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Force Unleashed Game Glitch/Freeze on XBOX 360 + Location of the Black Lightsaber…

A bunch of people have been having problems with The Force Unleashed for the XBOX 360. The problem consists of having inserted the disk into the XBOX and Force Unleashed Game Glitch/Freeze on XBOX 360 + Location of the Black Lightsaber… SPINFM_NOSPIN_SEP having it freeze on the green loading screen. Thanks to one of my forum members, the solution is as follows:

Hard Drive Cache Cleaning

Check to see if any accessories are causing the problem

Turn your console off, and then remove all the accessories that are attached, including the Xbox Hard Drive. Turn the console on to see whether the problem still occurs.

• If the problem does not occur when the Xbox Hard Drive is disconnected, try clearing the Xbox 360 Hard Drive cache. To clear the Xbox 360 Hard Drive cache, follow these steps:

1. Re-attach the Xbox Hard Drive.
2. Locate the System section of the Xbox 360 Dashboard.
3. Select Memory, select Hard Drive, and then press Y to view the device options screen.
4. On the Xbox 360 Controller, press the X button, press the X button again, press the left bumper, press the right bumper, press the X button, and then press the X button again.
5. You will be prompted to confirm system maintenance. Select Yes by pressing A.

• If this problem occurs when the Xbox Hard Drive is attached, and clearing the hard drive cache did not resolve the issue, create a new gamer profile, and then test to see whether the issue still occurs. If the issue does not occur when you use a new gamer profile, the issue may be related to the original gamer profile or saved game information for one or more games that are associated with the original gamer profile. To verify this, delete the saved games for all games that show this problem for the original gamer profile.

People have been also asking where the location of the Black Lightsaber crystal is. Here is a gameguide video of it’s exact location:

Some members on my forum as well have been having trouble with bringing down the Star Destroyer, if you have any tips or suggestions, please sign up to the forums and post your ideas/tips. Thanks!

26 Responses to “Force Unleashed Game Glitch/Freeze on XBOX 360 + Location of the Black Lightsaber…”

  • TheOne:

    Thanks Man! That freeze was really pissing me! Did the system maintenance and it worked. Thanks again.

  • Steven:

    That isn’t the only glitch. There are about a half dozen other freeze points. I couldn’t even get the game itself to load…. Went to the dashboard then selected the game… black screen.
    It also froze during 3 boss battles.

    And is the shortest game I’ve ever played on any system.

    very pissed. definately not $60 game!!

  • soggybacon5(gamertag):

    Just get really good at taking out the tie fighters quickly….. force grasp the tie fighters .. don’t worry about using the boxes. throw them into eachother. I can usually get lucky by blowing up three at a time. then turn the ship the way you are directed. when the light behind the thumbsticks turns green let go.. this will make the “pull down” direction pop up on the screen sooner.

    just remember to let go of the sticks when it goes green if you try to adjust more it will just take longer to be prompted to pull down.. i did it with only grabing the ship three times.. of course this took me a long time to get the hang of

  • Joe:

    that level is bugged as hell, taking down the destroyer. It just takes a light touch and patience, if you notice when you check the mission objective at least for me it showed *default textnil and even though I grabbed a few holocrons it showed zero and zero points. hopefully that gets fixed in a patch

  • Mike:

    Game wouldn’t even load. The xbox logo would stay up there for an hour, and when i tried to load from the dashbopoard it would just go black. HD system maintenance fixed it instantly

  • Did all of the above and still have problems. Any other suggestions that might get this game to work Lucasarts was no help. And i am on hold with Microsoft.

  • Jackson:

    i heard if you have the demo its a problem and you have to delete but when im at the loading screen after the first cutscene (which i cant skip) it keeps showing me tips and wont load

  • Why……..dont it work i ve done everything ican to fix it.

  • TimFromInternet:

    For Everyone with glitches i havnt gotten in and ive played through it about 4 times now, now laggy spots not one Freeze, nothing and i still have the demo on my xbox soo… it might be that ur sister is a lil beat up i guess not much i can help with unfortunatly

  • Shadowknight1:

    I don’t have these kind of problems with the Wii version, but I do want to know if the black crystal is available in the Wii version?

