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GamesRadar: The Things The Force Unleashed.. won’t Unleash

This was a very interesting post from I guess the last time they got to preview play The Force Unleashed, they felt a little, “stifled” because there was no blood, brutality and evil. Well in all fairness, mostly everybody loves blood, brutality and evil in games, but this is Star Wars not Nightmare on Elm Street.

Anyway the have put together a top list of things that The Force Unleashed should have, regardless, it is a good read. It’ll be interesting to see everybody’s comments.

In the long run-up to the release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed this September, developer LucasArts has been making a big deal about how the star of the show will be the Force itself, cranked up to ridiculous levels and with no limits or constraints. Packed in along with that destructive awesomeness is a darker-than-normal storyline, which puts players into the role of Starkiller, a secret Sith apprentice raised by Darth Vader to travel the galaxy, hunt down surviving Jedi and murder them.

During our latest play session with The Force Unleashed, though, we couldn’t help but feel just a little stifled. TFU puts some hyper-destructive Force powers at your disposal, sure, but where’s the blood? The brutality? The evil? If you’re going to put nigh-unlimited Force power into the hands of a badass, totally amoral Sith lord, then you need to go all the way. With that in mind, here’s a wish list of things The Force Unleashed should include, but almost definitely won’t.

The list includes:

  • Exploding heads
  • Using the Force to get laid
  • Lightsaber dismemberment
  • Breasts
  • Curb Stomping
  • Mundanity

Check out the full post here.

5 Responses to “GamesRadar: The Things The Force Unleashed.. won’t Unleash”

  • Darth Rephr:

    Evidently the people at GamesRadar have not been into Sta Wars as a whole. Use the Force to get laid…. Breasts…. This is a Star Wars game not a GTA with lightsabers. If you want that kind of action, put down the controller and get a woman.
    Decapitation and dismemberment…. Well the stickler in me says that if you use a lightsaber body parts will come off and is a little sad that it will not be included, but then again that would raise the ESRB rating above what LucasArts wants and so I can understand it….
    If people are going to give feedback on a game, really wish they’d have better poits than “Hey we need to see some tits and get laid, and maybe even chop enemies to pieces or we just aint gonna feel good about this.”
    Just my 2 cents.

  • Brian:

    Blood or no blood I’m so pumped up for this game! I’ve been a big Star Wars fan ever since I’ve seen the Return of the Jedi for the first time about 15 years ago when I rented it from Blockbuster. The next thing you know, I’ve been diving into my share of Star Wars games from the old trilogy games which were the scrollers on Nintendo, to the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series as well as Rogue Squadron on the PC, to games such as Clone Wars, Star Fighter, and eventually the BattleFront games and the Knights of The Old Republic on the consoles! Man I’m a big nerd but hey whatever, I’m definately getting this game and I’m just considering it as simply carrying on the Star Wars tradition to see what they’ve come up with next! As for the explicit content, I like to keep the blood and guts on Gears of War and the sex and drugs on GTA where that content is meant to be included. As for Star Wars, each game from the very beginning was always about the epic stories, the neverending improvements on the inventive ways of using the Force and the Star Wars tech, and even encountering the memorable characters along the way! I

  • Jessica:

    well i guess it’s good to know that the male brain hasn’t evolved any.

  • I tottally agree with Darth Rephr. Anyone star wars fan worth his lightsaber would know that the sith, though evil, are not sadistic fools. If you want that stuff buy GTA; star wars has not sunk that low.

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