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Quick Links:

  • Difficulties
  • Force Talents
  • Apprentice: This is the easiest difficulty, although being careless on middle and later stages will get your character killed. If you doubt IGN’s word, decline to upgrade your character and fight your way through to the final stage on this mode. A pair of Imperial Purge Troopers and an Imperial Scout/Sniper (or a pair of Jump Troopers) will wipe that fat sneer off your face.

    Only when you increase Starkiller’s talents and proficiencies past the second level of mastery will you find this difficulty “far too easy”. Remember the most important two lessons about a game’s difficulty level: (1) it is there for a reason (for you to get accustomed to an unfamiliar or new game), and (2) it often serves as a method of character building early on, so you can face more deadly challenges of harder difficulties. Anyone who brags otherwise is a lying scumbag.

    Sith Warrior: This is the default difficulty setting — provided that your character has at least one level of mastery in all powers, combos, and talents (and in some cases, two levels of mastery). You can change the difficulty mid-way through the game by accessing the Options menu.

    Sith Master: This is the equivalent of hard and is mainly for players who have a developed character (level 2 and level 3 masteries). Unless it is your second time through the game (when you have unlocked all of your chief Force Powers like Lightning, Repulse, Saber Throw, and Shock Shield). You are not expected to survive any encounter, no matter how minor.

    Sith Lord: This is the most difficult setting, unlocked after you’ve beaten the game’s story mode once. Even characters with maximum proficiency (all skills and stuff mastered at level 3) will have a challenge getting through. The key is to zip through the stage as quickly as possible — avoid contact and preserve your character’s life. Remember the goal is to reach the end (the stage boss) with as much life as possible, so your thinking should be akin to a speed run instead of a slow steady advance.

    Source: IGN

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