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Gamespot: Pressure Unleashed Launch Center? + demo reviews…

I’ve seen this around the net alot today. It seems have put up something called The Force Unleashed Launch Center, which is counting down 11 days and says, “review coming soon”. I have no idea what this could be, I suppose it could be a pre-release review or something.

In the meantime dozens of sites have now posted their reviews of The Force Unleashed demo. You can check out some of them below, courtesy of


If the Star Wars Force Unleashed demo is any sign of things to come, there are going to be a lot of late nights spent slicing and dicing with lightsaber in hand. The game has a nice mix of fast-action gameplay and strategic decisions and promises good role-playing value and puzzles to boot. And, with its open-ended storyline, it might be the type of game you can play through time and again making different choices and exploring different areas of the game.

Star Wars Force Unleashed Demo – Gameplay
The demo’s mission is a relatively simple affair where you are sent to an installation and ordered to kill everyone inside. It guides you through using your force powers to blast through doors and unlock hangers while you practice picking up barrels and throwing them at groups of the enemy. All of this ends in a huge battle against an AT-ST that is finally defeated by doing a special move to split the thing in two.

While the Force Unleashed demo doesn’t allow you to delve much into the character building aspects of the game, it does demonstrate one crucial point: Star Wars Force Unleashed is going to be well worth the wait. It is just like an excellent-billed Knights in combat from the Old Republic with the theatrical feel from the old X-Wing and Tie Fighter games. Quite simply, it feels as though you’re really within the The Exorcist world, also it’s a great time.

The Exorcist Pressure Unleashed Demo – Graphics, Seem and Controls

A game title lives or dies according to solid game play, nevertheless its the graphics and seem that children best to great. There’s without doubt the Pressure Unleashed will finish up within the great column. Using the Xbox 360 360, the graphics are gorgeous. The overall game includes a dark feel into it combined with motion picture from the The Exorcist world. The seem can also be accurate in the whirl from the lightsaber towards the buzz of the Tie Fighter zipping past.

The controls will also be very sweet. Obtaining the camera position perfect to ensure that you are able to throw a barrel lower a hallway and right into a pack from the enemy can take some becoming accustomed to, but typically, the controls come fast and simple. I truly loved the way i could jump in to the air and hover a couple of moments by swinging the lightsaber. I had been also in a position to slip around corners and zig zag to evade incoming fire going for any fantastic leap to their midst.

The disposable and simple feel from the controls makes dealing with a pack of opponents a genuine blast. My personal favorite tactic was to begin with a leap, knock it well having a pressure push, slice through all of them with my lightsaber and — visiting all of the them — cackling just a little before releasing a lightning attack. But, hey, that’s just me.


The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed

We explore the very first four amounts of The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed around the Xbox 360 360. The Negative Side never looked so great.

Because this magazine’s videogame rater along with a longtime The Exorcist fan, I had been so wanting to get hold of an earlier copy from the Pressure Unleashed which i considered storming the Presidio. Fortunately, however, LucasArts was kind enough to provide a unique preview (for Xbox 360 360) to my door. And in line with the four levels I had been given (about 40% from the finished game), I’m certain that, throughout, The Pressure will release superb graphics and seem for your house theater. In addition to this, the game play is revolutionary in the vivid verisimilitude and unparalleled A.I. — all inside a compelling plot that’s in keeping with the spirit from the The Exorcist films.

Set between your prequels and also the classic trilogy, The Pressure Unleashed finds the Jedi Knights in combat to become basically extinct — and you’re on the pursuit to search lower the ultimate couple of who’ve gone into hiding. Actually: You’re around the Negative Side within this game. Actually, you start play as Darth Vader themself, delivered to exterminate a lone Jedi around the Wookiee home realm of Kashyyyk. Then, beginning with Level 2, you feel Vader’s Secret Apprentice, equipped with fancy lightsaber attacks along with other forces unlike any you’ve observed in a The Exorcist game — or perhaps a The Exorcist movie. Here, for instance, the Pressure grip is no more basically for throwing enemies aside. Now you’ll suspend them in midair, shock all of them with Sith lightning, and slam them lower down to blow up just like a explosive device. The significantly diverse conditions from the first four levels really are a showcase for that game’s graphics and physics. In the first moments on Kashyyyk, you can observe how everything responds with remarkable realism. Crash with the Wookiees’ obstacles, and also the wood breaks and splinters because it should, with respect to the impact.

Within the second level, in which you infiltrate a TIE Fighter factory because the Secret Apprentice, you’ll notice the way your opponents behave like real people by revealing their feeling of self-upkeep. Make use of the Pressure to fight a Stormtrooper and send him flying with the air arms flailing, he’ll frantically attempt to grab onto something to avoid themself from falling. Dispatch a different one, and he’ll even attempt to grab onto his already airborne squadmate. (“Wait a sec,” I’m able to hear you asking. “Infiltrate a TIE Fighter factory? Attack a Stormtrooper? You stated I had been using the Negative Side.” Remember: You’re the key Apprentice. There can’t be any witnesses.)

The following stop in your epic journey may be the junkyard planet of Raxus Prime,where the wreckage of Jedi Starfighters, Republic Gunships, and Imperial Walkers can be seen in the amazingly detailed rubble. The fourth and final level I played is set on the overgrown planet of Felucia. It’s a beautifully rendered environment of towering vegetation — but don’t get too distracted, because you’ll have to square off against hulking Rancor monsters and, from the prequel films, a certain Jedi Master that fans might recognize. Like the graphics, the immersive surround sound is impressively dynamic. At the end of each level I played, a bone-crushing battle gave my subwoofer a serious workout. All of the voice acting is first-rate, and John Williams’s stirring film scores blend seamlessly with 90 minutes of original music to help create an aural tour de Force.

Judging from this preview, it’s a safe bet that the complete game of The Force Unleashed will deliver an unforgettable Star Wars experience.

3 Responses to “Gamespot: Pressure Unleashed Launch Center? + demo reviews…”


    Im so glad to hear some positive feedback on star wars force unleashed. i read a review in EGM (october issue) and they pretty much tore it to peices…im not sure how they are even reviewing it so soon when reviews havent been posted anywhere else that i have seen. i’ve played through the demo about 5 times and i love it!!! oh well, i’m still going to be one happy sack of couch-potato when i pop in that disc in a couple of weeks…

  • Toren:

    This month’s GamePro kind of tore it to shreds as well. Well, they gave it 3.5 out 5 stars. Unfortunately, neither of the above reviews really discuss the problems GamePro found with the game. Those problems they had with it are:
    1. When using force throw, expect objects to not go where you intended them to go 1/3 of the time.
    2. Level design becomes more linear as you progress through the levels. So, they’re no dynamic sandbox feel to it like GTA,
    I was eagerly looking forward to this game and almost pre-ordered it but now I’ll probably have to rent it first.
    I did play the demo on PS3 and I will attest to the linear level design and terrible control when throwing objects.
    Awesome graphics, awesome effects, sweet looking level (in the demo) but really not as good as I was hoping for.

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