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Opinion: Impressions From The New $10 Level For The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed

For $10 you can now download and play a new level of “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.”

It was, as “The Force Unleashed” project lead, Haden Blackman, said in October, highly destructive. It distinguishes itself from the original levels of “Force Unleashed” by the amount of breakable, toss-able, and combustible stuff which your Jedi-on-steroids can crunch, crash and crush.

The new DLC level is set in the Jedi Temple on the plant of Coruscant during a moment wedged between levels of the original “Force Unleashed” game. The playable protagonist, the Dark Apprentice, has come to the Jedi Temple to learn his past. Mostly, though, he spends his time violently deactivating droids and killing stormtroopers with hurricane intensity.

side comment: Even LucasArts appears to acknowledge with the inclusion of new character skins that the Jedi Temple level isn’t worth the full $10.

Blackman had stated that it wasn’t old content kept from the paying consumers of the disc-based game. The new level was created after the completion of that disc-based game, so he assured that it would benefit from his development team’s experience on the core project.

A key learning was that the original game was balanced in a way that unintentionally encouraged players to neglect using all of their Force powers except lightning and primarily fight with a lightsaber combos. This new Jedi Temple returns the Force powers — primarily the ability to lift object and hurl them — to the lead weapon in the player’s arsenal. There are not many rooms in the Jedi Temple, but those that the player enters are full of large statues, explosive vases and massive models of planetary systems begging to be turned into bowling big chunks of rock. There’s plenty of stuff to check on.

Which means you go into the Temple. You fight a great deal. You tear in the scenery a great deal. You will find a couple of puzzles, a lot more than were within the entire original game. It’s good fun. But memory joggers of unfixed “Force Unleashed” defects do surface.

Your camera can continue to frustrate. And using the Pressure to complete apparently simple things — like lifting huge door from the entrance so that you can cope with it without having to be shot to dying — don’t always work without additional fiddling from the controller.

The amount requires a full hour to experience the very first time (around the second difficulty level, a minimum of) since it could possibly get hard. You will find lots of opponents to battle and a minimum of one tough restart checkpoint. Regrettably, this bonus adventure finishes abruptly, clipping its very own little story. It’s strange, since the original game so fantastically and completely shipped its very own tale.

Your hero is slightly different within the DLC. Gamers customize the outfit for that Dark Apprentice within this level. Despite Blackman saying the designers would pressure gamers to re-spec their character on your own, you need to do appear to become having fun with the smoothness whose forces you upgraded within the core game. You’re given added Pressure points to invest on upgrades you might not have purchased yet, but you will find no new forces.

For his or her $10 gamers will even receive additional skins for his or her character, permitting cosmetic switches to many figures, including Samuel Jackson Jedi Mace Windu.

May be the “Jedi Temple” well worth the money? The need for downloadable submissions are difficult to judge. Would you calculate in line with the time that it takes to experience it? Through the graphics? Through the price of going through an improvement team’s first learnings from making the overall game they’d just completed? Through the pleasure of there being new things to experience of a game title you beat two several weeks ago?

+++The Jedi Temple level may be the first offering of the items is a season of game-growing downloadable content released for major 2008 game titles within the next couple of several weeks. Next are new levels or modes for “Tomb Raider,” “Mirror’s Edge,” “Fallout 3,” “Fable II,” “Burnout Paradise” and “Grand Thievery Auto IV“.+++

DLC Screenshot (1)

DLC Screenshot (1)

Credit: Stephen Totilo

DLC Screenshot (2)

DLC Screenshot (2)

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