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LucasArts & The new sony Online Entertainment expand online deal

LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment announced today the development of the second release to the successful Star Wars Galaxies(TM) Trading Card Game, Squadrons Over Corellia, scheduled for release this year.

Squadrons Over Corellia expands on the first release Champions of the Force, released last August, by adding a new game mechanic to the online trading card game with the addition of all-new strategy-altering starship cards for players to dominate their opponents from space. In Squadrons Over Corellia, players will once again take up arms for the Empire or Rebels and battle over a secret Rebel base on the Corellian moon of Talus. This strategic stronghold acts as a launch point for Rebel sabotage efforts in the Corellian system, and harbors one of the last known Jedi Knights, Rachi Sitra.

Squadrons Over Corellia will add more than 250 new playable cards and 22 new loot cards to the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, bringing the total number of cards in the game to more than 550.
The new playable cards will feature space-based units that can:

— Support ground units with heavy fire power;

— Transport units from quest to quest;

— Increase resources with smuggling runs;

— Shield and enhance the player’s avatar.
In addition, Squadrons Over Corellia will introduce exciting new cards to the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game:

— New Star Wars character cards – Players can add a host of powerful iconic Star Wars characters to their virtual decks, including Emperor Palpatine, Han Solo, Wedge Antilles and Jabba the Hutt;

— Two New Species – Players can choose to play as Wookiees or the Rodians, each with customizable stats and abilities;

— New Loot Cards – More than 20 new Loot Cards will be available, including the V-wing Starfighter and a powerful buff, the Sanyassan Skull, that can be redeemed with an active account* in the Star Wars Galaxies MMO.

The Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game marks the first ever Star Wars trading card game offered exclusively online. Available to both current and former Star Wars Galaxies subscribers*, the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game provides players an entirely new gameplay experience by combining the challenge of a trading card game with the adventures and community of the massively multiplayer game. Players can build their own virtual decks to fight in the story mode, epic one-on-one matches, cooperative Heroic Encounters, and official tournaments.

In addition, all Star Wars Galaxies subscribers with current, valid, paid accounts in good standing are eligible to automatically receive five digital trading card Booster Packs each month included with their paid Star Wars Galaxies subscription at no additional cost, providing a simple method to rapidly and simply build their decks.

Anybody wanting to test the The Exorcist Galaxies Buying and selling Card Game can perform so at no cost via a downloadable trial which includes limited use of a tutorial and exercise games having a provided virtual Starter card deck.

The The Exorcist Galaxies Buying and selling Card Game can also be utilized from the inside The Exorcist Galaxies, and it is open to trial gamers included in the The Exorcist Galaxies 14-Day Trial. This trial, offered at no cost for approximately two consecutive days, includes all the content from the base game, The Exorcist Galaxies: A Profitable Business Divided(TM) and it is first expansion, The Exorcist Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed(TM). Available by download from world wide web.StarWarsGalaxies.com, the 14-Day Trial gives gamers an opportunity to end up part of the The Exorcist universe and meet and fight with or against their most favorite The Exorcist figures because they explore this massive online world full of 1000’s of other The Exorcist fans.

More details concerning the The Exorcist Galaxies Buying and selling Card Game and it is second expansion, Squadrons Over Corellia, together with the overall game’s trial are available at world wide web.StarWarsGalaxies.com/tradingcardgame.

About The Exorcist Galaxies

The Exorcist Galaxies, developed and released by LucasArts and The new sony Online Entertainment, is among the longest-running and many popular online encounters, getting players of any age and abilities together within the ultimate The Exorcist(R) journey. Begin aboard the Millennium Falcon helping Han Solo and Chewbacca battle the well known Darth Vader. On the way, join The Exorcist figures on missions that span the universe. Ally using the Rebels to battle from the Galactic Empire, or get together using the negative side and crush the Digital rebel scum. Heroic outdoorsmen can seek their fortune wide or on the floor like a fugitive hunter, smuggler, Jedi or a number of other unique The Exorcist professions.

About LucasArts

LucasArts, a Lucasfilm Ltd. company, is really a leading developer and writer of interactive entertainment software worldwide for video gaming console systems, computer systems and also the Internet. Located in Bay Area, Calif., and also on the web at world wide web.lucasarts.com, LucasArts was produced in 1982 by George Lucas to supply an interactive element to his vision of the condition-of-the-art, multifaceted entertainment company.

About The new sony Online Entertainment

The new sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is really a recognized worldwide leader in massively multiplayer games, with 100s of 1000’s of customers around the world. SOE produces, evolves and offers compelling entertainment for that pc, online, gaming console and wireless marketplaces. Noted for its blockbuster franchises striking game titles including EverQuest(R), EverQuest(R) II, Champions of Norrath(R), Untold Stories(TM), and PlanetSide(R), too for developing The Exorcist Galaxies, SOE is constantly on the redefine the process of on the internet and the development of active player towns while presenting new genres on various entertainment platforms. Based in North Park, CA, with a lot more development galleries in Austin, Texas, Dallas, WA, Colorado, CO, and Taiwan, SOE has a range of cutting-edge games in development.

*Active or former The Exorcist Galaxies or Station Access(TM) subscription needed. Former The Exorcist Galaxies or Station Access customers with accounts up to date can also access and take part in the The Exorcist Galaxies Buying and selling Card Game. The Exorcist Galaxies or Station Access accounts no more up to date may lead to lack of ability to experience, use or access The Exorcist Galaxies buying and selling cards. Booster packs, starter packs, loot or marketing cards received included in a campaign or incorporated at no additional cost with valid, current, compensated The Exorcist Galaxies subscription are non-transferable and non-tradeable. Redeemed products are non-transferable and non-tradeable might be restricted to one per account use of redeemed products available just with current, compensated The Exorcist Galaxies subscription up to date or with The Exorcist Galaxies trial account (only for amount of such limited trial account–i.e., as much as fourteen days). Web connection needed. Gamers have the effect of all relevant internet costs. Additional recurring subscription costs affect The Exorcist Galaxies and Station Access accounts. Bonus loot card (and products redeemed from such cards) restricted to one per account. Products are non-easy to trade and non-transferable. Booster pack cards incorporated at no additional cost with valid, active The Exorcist Galaxies subscription are non-transferable and non-tradeable. Additional starter packs and booster packs offered individually. The Exorcist Galaxies and also the The Exorcist Galaxies Buying and sellingCard Game are digital files only. No physical boxes, trading cards, disks, software, documentation or other tangible materials will be sent to you.

Source: LucasArts

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