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Force Talents

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  • Difficulties
  • Force Talents
  • Force Talents, unlike powers, are innate skills that are always active (automatic on). Talents are akin to the stat boosts in pen and paper games, increasing attack strength, defensive measure, and vitality.

    Properly assigned, talents will make your character far tougher than what the designers intended. Focus on the less important talents and you will have a tougher time than bulls-eyeing wamp rats on Tatooine.

    Fortitude: This is a handy talent. It increases Starkiller’s life bar measurably. It works best if you improve it with the recovery talent, so you will always get back a heckuva lotta life each time some wiener bad guy drops dead.

    Vitality: This increases the life recovered from green orbs. This is naturally helpful (and on the harder difficulties mandatory) since your character wants to recover as much life as possible from each enemy killed. If you’ve increased the amount of vitality Starkiller can possess, this talent similarly allows you to recover the same ratio of life you’re used to when the meter was shorter.

    Resilience: This talent reduces the damage Starkiller takes from each enemy hit and bolt. You will see a substantial improvement in his survivability once you’ve increased this talent to its maximum potency.

    Defense Mastery: Although it seems you won’t need this skill early on, you will want to spare 6 yellow orbs to increase this ability to its maximum. When blaster bolts come in thick and fast from several directions, this is possibly the only ability you can rely on to survive to find cover. Note that the Purge Trooper’s missiles, Jump Trooper’s grenades, and Scout trooper’s sniper rifles will not be affected by this talent.

    Force Talents: Affinity, Focus and Battle Meditation should be increased slowly (although at rank 1 they are already pretty handy). Increase these three skills (Focus and Affinity first) to the maximum in order to let your Force Lightning do all the talking at those anti-Empire protests headed by those dastardly rebellious Republicans.

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