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Demo Walkthrough Guide + The Pressure Unleashed Wii Preview + Developer Interview

A few Force Unleashed goodies to post for you.

Anybody having trouble with the Demo or wants to do a thorough and detailed walkthrough can now do so. faqs has released a walkthrough of the Playstation 3 version of The Force Unleashed. You can check that out at this location.

Thanks to unit Phenix, a member of our Force Unleashed Forums.

Next up, has posted a, “hands on” impression of the Wii sort of The Pressure Unleashed. It’s a good review and finishes having a postive attidude around the Wii version.

“The first factor you’ll notice whenever you start up Duel Mode within the Pressure Unleashed is the fact that you will find MANY figures to select from, from both primary story and also the broadened world. Be assured that most of the figures happen to be designed and modelled solely for that Wii version, so it’s not only a lame tacky add-on that people would normally expect. The range in figures is certainly something which fans will appreciate, particularly with inclusion of figures in the broadened world.

You will find loads of options using the combat system in Pressure Unleashed. Gamers may use their lightsaber to slice up their enemies or perhaps the pressure to throw, crush, electrify and much more painful verbs. What’s better still concerning the capabilities that gamers may use if that they’ll be combined for interesting results. Raise an opponent in to the air after which shock all of them with pressure lightning, or possibly give a pressure push to some lightsaber strike and send opponents flying. The options are endless and also the flexibility for that different mixtures of moves is certainly promising.”

“Although Pressure Unleashed is shaping up very nicely, there is one jarring component that we observed. When playing any duel battles, gamers won’t have the ability to constantly boost the distances between themselves along with other. Rather, your camera will zoom to a particular pre-specified distance after which prevent any more movement in the figures. Although it isn’t said to be Smash Siblings, we all do such as the camera system far better. Some gamers will certainly think it is annoying, while some might just dismiss it virtually pointless to bother with it, because it didn’t slow down game play an excessive amount of.

Overall, the Wii sort of The Pressure Unleashed is searching very promising, and that we are thrilled to listen to that the Wii 3rd party game gets the polish and shine which i warrants to distinguish itself in the pack. The Pressure Unleashed arrives for release on the Manufacturers DS and also the Manufacturers Wii on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 for any RRP of $69.95 and $99.95 correspondingly.”

Browse the full interview here.

Finally Vooks.internet has additionally published a job interview using the Lead Programmer for Wii Sort of Pressure Unleashed at Krome Galleries, Melbourne.

“Vooks: Was the overall game based the 360/PS3 sort of the overall game? Or have you begin with the floor up?

Powell: For that Wii Version, that was coded in our Melbourne Office, we used our in-house technology. We’ve been doing games for that PS2, PSP, GCN and 360 for a long time now, therefore we already been through it, we’d we’ve got the technology behind us to get this done game on these platforms, and that’s why Lucasarts choose us to build up the title.

Vooks: So how exactly does the Wii Version compare to another sort of the overall game which are being launched

Powell: Clearly there’s the. Duel mode that is unique towards the Wii using motion control the only console sort of the overall game having a multiplayer mode. You will find 5 missions over 3 stages that you simply won’t use whatever of within the next gen versions, such as the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in which you feel the Jedi Tests. Also even though the Wii version does share exactly the same levels because the next gen versions, they’re performed out in a different way, so you’ll obtain a different experience when playing the Wii version.

Vooks: What were a few of the primary challenges trying duplicate the results from the excitement engine to the Wii version?

Powell: We at Krome already had many of our own technology and that we acquired our very own in-house physics solution to ensure that we’re able to bring the pressure unleashed towards the Wii. We attempted to obtain just as much energy from the physics engine once we could by mixing our very own Collision system with. Mixture of scripted occasions plus real-time simulations and animations we’ve tried it in ways where hope the linebetween. Most of the time when you knock a character down, if it’s right there in front of your that’s gonna be fully ragdoll simulated using our physics system but say if you knock down a big group of characters some will be animated using pre-set animations and some will use ragdoll, but we do it such a way where you don’t know where that line is, we try to keep that line blurred. We tried to use “Smoke & Mirrors” and a good combination of scripted events and real-time physics to try and provide that whole experience throughout the game.

Vooks: There’s no online modes in the game; did you look into having online multiplayer?

Powell:It didn’t really suit, we think, what we wanted to do with the game. In the Wii version you’ve got two people playing in front of the same machine, and that’s what we really think made sense with this game because one of the big advantages to the Force Unleashed on the Wii is, using the Wii Remote, you have that really direct feel with the motion controls, so it connects you with the game. Being able to actually have two people sitting there at the same machine, playing on the same screen playing against each other is what we thought really made sense.

Vooks: Are there any graphical differences between the Wii and PS2 version of the game?

Powell: There is an increase in detail in the Wii version. In the Wii version we have a more advanced lighting system, which uses bump-mapping and per-pixel lighting to give us more detail in the characters. So you’ll see a lot more detail in areas like say a Stormtrooper’s backpack and on a characters face then you would in the PS2 and PSP version.

Thanks to Activision Blizzard for setting up the day and interview, and Trevor at Krome whose interview we sadly lost half of, due to audio difficulties.”

4 Responses to “Demo Walkthrough Guide + The Pressure Unleashed Wii Preview + Developer Interview”

  • Lord sothoius:

    just a couple more days im so hyped im get the best version aka xbox360 version i know that was wack sorry

  • James:

    Wow, i’m so exited to get my hands on this. i’ve been waiting for it ever since i heard of it (ages ago). I’m sure all the platforms will be great, but i only have a Wii so thats what i’ll be getting it for =]

  • Michael:

    I’m confused. I’m new to Wii, and have the remote and numchuck and all that.

    you play with the remote and numchuck always, not the old-fashioned remote for Wii, right?
    (the one like PS2 controller)

    The game looks awesome, I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  • jay:

    this was as useful as a hole in the head…thanks for nothing!

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