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Teaser Motion picture of Boba Fett in Pressure Unleashed 2 Unleashed Launched..

Last week at ComicCon, LucasArts revealed that Boba Fett would be taking his backpack with jets to the consoles again and play a role in the upcoming Force Unleashed 2- much the the joy of pretty much everyone everywhere ever. Now those of us who weren’t lucky enough to get our pale, scrawny bodies through the doors of ComicCon this year can gaze our unwashed eyes upon the glory of the galaxy’s best bounty hunter (as long as we ignore all the times he fails) in next-gen form.

While his full role has not yet been defined, the overall game doesn’t emerge until October 26th so LucasArts wouldn’t wish to shoot their marketing laser off so early, it’s still quite exciting to determine. I loved the very first game, although felt it had been a little underwhelming, however i am certainly looking forward to being stalked with the world by Boba Fett themself- and stalked I will be, because the one factor that’s been revealed is the fact that Fett has had on an essential bounty in the behest of Darth Vader. One which will in all probability cause him to some direct, and hopefully plot relevant rather than just crowbarred in, connection with Starkiller and the midichlorians.

Basically needed to wager how which will go, I’d convey a couple of hundred credits on “something gets inflated using the Force” rather than my usual wager from the Knicks.

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