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Left-handed choice for Wii The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed?

the force unleashed
starwarp08 requested:

Just wishing that unlike some wii games (prime 3 and twilight princess), The Exorcist the pressure unleashed allows you a choice of carrying your lightsaber left-handed.

5 Responses to “Left-handed choice for Wii The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed?”

  • eaglekeeper_98:

    does it really matter?

    SW: TFU is going to suck rear end on the wi, graphically, physics wise, the only thing good about it will be swinging the saber around in your living room, but that will wear off quickly. hope you have, at least, an xbox 360 to play this game on.

  • Scott T:

    I agree with the above answer, it doesn’t matter, you can still hold the Wii-mote in either hand and it will work just the same.


  • Mysterious Internet Man:

    I don’t remember Twlight Princess having a lightsaber option? If by wielding your lightsaber, you mean shaking the little white plastic remote in your hand…

    Just switch hands.

  • I have a question for the game on the psp plateform. i have the white darth vader psp and i got the the game that came with it and i saw that they had a video of it. i was wondering if you have seen the video and if the game for the psp will be like that or if the star wars people have made id different than that.

  • Neil Beaven:

    Contrary to all the ignorant comments from the righties out there that obviously have NOT played the game…

    Playing it left-handed is going to give you a headache. I just bought my nintendo wii yesterday and the title I chose was “Force Unleashed”

    Having only played “Wii Sports” before where you can specify what hand you are… this is NOT an option in the newest Star Wars game.

    When you take the tutorial the very first thing it tells you is how to hold the controllers’ it tells you to hold it nunchuck in the left and wiimote in the right.

    I played through the game left handed and all I got out of it was a headache. Biggest reason being the FINISHING moves are prompted during a fast paced FMV scene where you need to shake a controller based on what flashes on the screen.

    It’ll flash on the LEFT side (which for righties would be the nunchuck) and it’s expected that you swing that remote. It’ll flash on the RIGHT side (which for righties would be the wiimote) and it’s expected that you swing that remote.

    All in all it was a headache; for the duration of the game you need to CROSS your method of playing in order to play it left handed.

    EPIC fail for lefties.

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