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Archive for July, 2008

The Pressure Unleashed Demo The Following Month!!…

Finally! Another piece of good news! Force Unleashians will be happy to know that there will be a Demo released next month sometime in August. Demo’s are always fun, there’s nothing like grabbing a sneak peak at a new game, expecially when, well, this game is The Force Unleashed!

According to Matt Shell (Marketing Manager – Lucas Arts) the demo will be coming out in August for that Xbox 360 also it’s a unique sort of the Tie Fighter Construction Facility, with a few extra pressure forces open along with a special ending for that level, that’s not the same as the amount within the acutal game.

It doesn’t say anything in regards to a demo for that other consoles however i’d imagine and i’m going to speculate that there will be a demo version at least released for the Playstation 3. Check out the video below, courtesy of

Code Title: Starkiller… Real Title: Jacob Nion…

So, we were all surprised when we learned a few months ago that The Secret Apprentices name was, “StarKiller”. We quickly then learned that this was just a codename. Now based on the actual, real title from the Secret Apprentice is, Jacob Nion. This is interesting, it’s not huge news, but many of individuals have been very interested in his real title.

In the gossips i’ve been hearing on an outing would be that the official Pressure Unleashed novel was launched in Germany which’s how everybody discovered exactly what the Secret Apprentice’s real title is. Let’s focus on a fast lesson in history from

Jacob Nion, codenamed Starkiller, was the boy from the Jedi Kento Nion and the other up to now un named female Jedi. He would be a Human male privately taken being an apprentice by Darth Vader from his father on Kashyyyk throughout the truly amazing Jedi Purge. The Dark The almighty trained him to kill Jedi who made it Order 66, and finally stand with Vader to overthrow their own Master.

Nion wasn’t always faithful to his Master, however. At some point, he received training from Jedi Master Rahm Kota and assisted the “fallen” Jedi Maris Brood seek redemption. They eventually had a supreme confrontation.

Training under Darth Vader

“You were weak after i found you. I didn’t require that you survive your training. However, your hate is becoming your strength.

Finally, the negative side is the ally.

―Darth Vader

Jacob Nion when first discovered by Darth Vader.Jacob Nion was the boy of Kento Nion and the other Jedi.

His mother have been wiped out while protecting Kashyyyk from Trandoshan slavers.

As Darth Vader was going to deal the finishing blow on Kento, his lightsaber was drawn from his hands. He switched around to locate a youthful boy holding his lightsaber. He thought the boy had the possibility being probably the most effective Pressure user within the universe. After killing his father, Vader saved the kid’s existence whenever a clone commander attempted to blast him. Vader spent years training the youthful Humanin the ways of the dark side, in secret, even from his own Master, Darth Sidious. Though skilled with many Force powers, such as telekinesis and Force lightning, he was a Sith apprentice in all but name. The Rule of Two prevented him from becoming Vader’s official apprentice, as Vader himself occupied that position. This made Vader’s apprentice officially nothing more than a Dark Jedi.

His existence was meant to be kept a secret, so he would make a point of leaving few witnesses to his work, going as far as eliminating Imperial stormtroopers who saw him in action.

Nion’s training is deemed complete on board the Executor.Jedi Temple trials

“You will need all of your skill to survive.”
―Unknown Jedi Spirit

Jacob Nion
Biographical information
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Died c. 2 BBY

Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Chronological and political information
Era(s) Rise of the Empire era

Affiliation Order of the Sith Lords
Dark Side Adept
Galactic Empire
Alliance to Restore the Republic

Known masters Darth Vader (Sith Master)
Rahm Kota (Jedi Master)

More Pressure Unleashed videos…

Here are a few more videos, courtesy of Some of you may have already seen them, but i’m going to post them anyway because they are sweet. The lightsaber duel is amazing. It really shows how amazing the gameplay will be, as well as how amazing the graphics actually are.

This second video, shows the Rancor fight within the Pressure Unleashed, that is again absolutely stunning!! I’m able to’t watch for farmville!

Pressure Unleashed visiting your apple iphone?

