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Archive for March, 2009

Live Action The Exorcist Television Show Nearer To Reality


A live action Star Wars television series has been talked about since 2005 when George Lucas first mentioned the show and the Clone War animated series while doing promotion for Star Wars Episode III Revenge from the Sith.

Lucas and several authors began writing scripts for that 100 episode series way in 2007, however comes the very first news that casting for that series is going ahead.

MTV spoken with The Exorcist bit part actress Rose Byrne in the Knowing press junket and she or he stated:

“A large amount of my buddies happen to be who audition for it”

While it isn’t a great deal to take it will look that Lucas will once more release the pressure once again.

Like a huge The Exorcist fan (I’ve no clue the number of Dvd disks and VHS copies I own) I must admit which i haven’t viewed the final animated movie or it’s television counterpart. It’s animation – I simply don’t get animation.

However, I might just get excited with a live action series – if it is done correctly. Television is really a new frontier for narrative story telling and that i believe that if Lucas is promoting the series properly then maybe it’s a good show.

I understand there a great deal of Lucas haters available who believe that he’s milked the The Exorcist cash cow for those it’s worth, however i think that we must give this series an opportunity – allows see some previews before we party it.

Don’t anticipate seeing any familiar faces within the show – it’sdue to be set in the 20 years between Episode III and Episode IV but with no major character making an appearance.

If Lucas is only casting at the moment I’d say that the show is probably another two or three years away due to the technical effects and because I’d imagine that they’d want a few episodes in the can before they premiere on television.

Screen Rant will have more news on the live action Star Wars series when we get it.

– Rumor – : The Exorcist Battlefront III ‘not presently’ at Pandemic


Despite the rumor to the contrary, it appears that The Exorcist: Battlefront III isn’t in development at Pandemic, the studio accountable for the very first two games. Just a week ago an worker from Rebellion — where Battlefront III development moved after its initial stint at Toxin — apparently mentioned that development had moved to Pandemic. Based on Mathew Everett, community manager at Pandemic, the overall game “is not presently” using the studio. He added that only LucasArts knows the fate from the title at this time.

Based on your perspective, what is the news will be an terrible blow or perhaps a tremendous relief (unless of course you’rejust middlin’, of course). Given the popularity of the most recent Star Wars title, The Force Unleashed, we imagine Battlefront III will find a home somewhere. Here’s hoping Jabba is finally playable.

Pressure Unleashed: Fun but problematic


Definitely a step in the correct direction for LucasArts, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed represents what is both right and wrong with gaming today. It features a relatively unique style of play, as well as a sort of new perspective on the creation of the rebellion in Star Wars.

It fits into a 3rd-person fighting game in the vein of God of War or Devil May Cry, as far as you play one strong, powerful individual against hordes of hapless foes. That, however, is where the comparison ends, because, as awesome as Kratos was, he couldn’t pluck TIE Fighters out of space and drop them on stormtroopers.
You play as Galen Marek, the secret apprentice to Darth Vader code-named ‘Starkiller.’ Vader finds out him, a pressure-gifted youthful child, after hunting and killing his Jedi father throughout a game play sequence in which you really play because the Dark The almighty, playing around Kashyyk and pressure choking Wookies. Then Starkiller is trained at nighttime side from the Pressure to kill Jedi, and finally, based on Vader, overthrow the Emporer with him. Naturally, there’s unfaithfulness, brutality, and confusing emotion (similar to other The Exorcist choices) through the story.

The storyline takes becoming accustomed to, as odd as that sounds. Most folks enter into the overall game expecting Starkiller to become this incredibly stoic, cruel tough guy like Kratos, but he seems to possess motivation and drive beyond envy and bloody-minded brutality. This may alienate some people expecting otherwise, however the character does fit half way decent after one will get accustomed to it. From time to time the dialogue will get awkward using the new The Exorcist trademark of forced humor, however the instances are pretty rare.

The game play is effective and also the mechanics are fluid and intuitive. The Pressure forces you acquire throughout are as enjoyable because they are brutal, there really just isn’t anything like tapping a control button to lift another then hurl him in to the stratosphere. Obviously, some aspects allow it to be really suck. For example once the character will get knocked over by a rival. Another people you’re fighting surround you when you loll on the floor counting the heavens around your mind and pummel you right into a gooey paste. This especially occur in boss fights, and you’ll simply lose before you decide to realize you’ve been knocked over.

A couple of design options aren’t always the finest, either. It appeared hard to contemplate a predicament where tugging a Star Destroyer from atmosphere right into a planet could be not awesome, but Pressure Unleashed found a method to muck up. Rather than only a cutscene, one enters a kind of ‘boss fight.’ Swarms of TIEs come to you, that you’ve to meticulously destroy. Then you definitely must make use of the thumbsticks to correctly align the nose from the warship before entering a pull-lower sequence. It transmits another flock of TIEs. Whileyou fight them, its nose tilts to the side again, and you have to re-align it before pulling again. You have to do this around four or five times, and it gets really frustrating.

Overall, however, in spite of bad design choices and other frustrating issues, Force Unleashed fits a niche very similar to Assassin’s Creed: it’s got its flaws and frustrations, but the overall experience is still very fun with plenty of unique things to make it worth a playthrough or two.

Zombieville USA, The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed get free, lite versions within the AppStore


Two popular iPhone games, Zombieville USA and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, got the free, lite versions in the AppStore. And while we see this as a good thing — now when every iPhone/iPod Touch user will be able to try these games out before spending some money — I must say I was disappointed with both titles. The problem is that both demo versions are super short. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the The Exorcist demo level as well as less for that Zombieville USA. However, I have to be fair to include that both games appear quite entertaining which I’ll most likely push the button and get full versions. Still, despite the fact that we’re speaking about “lite” versions, Used to do anticipate seeing something that may be performed not less than fifteen minutes. By doing this it’s kinda absurd. Sure the concept is to earn money and push free version downloaders into purchasing full-blown applications, but folks – provide us with a little bit more (like 2 more levels) and we’ll adore you much more. Individuals who shouldn’t purchase your games, won’t purchase them even when you provided 3 free levels, and showing some respect towards the regular folks, that we feel are most apple iphone customers, might be certainly advantageous over time.

Here’s a hyperlink towards the free Zombieville USA version and here’s the hyperlink to free Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.