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Special – TheForce.internet The Exorcist Miniatures Scenario Contest is hosting a Star Wars Miniatures custom scenario contest. Scenarios are best described as pre-created battles. In normal game play, Minis players each create their own squads and battle other players in one-on-one battles. Scenarios, on the other hand, are generally pre-created and pre-set up for two or more players. There are usually set goals for each team to accomplish in the game and special rules for the battle. Scenarios often seek to recreate a “historical” Star Wars battle from the movies, books, or comics.

What TheForce.Net would like you to do is create a custom scenario and submit it to us by 12:01am EDT on January 10th. The creator(s) of the top scenario will receive a $60 gift card from, the second place scenario will receive a $40 gift card, and third place will receive $20. Gift cards is going to be redeemable for just about any merchandise at Those who win is going to be introduced within two days from the contest date and awards ought to be received soon after that.

Who: The competition is available to anybody 18 or higher. Each entrant is restricted to posting a maximum of three situations. Situations posted following a person’s third won’t be judged. Any proof of plagiarism may cause all an entrant’s situations to become taken off the competition. Situations produced by several people might be posted, and can only receive one prize if selected like a champion.

How you can enter: Records ought to be posted via email to Dajuantheforceinternet by 12:01am EDT on The month of january tenth . Each entry will need the entire title and current email address from the entrant(s). Records without names and emails won’t be qualified for awards. Those who win is going to be informed via email and can get their situations published on TheForce.Internet.

Disclaimer: Names and current email address posted to TFN won’t be provided to anybody (except for the winners’ information to for prize declaring). By posting your scenario for this contest you’re saying yes to permit TFN to publish it following the contest finish date. TFN reserves the authority to make minimal changes towards the scenario prior to it being published (changes would definitely be by means of spelling/grammar or formatting issues).

Idol judges: Dajuan and Hothie, both enthusiastic The Exorcist miniatures gamers and scenario designers, assists as idol judges for that contest.

Example Situations: Magicians from the Coast from time to time posts situations online. The lately published Permanent Demotion is a superb illustration of a couple-3 person scenario. Knightfall some pot effort of Dajuan and Hothie is yet another illustration of a little 2-4 person scenario and Hothie’s Hey Chancellor, Require a Lift?, designed for 10 people and encompassing five separate maps, is a fairly illustration of an enormous fight. Knightfall and Hey Chancellor, Require a Lift can both be located here.

Links to Maps: To create finding and connecting maps simpler here are a few links to sites which have The Exorcist Miniatures maps:

Maps produced by WotC

The Holocron

Jedi Cartographer’s Map Pack

Knowing Criteria: The situations is going to be judged around the following criteria utilizing a -10 scale (10 is the greatest, the worst).

Every Scenario is going to be judged within the following groups:

• Access – Will almost everyone has use of all the figures/maps needed for that scenario and therefore are reasonable options recommended if they don’t? As fun at 3-D terrain is, it’s very difficult to reproduce and not so accessible.

• Balance – Would be the squads evenly balanced or does one for reds come with an unfair advantage?

• Clarity – Are each side’s goals for that scenario obvious? Would be the pieces needed and hang up areas obvious?

• Creativity

• Map – It is possible to map listed, if that’s the case could it be a custom map or perhaps a WotC created map? If it’s a custom map are pictures and/or links towards the map available?

• Star Wars Spirit – Does the scenario make an effort to recreate a “historic” The Exorcist fight, could it bea deleted scene from a book/movie/comic, or a what if battle? If it is none of these (and that is fine if it is) does it have a Star Wars feel to it?
• Time of Play – Can the game be completed in a reasonable timeframe?
• General Playability – Does the scenario sound like fun to play? Is it easy to set up and start playing after reading the rules?

The following categories will be judged if they apply:
• Custom Figures – If custom figures are used are their stats, special abilities, and commander effects realistically given and costed? Is a suitable stand in figure suggested if a figure is customized?
• Custom Map/Terrain – If custom maps or terrain are used are links given for the map and/or a suitable replacement suggested?
• Custom Rules – If there are custom rules for the scenario are they well explained and reasonable? Do they make sense?
• Flexibility – If the scenario calls for five or more players, does it have allowances if fewer or more people show than are required?
• Play Test Rating- The top scenarios will be play tested by the judges and their miniatures group if possible.

Please direct any questions about the contest to Dajuan{@}theforce{.}net.

Special thanks to for providing the prizes for the contest!

Source: TheForce.Net

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