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StarKiller? The Key Apprentice revealed?…

I’ve been reading nearly everywhere the title from the Secret Apprentice within the Pressure Unleashed is known as “StarKiller“. In the beginning I didn’t enjoy it whatsoever, I believed it was type of cheesy.. however, I believe i’m beginning to love it a bit more every day.

I began thinking to myself, where did the folks understand this from? I’d no clue, I really discovered it searching in the Pressure Unleashed page on Wookiepedia and under Figures I saw this excerpt:


Starkiller.”The youthful guy includes a knack for that Pressure along with a dark slant to his attitude – creating a less-than-typical lead character for any The Exorcist title.” —IGN

“While your character is sufficient evil-searching and wields a red-colored lightsaber, company reps were quick to indicate he isn’t a Sith whatsoever. Actually, concept art shows the smoothness putting on a kind of shackle on his wrist that Vader apparently uses to manage him…” —GameSpot

In the overall game, the gamer shares an appreciation interest with Juno Eclipse, an Imperial who aircraft pilots your ship, the Rogue Shadow.

A few other sites I frequent, have posts relating to this StarKiller too. Neat.. where did they understand this rumor from? Yes, it’s not official since i’m around the official site constantly and that i didn’t view it published anywhere. After digging a little I discovered articles from stating the next:

Our second bit of exclusive details are regarding the games protagonist, Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. You might not have realized it but he hasn’t received a title publically, apart from the moniker of “Secret Apprentice”. That’s untilnow. Ladies and gentlemen, our anti-hero’s name… is… Starkiller.

Die-hard Star Wars fans will find this name rather familiar, and they should as it is the original name George Lucas intended Luke to have back when Star Wars was nothing but thoughts and ideas in Lucas’ head. The name stuck until the forth revision of the Star Wars script where Luke Starkiller was renamed to Luke Skywalker. A nice homage to what once was.

Very interesting to say the least. I’m still a little skeptical but it sounds solid enough. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

StarKiller was also was a Separatist superweapon crafted during the Clone Wars. It was a “hyperspace-point destabilizer,” which meant that it could cause ships to dramatically shift course in hyperspace, resulting in them flying into black holes, stars, and other celestial bodies.

The Starkiller was destroyed at Kromus before it was allowed to launch and leap into hyperspace. Its destruction destabilized the tectonic structure of the planet, killing many. Darth Sidious thought the Starkiller data could still prove useful for another weapon project, likely the Sun Crusher.

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