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Video clip from the Pressure Unleashed multiplayer around the Wii… has posted some exclusive footage of The Force Unleashed multiplayer for the Nintendo Wii. The multiplayer looks pretty sweet to date! I’m certainly searching toward setting it up for that Wii, only for the multiplayer!

“Ah the Wiimote. A stylish weapon, less clumsy or as random just like a blaster. Combined with the Nunchuk, it’s pretty awesome too, based on this video from G4, which got a unique hands-up with The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed for that Wii’s duel mode. (Guy which was a mouthful).

G4’s reporter went as Luke Skywalker, duking it inside a TIE Fighter bay with Asajj Ventress There’s saber-reducing and Pressure-choking in abundance, all developing from the pretty shrewd utilization of combinations and reverse moves both in remotes. It’s not every lightning bolts and throws, either. Take a look at the old-school kick towards the grill Luke provides in the finish.

The recording states you’ll get 9 different arenas and 27 figures to select from, classics towards the broadened world. I understand that LucasArts is promising exclusive game play for those consoles. However I had the 2 Jedi Dark night games on Xbox 360,where lightsaber combat was a lot of button mashing and getting lucky. Honestly, if the purpose of this is to at last swing a lightsaber in 1:1 combat, then this is your baseline version.”

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3 Responses to “Video clip from the Pressure Unleashed multiplayer around the Wii…”

  • Matt:

    Ok, I was wondering something. Once the game comes out, then what is this site gonna be? I was thinking on that and thought it would be a site still the same, but with walkthroughs and tips, hints, cheats, easter eggs. So, once the game comes out I’m definately coming here!

  • Matt:

    Hey, how can I contact one of the website administrators? I mean by professional email.

  • That’s the plan 😉

    I’ll be adding all that, plus patches and other stuff, as well as having some limited support in the forums.

    You can contact me at [email protected].

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