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Code Title: Starkiller… Real Title: Not Jacob Nion.. but Galen Marek??…

This I thought was really interesting. According to a post on the LucasArts forum I found today, Jacob Nion is not the name of The Secret Apprentice. I guess Jacob Nion is the name of The Secret Apprentice in the German version of The Force Unleashed novel. Now apparently someone in Sweden got a hold of the English version of The Force Unleashed novel (How, I have no idea) and the name of The Secret Apprentice is Galen Marek.

Again, this is just a rumor, but there is a screenshot of the English version that seems to provide some solid evidence of this. Again, this can be easily photoshopped and what not, but I figured i’d post it anyway. There has been a bunch of rumors this week and quite honestly I have no idea which ones are accurate. Some, I figure, are just made up to provide some extra hype before the discharge from the Pressure Unleashed.

It was a publish I acquired off TheForce.internet mesage boards:

The SA’s true title is Galen Marek. (Galen means “crazy” in Swedish, and so i suspect it’s such like in German, to ensure the renaming) About the presence of the Dying Star: Galen discovers the title and placement from the vision, but I don’t believe it is ever stated he mentions the title to anybody. There’s also no mention concerning the digital rebel criminals seeing the superlaser-test. (Yes, there is a view within the dish, but it’s not clearly stated the lasers are really designed to converge within the test) It is told using tight third-person POV of Juno and Galen, having a short passage from Vader basically remember properly. So that all experience concerning the character from the Pressure and the like are Galen’s own, and that he is fairly kriffed-up with no denying it.

Personally, I loved it. However it reads greatly just like a video-game walkthrough in parts. Concerning the Pressure forces I didn’t find each action of Galen to become too over-the-top, but the truth that he stored performing these incredible achievements without ever slowing down lower or resting was a little much. As well as: two dying Jedi doing a bit of type of overflowing/ghosting thingy? That which was that about

Browse the picture below.

5 Responses to “Code Title: Starkiller… Real Title: Not Jacob Nion.. but Galen Marek??…”

  • Double A:

    That does not look photoshopped. If it is, the guy’s a master. It’s got the same blur and it’s lined up like it was printed by a machine.

    Thanks for linking that, I was beginning to wonder if he had a name at all.

  • Aku:

    I live in sweden and I bought the book today too.
    I don’t know what page number that is and I don’t intend to spoil the entire story for myself so I won’t read more than half the book before I’ve played the game, but if I get the page number (which I couldn’t make out from the picture), I can take a look at my copy too xP

    It isn’t a localized version of the book though, so “Galen” definitely isn’t meant to be the swedish word for “Crazy”.

    The reason we can have the book at all is because a very big bookstore in our capital city apparently doesn’t care about the street date ;D

  • Yeah, that would be awesome if you could help us confirm this.

  • Aku:

    His name is Galen Marek in the US version of the novel. I just ran into his vision on Kashyyk.
    They didn’t put his surname there, but his first name is indeed Galen so Jacob Nion really is just the german localized version.

    Now to stop reading the novel so I won’t spoil the entire story for myself.
    I can tell you that the midway twist is an awesome one in any case ^^

  • Darth Sithius:

    on wookiepedia it says the same thing

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