  • dyffs:

    The disc is new and there is no scratches but after a cut scene it comes up with a message saying “disc unreadable”.
    Checked the disc after and its really clean, and still it has this problem. I also have the problem where it just simply freeeeeezes up on me the same way as the new demo of fracture does!
    I have about 6gb of memmory left so i dont know wat to do!
    AH wasted money on a game that doesnt even work.

  • dyffs:

    oh and i did forget to add that u also tryed moveing the harddrive.

    stil does the same thing so i presume i have a faulty disc

  • Stacey:

    this was so helpful, i took the game back twice thinking it was the disk but unfortunately i cleared out all my saved games and profiles thinking that might be the prob.

  • fokwok:

    This game sucks, i really looked forward to it. there are SO MANY glitches. i fell into a lava pit, but didn’t die, was stuck there and it saved there too so i had to start the level again. when i was fighting darth, he just stopped fighting and did nothing. i couldn’t hit him and so had to start the battle again. i also got stuck UNDERNEATH the floor in another boss fight and couldn’t get out. there were storm troopers just running on the spot not doing anything in the middle of an arena, then two just running into each other and continuously falling down. i got to the end, beat darth, then the screen paused and couldn’t get off it just as the emperor was about to speak, i pressed start and the game ended, causing me to have no choice between taking light or dark side.


  • J.R:

    Jackson im with u..same problem..let me know if u figure it [email protected]

  • ant:

    does anybody know where the black and gold lightsabre crystals r for the wii?

  • Sam:

    This game is a great RENTAL. Not worth half the price of a new PS3 game. Besides it has countless glitches and thrown together character movement and don’t forget the GETTING STUCK ON THE SCENERY. I mean the scenery that should not make you stuck like a stick on the ground or a bump in the wall. I don’t have HD but I don’t think it would do this game any justice.

    And it is WAY too EASY!
    Where is the re-playability?

  • Bob:

    In regards to this post above:

    Joe on September 18th, 2008 12:37 pm …………*default textnil and even though I grabbed a few holocrons it showed zero and zero points. hopefully that gets fixed in a patch

    Is anyone else getting this message and does it still give you credit for completing the objectives even if it does not show anything? PLEASE let me know email [email protected]

  • SteelGod:

    Mine loads fine, was working perfectly but yesterday freezed in Felucia , It freezed when I use attacks with lightsaber so I pass the first part using only Force grasp , no problem until here.
    Then I reach the part where you find many rancors in the way and can’t pass from there.

    I started a new game and it runs perfectly without lags/freezes but it crashes again in that scene.

    PD disc dont have scratches

    🙁 Im pissed , I havent hard drive to perform the cache clearing so I dont know what to do please help.

  • Fantastic!!!! Thanks so much. I was getting a little upset but figured it was something like this. THanks

  • Boyd:

    I also have the freeze problem.. the game loads, I can select New Game, the first video clip plays, but then as soon as it gets to the part where you start playing (i.e. you start out as Vader) it locks up. I went to Wal Mart and got a different copy, cleared the cache, removed HD, tried different gamer profile. NONE of this worked.. still $60 in the hole for a game that locks up EVERY TIME. So far is a really expensive paperwieght… waiting for that first update!!!! Oh yeah and Microsuck couldn’t fix it either.

  • i have the psp version and it rocks. i cant believe how good it looks

  • Sublethal:

    “And it is WAY too EASY!”

    dude are you serious?
    musta been playin on apprentice or somethin

  • SteelGod:

    Oh, I forgot. I havent hard disk so , no idea how to “clear the cache”
    I’ll go to change the game for another new , start new game and see what happens.

  • fasteddy813:

    thanks. i really appreciate someone who knew what they were doing. the freeze was something that made me just want to throw the 360 out my window!

  • Wilson:

    Huh…guess I lucked out on my copy. I’ve never had a single freeze at any point.

    But hay thanks for the black crystal vid, now my arsenal is complete. I think I’m gonna go toss around some jawa’s for a bit.

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