Well, this just makes me want to look into getting an iPhone. I was looking at them here today and they look pretty sweet. Although they are quite pricey, they’re 199$ here with a 3 year contract and 299$ upfront.. ouch..

“As far as we know and to THQ Wireless’ understanding we’re the very first with any kind of footage for that approaching discharge of The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed and here you go its you visitors. It’s a really awesome game as well as an ingenious method of while using touch screen. The accelerometer is just accustomed to switch game play from landscape to portrait anytime. It’s still a piece happening and will not be launched until September 16, but we didn’t notice any glitches. I’m able to say certainly this will probably be a hot, hot game for that apple iphone/ipod device platform. Enough yapping. Benefit from the video.

Pressure Unleashed – New Inteview with Hayden Blackman has published a great article where they get the chance to speak with The Force Unleashed Project Leader Hayden Blackman. The job interview mainly handles the overall summary of The Pressure Unleashed.

“The pressure is on for next The Exorcist game – The Pressure Unleased. Launched on Sept 19th the overall game has been coded in-house and it has the additional expectation to be promoted because the “next film”.

This summer 14, 2008 8:41 AM

The Exorcist games was once great. Think the initial arcade game within the ’80s. Or even the “Super” SNES games and so forth of Tie Fighter and Dark Forces within the 90’s. However the last 10 years approximately haven’t been kind to fans from the Pressure. Remember gaming atrocities like – shudder – Masters of Teras Kasi, Obi-Wan and also the official prequel games. Should you skipped them you’re lucky. Should you’re curious then you can splash out a quid or more for every on ebay. Obviously there’s been the periodic good ‘un but oddly enough these games – Knights in combat from the Old Republic, Battlefront and perhaps the first times of Galaxies should you’re feeling generous – counseled me developed externally. Therefore the pressure is on for next The Exorcist game – The Pressure Unleashed. Launched on Sept 19th the overall game has been coded in-house and it has the additional expectation to be promoted because the “next film”. Fortunately then things i’ve seen and performed to date appears like it might banish individuals Super Bombad era reminiscences permanently. I lately spoke to LucasArts Project Lead Hayden Blackman about Pressure Unleashed, George Lucas and also the stresses of making a brand new The Exorcist game.

You’ve been developing the overall game since 2004 – why has it taken such a long time?

We spent the very first year concept and prototyping the overall game. We’d over 100 different concepts which we whittled lower to twenty. Then we spoken to customers and whittled them lower to 7. Only then do we spoke to George (Lucas) and components from these seven wound up to be the Pressure Unleashed. The following 6 several weeks were allocated to nailing lower the storyline. Only then do we went right into a year’s price of prototyping, building levels and beginning the PR and marketing. Early 2007 was the beginning of full production which required around annually. And also, since only then do we did the bug testing, submission and tuning. Ideally we’d have experienced longer being produced.

How can you keep your team excited and focussed over this type of lengthy period

It had been tough sometimes. You could discover yourself with no illustrator which could hold some misconception for just two days. We run lots of morale initiatives. Therefore we possess the Jedi Honours that is a type of team sprirt factor. I passed out the first and so the champion every week hands it onto the individual they believe best defines team spirit. The only real rule is that you could’t hands it someone in your discipline. So a painter can’t create it for another artist. We held regular team festivities of the overall game. If you’re mind lower in audio creation you most likely have no clue how a few of the wider game looks. We demonstrated they any large press coverage. But for some time you simply don’t determine if the overall game will probably be any fun or otherwise. Which was a minimal period in the past. We switched a large part whenever we hit a mid production milestone after which things just motored after that. However I wont lie, however, keeping they fresh and excited was certainly one of my greatest challenges.

The kind of Mass Effect have pressed videogame characterisation one stage further. How important are such things as this, the cinematics and story to TFU?

Clearly it is dependent on the overall game however for us it had been greatly important to possess a effective central narrative. Top quality cinematics and facial capture was extremely important for all of us. Like a company you want to test out techniques used in telling a tale. Cinematics is one way but you will find many different methods to tell a tale.

What type of audience are you currently opting for with Pressure Unleashed?