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in the exorcist the pressure unleashed, can you decide to be great or evil?

the force unleashed
paul a requested:

Could it be kind of like nightsof the old republic, were you pick you’re light saber color and armor?

3 Responses to “in the exorcist the pressure unleashed, can you decide to be great or evil?”


    yeah u can pick whether u want to be good or evil but you can custumize ur outfits after each level and custumize ur light ssaber

  • Dawn C:

    yes and you can pick a custom outfit and choose the handle type and color of the lightsaber. I think the lightsaber colors are red, blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow.

  • Jaycob D:

    You have to wait untill a certain point inb the game untill you can tranfer side but after each level you can spend you point you gained in the level you just beaten

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