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HDR: Exclusive Screenshots from the Pressure Unleashed Demo! has published some pretty awesome and exclusive screenshots from the approaching Demo from the Pressure Unleashed. The Demo arrives on Thursday, August 21. Yup, that’s right 2 days!! I’m sure everybody gets pretty ancy on getting their on the job the Demo.

These screens start adding some game play action, the brand new game screen, and also the popular screenshot that appears to become taking all of the buzz, may be the Xbox 360 360 controller map. So it offers a superior some insight regarding how to warm your fingers and exercise which means you’ll be ready once the demo arrives in 2 days.

Pay attention, youthful Padawans. This Thursday may be the day you feel a Sith, err, guy, and seize control of LucasArts’ The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed demo on either Xbox 360 360 or Ps 3. The Tie Fighter factory awaits your raw Pressure forces.

Just like you needed anymore incentive or anticipation for Thursday’s event, we’ve clicked a little handfull of screenshots throughout numerous outings with the demo. Roughly half explain some interesting factual information offered before jumping in to the Tie Factory. Another half are only for getting fun with the overall game’s incredible utilization of DMM and Excitement.

The demo opens with The almighty Vader setting you, his new apprentice, a solo “training” mission. In reality the mission is essential when it comes to extinguishing the Jedi as well as your character breaks momentarily when given a particular deadly directive in the Dark The almighty.

The following “Controller” screen seems before a loading screen and stays up to you press “A” to carry on. The controls are fast and simple to understand, particularly if you take part in the fast tutorial, so one glimpse ought to be enough to begin.

Browse the screenshots below:

Demo Screenshots Demo Screenshots Demo Screenshots Demo Screenshots
Demo Screenshots Demo Screenshots Demo Screenshots

Check out the full article here!

4 Responses to “HDR: Exclusive Screenshots from the Pressure Unleashed Demo!”

  • psn id unrealman42:

    hey everybody i just played the demo for 360 and it so cool!!!!

  • mally:

    due it won’t let me downlad it on psn its not on there what the heck

  • justin:

    mally the demo didnt come out yet on the comes out early for 360, thats why it sucks for ps3 users!it will be updated into the psn today sometime probably from noon – 8:00 pm!

  • maskedhobo:

    Played it today at lunch, and it will rock your balls right off. That is the most gratifying use of the force yet. I have to get my hands on this game.

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