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Pressure Unleashed: Developer on PC Gamer Outcry

The Force Unleashed for PC? No, and no! According to an interview with The Force Unleashed producer Cameron Suey, he states that he ‘Understands PC gamer concerns’, and that it was a ‘Difficult’, decision to make, not releasing the game for the PC console. So by the sounds of it, everyone may as well get over the fact that there will be no PC version. It does suck, and I wanted a PC version as much as any of you, but oh well, not much we can do about it.

“Cameron Suey, producer of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of upcoming Star Wars game The Force Unleashed, has said he understands the concerns of PC gamers left within the cold by developer LucasArts’ decision to not release the overall game on that platform.

LucasArts experienced a torrent of abuse from PC players following our May 2008 interview with Suey, where he described the reason the developer wasn’t delivering your personal computer version was due to the problem of scaling the overall game to ensure that it had been playable on Computers of assorted energy. The job interview presently has four pages of comments, many of which are negative for the move and also the reasoning behind it.

Whenever we swept up with Suey at Leipzig Games Convention recently, we requested him how he felt concerning the extremely negative reaction to his reason behind the move.

He stated: “Wow. OK that’s interesting. Clearly the main reason I’m carrying this out and also the reason I believe anybody does it is because we like games and you want to make games for those who love games. So whenever someone’s unhappy with something, I won’t say it’s difficult since you suffer from it, but we’d totally prefer everyone to become as happy as you possibly can, you realize you want to make everyone as happy as you possibly can.

“In this situation, it simply really wasn’t achievable. Around I truly understand everyone’s concerns and that i really realize that people wish to play the overall game on their own platform of preference, the reality from it is, the way in which farmville was created, based on these physics, which are simulation based and incredibly procedural, it might have a very effective PC to drag them off. This really is certainly stretching the Xbox 360 and also the PS3 really towards the farthest they are able to go.

“And yet high-finish Computers certainly would have the ability to get it done. Typically how you get a game title on multiple Computers is that you simplyhave to scale the graphics down, right? Unfortunately physics, especially procedural physics, it’s impossible to scale it and if you did scale it or turn it off or turn it down it would fundamentally change the way the gameplay works. It would just be too limited for us. It was a difficult decision to make but you can’t scale the physics.”

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21 Responses to “Pressure Unleashed: Developer on PC Gamer Outcry”

  • No PC version of Force Unleashed then eh? Yet another developer cutting off the PC end of the market with (very) lame excuses. Stinks totally of laziness and in favour of consoles – can’t pirate games on those machines, can we now ? Suckyballs, BIG TIME !!

  • daniel james:

    if physics can’t scale how come its on a ps2 then . ps2 can’t have good physics if none at all.

  • FreedomFighter:

    right, ok, so the psp and ps2 and such are how much better than a pc again???

    I heard a lot of negative feedback on the game as a whole….and for that im relieved. It makes me happy that a game that was developed for EVERY system accept pc ended up sucking and scoring a 6 out of 10 just about everywhere.

    it dosnt make me happy that a game did this, but a company so stuck up their own ass is able to put the game on every system accept for the pc…you get what you pay for is the lesson here…

    physics, now physics is what there leaning on being the reason there not putting it on pc…well…lets see here…crysis, a heavy physics based game, or how about anyone thats ever used half life with gmod…dont those games use physics?? First off, Crysis couldnt even be put on consoles because they were too physics/graphics intense, and now we the pc users are being told that this game that can run on a ps2 cant run on a pc???

    I guess my comments here dont matter, lucas arts dosnt give 2 shits about the people who buy their games…if they did, maybe they would take the input of the fans or the people purchasing their games…

    even if it was a bad game…I would have still enjoyed at least trying the game…but due to lucas arts horrible decision in both the technical aspect as well as the marketing aspect, i dont believe i’ll be purchasing any of their games in the near future…

    the next time i hear lucas arts gaming company, i’ll be sure not to recommend them…as they have become an utter letdown to the gaming community for the last time…

  • Zach:

    The PS2 does not have the same physics engines that the PS3 and Xbox360 does. They are the only ones with all the physics engines. So the PS2 is some scripted and some animated. Or so I am led to beleve. It may all just be animated.

  • Shinjix2:

    Nothing that a Nintendo gamer isn’t used to. I’m just glad Nintendo is getting a peice of the action.

  • Justin:

    This is really weak

    It takes a muscular PC ?

    So up the system requirements and get over it.

    I think I am done giving lucas money

  • the dude:

    i’m not mad…
    i’m just disappointed.

