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Archive for April, 2010

The Pressure Unleashed 2 Trailer

The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed 2 Will get First Particulars

A French magazine is first out of the gate with preview details about the sequel to the story of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, Starkiller. And this time around, he’s a clone.

Having seen the teaser trailer for The Exorcist: The Pressure Unleashed 2, you might be thinking to yourself, being an enthusiastic consumer of other nutritional foods The Exorcist, “But wait, (SPOILER) didn’t the protagonist from the Pressure Unleashed, Starkiller, die in the finish of the overall game?” And also you’d be right.

However in the The Exorcist world, dead people could be cloned to existence, also it seems like having a vengeance. With the damaged British from the translation in the French site, it may be deciphered that SW:TFU2 will feature less, more effective opponents with “better defined attacks”.

The Exorcist: Pressure Unleashed 2 Looks “Phenomenal”

We haven’t heard much in the The Exorcist: Pressure Unleashed 2 camping since December when LucasArts revealed the teaser trailer that made you need to pull out the sunshine-saber and own a legendary rancor. We now have another update, just a little behind the curtain assurance to remain searching toward the title.

Boss of LucasArts, Darrell Rodriguez, spoken with MCV concerning the game’s development progress:

“The progress our internal team makes in the Pressure Unleashed to the DLC, then towards the Sith Edition which packed it into one disc, and today The Pressure Unleashed 2 – well, it’s phenomenal. It appears great and plays well.”

Rodriguez also recapped the prosperity of the very first The Exorcist:Force Unleashed, stating the title sold over seven million copies and that he’s optimistic the fan base will come back for the next installment.

I will say that I am part of that fan base, and that I am eager to delve into the sequel. The teaser trailer made me break out the disc and use the Force again, but I could definitely use some new environments, storyline and mechanics.

Are you excited for the next Star Wars: Force Unleashed?