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The Exorcist Pressure Unleashed Much Better Than Smash Bros Brawl?

the pressure unleashed
Proud Wii Owner! requested:

Prior to going and critisize pressure unleashed search for a couple of trailers on

Im just torn between your two. I am talking about I’ll still buy each of them regardless of what. Among the finestto now what you beautiful people out there think.

2 Responses to “The Exorcist Pressure Unleashed Much Better Than Smash Bros Brawl?”

  • cubsfan694:

    parts of it are going to be better if you are into 1 player games the force unleashed is better and for multiplayer brawl is better

  • bass master:

    To tell the truth, I would get TFU (the force unleashed). It has something called DMM (digital molecular matter) and euphoria. DMM make objects act like real objects in the real world. Glass will shatter like glass, metal will dent like metal. The glass will break different every time according to the size of the object being thrown at it, the velocity, the angle, etc. Euphoria, gives npg (non-playable characters) a central nervous system which gives them a sense of self-preservation. So, stormtroopers, to prevent them selves from dying, might hold on the a crate while they are being thrown threw the air. My choice, TFU. SMBB (super smash brothers brawl), is alot like melee or the n64 version. Just with new characters. I’m getting both games too. But I’m definately getting TFU! It’s going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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