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Archive for September, 2008

Pressure Unleashed: LucasArts announces downloadable content…

LucasArts made an announcement today that there will be additional content coming for The Force Unleashed. The new content will be made readily available for Xbox 360 360 proprietors through the Xbox 360 marketplace as well as for Ps 3 proprietors through the Ps network. Regrettably, they still haven’t addressed any one of the overall game glitches or freezes.

The downloadable submissions are being produced by LucasArts internal team of developers and also the downloadable content you will see additional styles and movie packs may also be launched with time.

Prices and availability for that downloadable content is going to be launched on in the future.


The very first from the downloadable content will contain additional costumes and character models that may used while playing with the single-player campaign, including Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Package Fisto.

The 2nd from the downloadable content, which is launched afterwards this season, includes anentirely new single-player mission, set in the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant. Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice turns to the Jedi Temple to learn more about his father, and while searching through the rubble of the destroyed building he must confront his inner demons.

PrimaGames: Pressure Unleashed Game Guide Givaway!…

Courtesy of Prima Games, we’ll be supplying 3 Pressure Unleashed official Prima game guides within the next couple of days! All you need to do in order to be at random joined inside a weekly draw, would be to stop at our Pressure Unleashed forums, drop an amiable hello, together with your current email address just like that, be joined inside a random draw for any free game guide!

Our forums are situated here!

Obviously you will find a couple of needs and rules.

1. Anybody having a valid current email address could be joined. (Even worldwide)

2. You’ve 24 hrs to reply to our email or you will see another draw.

3. Don’t just leave your current email address and try to escape, a minimum of say a couple of words. Any posts with only their email is going to be disqualified.

4. Be respectful and look for Prima Games Pressure Unleashed page situated here, just to show your appreciation for a great promotion.


That’s it! You can also download a quick preview of Prima Games, game guide here!

Will ‘Force Unleashed’ function as the next ‘Star Wars’ film?…

I was very intrigued to read this article posted by the LA.Times. Basically they are saying that it quite possible that this maybe the next Star Wars movies. This would definitely be a killer story as well as a great movie, at least there wouldn’t be as many glitches… Just kidding…

I thought that I did read somewhere though, that after The Revenge of the Sith, that would be the last real Star Wars movie, although I could be mistaken, if someone wants to let me know.

What do you guys think, should there be considered a Pressure Unleashed movie, or will it be an entire total waste of time. I’m certainly interested to listen to your comments.

I must thank everyone with respect to for those their support, throughout our lengthy wait for a discharge of the overall game, I be thankful greatly, with this note I’ve released another site since the news around the rumored, Knights in combat from the Old Republic 3 – MMO. You should check it here, I possibly could make use of the support!

This is actually the publish in the LA.Occasions:


Haden Blackman, the project leader on “The Pressure Unleashed” gaming, includes a daydream: He walks in to the cinema, buys some popcorn after which sits lower and watches his game’s tale of Darth Vader and the secret apprentice flicker to existence as cinema.

“Oh, that might be incredible,” stated Blackman. “And it’s not possible. Never say never. George [Lucas] has looked to inform new ‘Star Wars’ tales with the games along with the entire The Exorcist Broadened World, after which he’s also proven a readiness to allow the figures enter into the flicks. Take a look at Aayla Secura, a creation within the [Dark Equine] comics who grew to become area of the theatrical films.”

In addition to that, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” launched in August, started like a television animated series (but still is going to be, with tie-in episodes premiering March. 3 on Cartoon Network), however when Lucas saw the job happening he made the decision to accept tale towards the cineplex. That film has become mixed reviews, as you would expect, but Lucas doesn’t appear of looking after a little concerning the opinion associated with a detractors if this involves his historic entertainment enterprise and it is directions.

Dark Equine has additionally launched a picture novel sort of “The Pressure Unleashed” and, in my opinion, it’s as pleasing than the overall game — although entirely disclosure, that’s not to imply much, since i am much more of the readers than the usual gamer. Blackman not just composed the storyline for that graphic novel, also, he includes a lavish 224-page book entitled “The Art and Making of The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed” that remembers the pictures and behind-the-moments labor on the overall game as though it already were a significant movie. An adapatation from the film inside a traditional prose novel compiled by Australian sci-fi author Sean Williams also hit No. 1 around the New You are able to Occasions listing of hardcover fiction bestsellers and today, after four days, reaches No. 14 on that tally.

Lucas is clearly happy with this new admission to the larger “Star Wars” story and I wouldn’t be amazed as it were to determine it on the theater marquee in a CG-animated project within the next couple of years, particularly with the intensifying Hollywood curiosity about game titles and toys as film qualities. There’s even the very real energy of putting Darth Vader on the movie poster within the theater lobbies of the usa.

When the “The Pressure Unleashed” does be a movie, Blackman stated it might be proof ofthe priorities and sophisticated ideas of his team, who he says puts storytelling and game-play on equal footing and emphasized “the artistic nature” of the quickly changing video-game medium. “It’s an incredible time,” he said, “to be telling powerful stories in this fairly young medium.”

