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Game: The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed (N-Gage)

N-Gage-1Been disappointed by Star Wars games in the past? We find your lack of faith in the force rather disturbing, because this one’s a cracker.

From the moment the theme music kicks and the titles roll slowly up screen, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is true to the real Star Wars – and by that we mean anything from Episode IV onwards. Sure, the music is a little tinny and the characters are poorly sketched but the atmosphere and action are superb.

As an apprentice to Darth Vadar at his most wicked, your mission starts with you slaughtering a Jedi Knight – plus a host of Imperial witnesses lest the Emperor get wind of Vadar’s machinations. The weapons at your disposal are your trusty light sabre (no skimping on the sound effects here, fortunately) and several handy Pressure capabilities. Included in this are chucking stuff around, healing yourself and also the ever-helpful mind trick: apparently, this is actually the mobile The Exorcist game you have been awaiting.

The Pressure Unleashed uses a cutting-edge system known as CellWeaver that needs you to definitely ‘weave’ designs on the three-by-three power grid while using control button or number secrets. Effectively develop a pattern and you may deploy an offensive energy or block a panic attack. It may sound complicated however, you soon get it, with skimming your thumb round the control button feeling as near to waving an easy sabre as you’re prone to jump on a cell phone.

Should you not fancy the storyline mode, you are able to revisit unlocked Sections or simply have a kill fest in Survival Fight, where you’ll keep getting baddies, er, we mean treats, tossed against you before you die.

There’s lots of enjoy within the Pressure Unleashed, from lovingly crafted cut moments with a great battles in familiar (and never so familiar) locations. We’re pleased to are convinced that the Pressure is definitely strong in that one.


Cost: £8

Rating: 12+

Size: 22MB

Download: N-Gage





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