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Interesting Rumor / New Interview using the Pressure Unleashed Producer Haden Blackman

First thing I want to get out there is a new rumor that i’ve come across. According to they have stumbled across some proof that there will be, “downloadable content” released for The Force Unleashed. Although they don’t release their source, they say that Lucas Arts is working on it right now.

It’s a nice speculation and unfortunately I cannot confirm that this is true or not, so for the time being i’m going to keep thinking that it is a rumor.

We’ve just got word from a source that was at LucasArt’s game division today and had some interesting information concerning Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. As our source was walking through the halls he was invited into their Foley room. If some of you are wondering what the Foley room is; it’s where sound is reordered live for movies and games.

As he watched two Foley sound technicians finishing up some work, he asked them, “what game are you recording for“. The two men responded and said it was for the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game, and they’re working on “new content” but weren’t allowed to go into detail. What exactly do they mean “new content”. Generally speaking, the Foley room recordings are done well in advance and Star Wars is scheduled to be released September 16th. So why would they still need to record sound for the game? From what it seemed like and how it was phrased, LucasArts has already been well going ahead and creating downloadable content for that Pressure Unleashed. Making sense, this The Exorcist game may be the greatest game for that franchise up until now.

Next off has published an excellent interview using the Pressure Unleashed Producer Haden Blackman.

A few of the interesting questions include:

AT: As to the extent was your team restricted while focusing on figures, mobile phone industry’s along with other facets of the overall game. What amount of the development was overseen by George Lucas?

HB: I don’t think we have ever felt restricted whatsoever. In early stages, we labored with George Lucas to look for the setting for the overall game — the era between Episodes III and IV — and that he gave us a rundown of what’s happening throughout that point period. He told us the kinds plots Darth Vader may be hatching, what a few of the major figures do, and just how the Emperor might lead to any story we create. After we had an approved story (which required many several weeks), we checked along with George Lucas and Lucasfilm Certification periodically, but we essentially had a lot of freedom look around the period of time, really push the limitations from the Pressure, and tell the storyline in ways we felt could be most compelling.

AT: Mixing DMM and Excitement was clearly an excellent challenge. Would you see these technologies utilized in other projects as well as for different genres?

HB: I certainly think we could expand around the ways these technologies interact, and also the technologies themselves. We’ve barely scratched the top of simulation-based game play, environment interaction and destructibility, and bio-mechanical AI. While different genres may be better at taking advantage of these technologies, I believe that lots of game concepts may need the amount of interactions we’ve accomplished within the Pressure Unleashed, and that i hope we still blow the doorways from real-time simulation continuing to move forward, especially once we be good at building games for that current generation of consoles and begin searching towards generation x.

AT: The approaching demo features the Tie Fighter Construction Facility level along with a different conclusion to that particular level Body that won’t maintain the ultimate game. Is that this ending an essential segment from the overall story within the Pressure Unleashed?

HB: We added a brand new enemy in the finish from the demo that gamers normally won’t encounter at this exact place to ensure that gamers obtain a taste for which it’s like fighting a larger unit.

AT: If all goes well with Pressure Unleashed, are we able to expect a follow up a while later on?

Make sure tocheck out the full interview here, it’s a great read!

One Response to “Interesting Rumor / New Interview using the Pressure Unleashed Producer Haden Blackman”

  • Zachary Lopez:

    The Wii version of the game could of been a lot better. Krome could have pushed the Wii to it’s limits Just look at The Conduit. I’m sick and tired of the Wii getting a bad rep It’s a next gen console too, so some people need to get their stuff together and make a good game.

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