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GameTrailers: The Pressure Unleashed XBOX360 Review…

As the release of The Pressure Unleashed will get closer and a few of the popular gaming sites and magazines get hold of the overall game, increasingly more reviews come flying in. Regrettably, many of these comments are giving a reasonable to mediocre review.

GamerTrailers.com lately sent forth, their overview of The Pressure Unleashed, and to tell the truth, it wasn’t an excellent one. Overall, they ranked The Pressure Unleashed, a minimal and acceptable 6.9 from 10.

They’re saying that you will find numerous bugs and glitches within the retail version, and so i suspect LucasArts is going to be delivering some patches for the overall game over time.

Take a look at what they’ve to state below:

Also, make sure to search for a great review from TheForce.internet.

Some highlights in the review:

“Kicking someone’s ass using the Pressure”

This is exactly what LucasArts guaranteed gamers would have the ability to do within this game, and boy, did they deliver! Using the full abilities from the Havok physics engine, LucasArts has ramped up with a set of new behavior technologies. Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) material programming enables the physical objects in the overall game to do something much like they’d within the real life: glass shatters, wood splinters, metal rends…it’s a classic realistic experience roaming through the overall game. Using the excitement behavior-simulator engine gives existence all the figures in the overall game, developing a different reaction not just every time you encounter them, but additionally every time you play the overall game. What’s more, the overall game differs every time you play…not just because of the moves you are making, but the responses from the figures you encounter.

Playing “The Pressure Unleashed”

The game play is fairly smooth. the storyline does lead you through the nose with the levels, while you progress throughouteach world not only hunting down the Jedi, but also wiping out every “witness” as well. Plus, there are a number of hidden holocrons throughout, which will either give you temporary power boosts (Sith holocrons) or help unlock extra bonuses (Jedi holocrons). The camera stays behind you, and you can control it pretty easily so, if you are like me, you can look around each world and admire the scenery, scoping out your next victim. There’s a handy map that helps guide you, since it’s pretty easy to get lost while exploring (especially on Felucia or Kashyyyk).

So is it worth the wait?
Absolutely! This may be a new chapter in the Star Wars saga, but it totally feels right at home with the movies. As mentioned above, the delays have helped built the excitement for the game’s release, and The Force Unleashed really delivers on what LucasArts has been promising…you really CAN “kick someone’s ass with the Force!”

There’s some humor in here as well, through the character of PROXY, a droid who acts as a walking talking databank, providing you with background info in the game, as well as your guide through the training missions. Since PROXY has been programmed to train you by trying to kill you, there’s an interesting relationship here.

Check out the full review here!

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