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Archive for June, 2008

Will the wii edition from the Pressure Unleashed make use of the same engine and AI because the xbox 360 360 or animations?

the pressure unleashed
unsilviu requested:

the standard models use that engine that’s so realistic, with real materials not only animations, and real-existence AI, with opponents attempting to save their hides. May be the wii edition getting exactly the same advantages, witha little less success because of lower specs, or will it have traditional animations and brick AI?

Anyone know the release date of the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Singapore?

the force unleashed
Sprocket27 asked:

I know that N. America will be getting it on 16th Sept and Aussie and Europe’ll get it a day or two after. I can’t find the release date for Singapore if it will get released here.

How can you think the overall game, The Exorcist:Pressure UNLEASHED will finish?

the force unleashed
imjustme requested:

Will Vader’s secret apprentice digital rebel against his master or willsomething else change the outcome of the game? What do you think?

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Will the the exorcist pressure unleashed hasbro lightsaber fully retract?

the force unleashed
Mike R requested:

Will theblade go all the way into the base or does it “stick out” like some of the older models?