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Segway inventor – makes The Exorcist-inspired prosthetic arm for amputee soldiers

Rockville Center, New York-native Dean Kamen has changed countless lives.

He invented the Segway. He founded FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) for high school students. His latest project: a revolutionary prosthetic arm.

The “Luke Arm,” named for Luke Skywalker’s prosthetic hand from Star Wars, is a strap-on prosthetic arm invented by DEKA, Kamen’s research firm. It is changing the face of prosthetics.

Kamen was approached by the Department of Defense in 2005 to create an improved prosthetic arm for amputee soldiers, according to Newsweek.

Most prosthetic arms available did not offer fine motor control, opposable thumbs, along with other key features that will make sure they are a lot more like a genuine arm. These prosthetics were a lot more like “a hook in the finish of the plastic tube,” Kamen recalls the department official telling him.

The department wanted the enhanced prosthetic arm in just 2 yrs. Kamen required around the challenge.

“This switched to be an remarkable chance to complete some remarkable technology,” Kamen recounted in Newsweek.

How right he was.

Using the Luke Arm, amputee soldiers convey more function and suppleness than in the past. The Luke Arm uses “targeted reinnervation,” introduced by Dr. Todd Kuiken, which attaches to some persons nerves and decodes signals the nerves send.

Now, all an individual needs to do is consider a movement – let’s say grabbing a magazine. This thought will be sending signals towards the nerve, and so the arm will move.

Whenever you take a look at these kids, it’s as if you provide them with back their existence,” Kuiken told Newsweek.

The Government’s Defense Advanced Studies Agency has committed $50 million to making ever better prosthetics, based on Newsweek.

Dean Kamen: Segway

Dean Kamen: Segway

Source: NY Daily News

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