  • ant:

    look people theres no dispute that a pc could hold the game but the pc would have to be HUGE and not many people have a pc like that and also like seuy said you can scale down graphics but if you change the physics engine or procedures it wont be the same game they arent “cutting pc out of the market” they just are trying to make the best game they can for as many people as possible and for the pc its just not possible and its not lack of commintment on their part seuy did say that they had considered the option but the means to make the end just wasnt possible get over it and stop bothering the people be thankful they even took the task to make the best game possible

  • Starkiller:

    There have been a lot of people saying that pc gaming is coming to an end and i have to say i think this is funny because that all these games are first made on a pc. Also with diablo 3, Fable 2, along with Starcraft 2 coming to PC WHICH WILL OUTSELL ANY CONSOLE GAMES!! >.>; diablo3 FTW. I think companies like lucas arts should turn more of their attention to PC gaming completely!! Most people have decent computers for one reason or another or a have a friend where you can buy the game go to their house and spend the night and play it. It’s a lot easier to say “mom i need a new computer” which can be used for school and other things instead of “mom i need a 600 dollar system so i can play naruto games .-.” For those of you with good jobs or parents that allow you to afford a console, i’m happy for you..but not everyone can. I think this game has serious potential though i have only played it for the psp. I think the force powers and the customation options….along with the online play for the psp was pretty fun. LUCAS ARTS ..DONT BE STUPID AND RELEASE A PC STARWARS GAME for 2008 or 2009 and CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE!

  • Again…just another lazy excuse. Physics, now this is the reason it can’t be done? As several others have mentioned, crysis, combat arms, half life 2 – all these games use a physics engine. And guess what, all that bull about a high end pc will only be able to handle the TFU physics, is all baloney.
    Nvidia has a nice physx card series, so does BFG. This is straight from nvidia website ” NVIDIA PhysX is a powerful physics engine which enables real-time physics in leading edge PC and console games. PhysX software is widely adopted by over 150 games, is used by more than 10,000 registered users and is supported on Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PC.”

    Why even mention that it can’t be scaled down, just release it with all the physics, maybe even make a bundle deal with new nvidia physx cards, or make it a min. requirement to have one – if it is really necessary. The game was developed on a pc of some kind.
    It can’t be that hard to create a standard min. requirement for a pc game — bad move not releasing across the pc platform.

    Hopefully, the rumor from the nvidia’s recent nvision 08 conference has some truth behind it ” During a presentation by Pixelux Entertainment, who created the physics in the just-released Star Wars console game, the company’s COO Vik Sohal had this to say: “…Just been released last week on the internet, the Force Unleashed demo on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. We have a PC version as well.”

    Here’s to hoping……may the force be with us all!

  • pskiller:

    well i will get tfu for psp and ps2 but i was hoping to get one for the pc why cant i move the mouse so i can swing the light saber like te wii version you are right my friend.

  • olisj:

    I’ll never buy a console for a shitty few hour gaming experinence. IE I didn’t buy Mass Effect when it came out for console, but bought it when it shipped to PC.
    If LA wishes their game to be played exclusively on consoles its their call I’m not gona buy it.

  • ik want a PC version :'(

  • LordLight:

    Te notion that console games can’t be pirated is completly incorrect i have seen(not used)so many ways of console poting so if thath’s their excuse it’s lame.

  • Defiant:

    If game companies are refusing to release games on pc. I dont see any reason to run windows anymore. Which is the only reason i have windows installed, to play games. but i guess microsoft rather us buy an xbox.

  • Athon:

    Fortunally this game got a lot of bad reviews!
    I’ll never buy a console to play just one game… This is a strategy, this is an agreement with microsoft and sony! You were bought and forgot that Lucas Arts actually is a great company just because of us, PC gamers.

    Ok, we love star wars universe, you know that… But everything has a limit!

  • Wolv:

    Quite frankly the man is talking through his backside. A monster pc? Please! Far Cry 2? Crysis? They work great on my machine and i’s by no means top end! It’s just an excuse in my view, is someone trying to boost their machine sales? A single game ain’t gonna persuade me to buy a console again.

    I aways find Console games too linear anyway so I’ll just live without Force Unleashed thanks.

  • Sigma:

    This is totally stupid i reckon … “The PC specs wont be able to deliver the physics…”, WTH !!! How hard is it for a PC to run this game when a Nintendo DS can ….

    Alot of PCs these days can run just about about any game, even if its set at low end graphics…

    These ppl are out of their minds !! >.>

  • Troy:

    Seriously, box it up ship it and set a min requirements, people will do what weve had to do for new games weve wanted to play for many of years, and thats buy new hardware. When companies start to wise up and realize that world wide PC gamers are your prime market, MMO’s and RPG games are solidly played on one main platform. Cult classics are also heavily played on PC. The sit and play consoles dont compare to trully getting the right mix that is PC gaming, its where it began, and where it will continue as consoles come and go. PC’s are a lot more versatile and should not be shunned when they are the very thing that got so many gaming companies sitting pretty on a pile of cash.

  • Jia Wei:

    Seriously, why are they making these excuses… Do you see Rockstar make any excuses on GTA IV. I mean its a bit late compared to XBox or PS3. But at least they try and sell it out as fast as they can right? I don’t even think they’re trying. And I agree. That those consoles with the big green X etc all started with the PC. Without PCs, where would the consoles be? I’ve been playing Far Cry 2 and you know what? My PC is not even the fastest or the best PC you may ever see. And it works fine. I also have Assasin’s Creed and look I finished the game with nothing wrong. So why can’t it be out on PC? This is just lame, man. Freaking lame.

  • Wharmaster:

    Sad. My son just got this game for the Nintendo DS last night. Can’t do it on a pc, but can port it to the little DS??

    Lucas Arts can kiss my ass. PC gamers BUILT you. You would not exist without us, and you toss us to the curb with lame excuses.

    Welcome to my boycott list.

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