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IGN Unleashed… Ps 3 On The Job Exclusive!…

Yesterday’s post mentioned that would be posting a week straight of hands on exclusives with all the consoles featuring The Force Unleashed! Yesterday was the PSP and today is the Playstation 3.

I have to admit, i’m pretty impressed with what they have done to bring a great experience to the PSP, but after watching the video of the Playstation 3, it almost blew my mind. The gameplay for the Playstation 3 looks absolutely fabulous!! I’m definitely going to need to get out and get a PS3 or perhaps a 360, so I’m able to drool within the stunning graphics and game play!

Also make sure to grab your free Pressure Unleashed mousepad that people’re presently offering! Have it as the getting is nice! Take a look at more particulars Here and Here

“From the beginning, it’s immediately apparent the control setup is defined together in ways that enables you train with both your lightsaber and Pressure forces in an exceedingly smooth and natural manner. Two face buttons work your saber with fast and heavy attacks, while another sets loose a Pressure push, that is a remarkably efficient way of completing a lightsaber combo. The best trigger take advantage of the Pressure grab (delivering after that it uses Pressure push), as the left trigger functions like a modifier for Pressure forces. For instance, holding the left trigger while enacting a Pressure push will release a place push, pushing everything who are around you from you, when using the left trigger having a lightsaber attack button will work a lightsaber throw”

“Running (or, that’s, walking) around Kashyyyk and killing everybody around the corner provides you with a great glimpse in the excitement and DMM technology in the overall game. Tossing a Wookiee right into a large tree will crack and splinter it, with successive tosses of new furballs eventually break the mass free of its roots and topple it over, which removes anything which are usually below it. Boxes, barricades along with other items of cover could be Pressure snapped up or pressed and thrown taken care of”

“The combat Kota is rather awesome for the reason that you begin out fighting with what appears like a mix from a control room as well as an observatory that overlooks the earth below. You will find home windows running around the outdoors from the room as well as on the ceiling, with a number of platforms inthe room. After fighting for a bit, Kota steps back and acknowledges that you’re more powerful than he expected but that you won’t catch him. He then proceeds to use the Force to dislodge the entire room from the factory, sending it hurling into the planet’s atmosphere upside down. You’re now fighting on what was the roof and can see the planet rushing up to you below. As you begin to enter the planet’s atmosphere, the floor begins to heat up and melt, and you’re forced to take higher ground to finish the fight. Were this scene in one of the prequels, it almost certainly would have been the highlight of the three films.”

Check out the full 3 page article here!

One Response to “IGN Unleashed… Ps 3 On The Job Exclusive!…”

  • scott:

    the game looks awesome but i’m having a hard time deciding which platform to get it on currently i don’t have any of the next generation platforms but it looks like a toss between the playstation3 and the wii i’m just wondering what the major difference is can anyone tell me?

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