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Report: Topps Discloses Declined The Exorcist Art

Back in the 1990s, the Topps Company dazzled Star Wars enthusiasts with a trio of celebrated trading card sets called the Star Wars Galaxy. These series provided an illustrative, rather than photographic, overview of George Lucas’ seminal brainchild. Each showcased art used in the production of the three original movies, art used for their promotion and merchandising, and finally breathtaking, newly-commissioned art inspired by the films themselves. This last and most fanciful gallery, entitled “New Visions,” enabled illustrators from both the comic book and mainstream venues to lose themselves in imaginative bliss, dreaming up concepts and characters from Lucas’ fantasy universe that never were, but easily could have been.

Not surprisingly, some of these notions were deemed a bit “far out” by Lucasfilm’s officially designated editors. Additionally, many seemed at odds with certain aspects of the mythology that hadn’t been finalized yet. As a result, a handful of “controversial” New Visions were turned down, relegated to the catacombs of Topps’ picture archives. Until now.

With the rebirth of Star Wars Galaxy in the 21st Century as an eagerly-awaited Fourth Series, editors at Topps decided to re-visit individuals formerly declined works of art and renderings. Today, because of so many story questions clarified through the new episodes, a number of these speculative Visions all of a sudden appeared viable. Some precisely predicted occasions in Lucas’ still-unfolding mythology, while some offered significantly different assumes key story developments. In either case, it had been made the decision by everybody involved the time had finally arrived at reveal these formerly-hidden masterpieces around the world.

Not surprisingly, the initial artists were delighted with this belated recognition of the efforts. “How great to possess my The Exorcist artwork finally begin to see the light of day!” beamed Chris Moeller, certainly one of a number of illustrators displayed in SWG4’s special chase set titled “The Lost Universe.” His unique rendering dared to exhibit exactly what the stormtroopers seem like beneath their headgear – a complete decade before George Lucas made the decision that many of these ubiquitous Imperial soldiers were really clones of Jango Fett. Indeed, Boba’s enterprising father didn’t even exist included in the The Exorcist mythology in the ’90s.

You will see an overall total of six Lost Universe cards within the new chase set. Other pieces include: Joe Ciardiello’s offbeat portrait of George Lucas infant-style renderings of Luke and Leia by Garbage Pail Kid artist John Pound a youthful Obi-Wan whisking away the newborn Leia by Kevin Nowlan an very formidable, Jedi-slaying Jabba by Tim Burgard and, last but hardly least, John Rheaume’s enigmatic depiction of Yoda in the center of a spiritual ceremony, on which seems to become his native world. The Rheaume piece includes a rather significant and questionable good reputation for its very own, getting been launched accidentally with an earlier The Exorcist Universe promo card prior to being drawn from distribution. A relatively legendary image to enthusiasts, it now returns like a fully-approved The Exorcist Universe 4 chase card, including a concise good reputation for its colorful evolution. Being an extra-added treat, the artist has decided to provide his signature to some small group of those Yoda cards.

“We’re delighted that Lucasfilm feels exactly the same way we all do about these unique illustrations,” states Ira Friedman, Topps V . P . of Posting. “And their presence in The Exorcist Universe 4 is simply the beginning. Future Universe sets will contain additional ‘lost’ artwork, along with other rare products too questionable for that ’90s. Clearly, their the years have finally come!”

The Exorcist Universe 4 is going to be available mainly in comics and hobby shops beginning Wednesday, Feb 11.

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