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Does anybody know why they aren’t making The Pressure Unleashed for xbox 360?

the force unleashed
Me asked:

I’ve been wondering and I saw they were making it for Wii,PS2,PSP,and Xbox 360 but not for Xbox.

4 Responses to “Does anybody know why they aren’t making The Pressure Unleashed for xbox 360?”

  • dirk pitt 15:

    because the regular xbox does not have the ability to handle this game. it doesnt have all the correct hardware

  • The Good Nightmare:

    Because the xbox is outdated and there will never be any games made for it ever again.

  • chisholm=]:

    the xbox is now considered obsolete so they dont plan on making any new games for the xbox te only thing i would suggest is to buy a ps2 which you can get for £30 pound now with a controler but if u had the money get a 360 they are much better than the original

  • bane1190:

    Because Microsoft has moved on. The Xbox 360 is what they make money on now. It’s their current system. Just like Sony doesn’t make PS1 games anymore, or Nintendo doesn’t make anything not DS or Wii anymore. The original Xbox is incredibly obsolete.

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