcore players, after they get hold of a few of the game play and just how it really works, are actually likely to be won over because of it.”

When requested directly if LucasArts planned to produce a demo, Suey responded: “Yeah. We certainly would like to get it available.”

When requested concerning the PC version, it was the response:

“ No PC…

CS: No PC too, yes. We’re a multiplatform website and a lot of our PC-possessing visitors have were not impressed with this.

CS: Which’s something which each time I just read that, we all do hear that complaint, it affects. Our goal was we desired to understand this game to as numerous people as you possibly can. I certainly wish it absolutely was possible. Nevertheless the PC to be the gaming platform that it’s, someone having a $4,000 high-finish system would certainly have the ability to take part in the Excitement, the DMM and extremely technical aspects of the overall game. But someone having a low-finish PC might have a watered lower experience, they would need to turn all of the configurations lower also it wouldn’t function as the same game. However as we made that game as lots of people as you possibly can, because we are attempting to make store bought games, something which everyone can also enjoy, well it’s not benefiting from what individuals $4,000 systems can perform. So one of the ways or another for the way you build contributing PC SKU, it’s not really for the similar quantity of people, it’s likely to be less good or just for a choose couple of people.

Nevertheless we’re certainly not from the PC market. It’s simply with our option for farmville, using the known quantity for that consoles, and each console is identical with similar processing energy, it made sense for all of us to build up for individuals consoles. Do everyone have message for your PC-possessing fans, because everyone possess a heritage on PC?

CS: Absolutely. We began using the pc. Regrettably that dates back to the stage of these a variance from the platform. There wasn’t this type of variance in those days also it made much more sense to build up on PC. The content is the fact that we’re not shutting the doorway on PC whatsoever. Due to this project it is that people don’t have a PC SKU. I really hope that everyone can experience this game on a platform eventually. Might there be a PC version in the future?

CS: No. And if there was no-one has told me about it yet! I’ve got my head in the sand as far as this project goes. We only don’t have a PC version for this product.

Be sure to check out the full article here

Video clip from the Pressure Unleashed multiplayer around the Wii… has posted some exclusive footage of The Force Unleashed multiplayer for the Nintendo Wii. The multiplayer looks pretty sweet to date! I’m certainly searching toward setting it up for that Wii, only for the multiplayer!

“Ah the Wiimote. A stylish weapon, less clumsy or as random just like a blaster. Combined with the Nunchuk, it’s pretty awesome too, based on this video from G4, which got a unique hands-up with The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed for that Wii’s duel mode. (Guy which was a mouthful).

G4’s reporter went as Luke Skywalker, duking it inside a TIE Fighter bay with Asajj Ventress There’s saber-reducing and Pressure-choking in abundance, all developing from the pretty shrewd utilization of combinations and reverse moves both in remotes. It’s not every lightning bolts and throws, either. Take a look at the old-school kick towards the grill Luke provides in the finish.

The recording states you’ll get 9 different arenas and 27 figures to select from, classics towards the broadened world. I understand that LucasArts is promising exclusive game play for those consoles. However I had the 2 Jedi Dark night games on Xbox 360,where lightsaber combat was a lot of button mashing and getting lucky. Honestly, if the purpose of this is to at last swing a lightsaber in 1:1 combat, then this is your baseline version.”

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