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IGN Unleashed… PSP On The Job Exclusive!… takes a look at the PSP version of The Force Unleashed. All week IGN will be giving exclusive coverage of The Force Unleashed for each console. Yesterday, they went into great details with the PSP version.

“Early last week, we were whisked to the aboveground lair that acts as LucasArts’s San Francisco office and bombarded with enough information on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to choke a tauntaun — or at least enough info to make sure this week’s Monday through Thursday plan of covering every version of the Force Unleashed went off without a hitch”

Sweet! There’s nothing like having a flurry of exclusive information, all in just one week! So stay tuned this week for more exclusive information on the other consoles from IGN! Thanks to rrmmstein, our inside friend from our forums.

Also be sure to grab your free Force Unleashed mousepad that we’re currently offering! Get it while the grabbing is good! Check out more details Here and Here

“Day Certainly one of this expansive coverage goes to among the couple of systems having a metachlorian count sufficient to interrupt the bonds of the home theatre system and take gaming on the highway — the PSP.

Now, without doubt, you’ve heard by pointing out console versions from the Pressure Unleashed and just how they’ll take advantage of some crazy physics engine that enables you to definitely crush walls and toss garbage around. Although that much cla of destruction and manipulation isn’t around the PSP, we let you know that whenever lightsabering our way with the first couple of stages of the overall game, the hand-held rendition from the Pressure Unleashed is not even close to any type of Sith Slump. While bumming ’round the LucasArts office, we’ve got to determine every iteration from the Pressure Unleashed and may are convinced that whenever you start up your PSP, you’re obtaining the same voiceovers and also the same story of Darth Vader and the secret apprentice because the console versions.

When the actual game play begins, it’s apparent the apprentice is much more nimble than metal-guy Darth could ever imagine — the key apprentice is fast, he is able to leap around effortlessly, and the moves are brutal. While you play, you’re likely to find Jedi Holocrons that expand the smoothness’s health insurance and Pressure meters, so he’s a little weak at first, but his forces are devastating none the less. Even though the Pressure push and Pressure shockwave you learned for Vader will participate the apprentice’s repertoire when you begin, you’ll discover that Pressure lightning may have changed Darth’s chokehold”

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