Perhaps, but like the most recent film addition to the Lucas universe, there was huge pre-release anticipation for “The Force Unleashed,” followed by widespread grumbling. It hit stores Sept. 16 and topped the 1-million units sales mark in its first five days, according to industry retail reports, but the reviews have been decidedly mixed.

Here’s the take, for instance, by Hero Complex contributor Pete Metzger, who reviewed the game for the Los Angeles Times and echoed many other underwhelmed gamers:

Most of the things that make up the “Star Wars” universe these days — movies, TV shows, toys and video games — are lacking the magic that made the original trilogy of films so incredible. Gone are the spectacle and awe. Instead, we get halfhearted disappointments (such as the current “Clone Wars” animated movie).

Sadly, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is no exception. It should be an amazing story bridge between Episodes 3 and 4 and one that boasts groundbreaking new artificial intelligence and gaming technology. But Unleashed fails to register the tremor in the Force we were hoping for.

apple apple iphone Unleashed: Carry pressure along with you + 1.5 Million Models Worldwide Offered…

Well, after a bumpy release for The Force Unleashed, it ended up selling over 1.5 million copies worldwide. Although a large amount of individuals have didn’t have issues with the overall game, a significant number did, which incorporated game glitches, freezes, issues with saving and much more. Be assured, i’m confident that LucasArts understands these complaints and that i would appear at first sight within the works of making an area, I’d be amazed when they weren’t.

“Becomes Quickest-Selling The Exorcist Game ever

After under 1 week on store shelves worldwide, The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed is on the right track being the very best-selling The Exorcist game ever. LucasArts today introduced which more than 1.5 million clients worldwide have bought The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed, which makes it both quickest-selling The Exorcist game and LucasArts game ever.

Launched on Sept. 16 in The United States, Sept. 17 around australia and Southeast Asia, and Sept.19 in Europe, The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed has destroyed LucasArts sales records around the world in a short time span.

Sales figures derive from the very first 5 days of sales across all platforms worldwide.

Although LucasArts shipped a lot more than 4.3 million models from the Pressure Unleashed all over the world when preparing for the overall game’s launch, unparalleled demand from customers has brought towards the manufacture and distribution of more copies.

“The record-setting sales of The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed shows the undiminished energy of The Exorcist and it is recognition across all media types, including game titles,” stated Darrell Rodriguez, leader of LucasArts. “We’re amazed through the reaction to the overall game.”

The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed is greater than a gaming phenomenon. The novelization of the sport’s story launched by Del Rey wasn’t any. 1 round the New You’ll be able to Occasions Best Merchants list a couple of days it launched and gadgets from Hasbro, LEGO, and Masters of magic in the Coast using the property are top merchants at retailers. This unequalled marketing effort by LucasArts and Lucas Certification features a complete posting program from Dark Equine, Prima Games, and Structure Press.”



The Apple apple iphone kind of Pressure Unleashed will probably be released now, according to It truly looks pretty awesome, I’d certainly try it out.

“Released now for your apple apple iphone, Alien: Pressure Unleashed introduces the on-the-go apple apple iphone gamer to the important thing Apprentice. Since the story goes, you’re the Starkiller: a secret apprentice elevated by Darth Vader and taught to become most likely the very best Pressure-clients ever.

Created by THQ, the apple apple iphone kind of the sport pushes fast action for the sidelines and brings the over-the-top Pressure forces into direct control. As the sport opens, players are brought to the storyline, given orders, and hang up off and awayto carry them out. Throughout the first levels, Starkiller stays his time training, and the overall game starts by teaching the gamer how you can wield the Pressure.

Because the apple iphone doesn’t have buttons, controlling Starkiller is performed entirely via a sequence of gestures. Each gesture signifies another Pressure energy, using the more complicated gestures creating more complicated actions. In early stages, the ever-present Pressure Grip may be the primary destructive weapon used. Lifting sufferers in to the air then throwing them aside is really as fun because it has ever been, out of the box the opportunity to deflect weapons fire with Starkiller’s lightsaber.

Because the levels progress, Starkiller comes face-to-face using the Jedi he’s been assigned to kill. Using the Pressure forces learned and practiced through the levels, gamers must learn how to defeat their opponents by learning the pattern of attacks and weaknesses with every foe.

Individuals who own apple iphones have been in for any graphical eye chocolate treat. Fully made opponents, ships, and forces set against superbly colored skills leaves anybody in awe — and provide the apple iphone user an additional way to demonstrate their device. Couplethat with the amount of time you can spend playing — thanks to the massive story and endless ‘Challenge’ mode, this incarnation of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is well worth the $9.99 price tag.

Gamespot: The Pressure Unleashed Beginning Block + FU Launch Event…

Gamespot has released a great video of The Force Unleashed that will take you through some key gameplay tips, from the starting block! The video includes maximizing your force characteristics, taking lower Rancors and ATST’s and also the Rancor Bull Boss fight.


The following video goes towards the Pressure Unleashed Launch Event. Take a look below: