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11 Responses to “Polls”

  • Seth:

    This needs to be for the Wii. PERIOD!!! Think about how fun it would to have the power of the force in your hands! (game wise speaking)

  • Leeroy:

    i agree so much, the force unleashed NEEDS to be on the wii, i have a wii and i want this game so bad.

  • Jacobo:

    I agree, Wii needs a saber game. I don’t have a Wii (yet), but it’s just the basic concept of it all! The Wii-mote is PERFECT for the role of a lightsaber hilt, and if used right the numchuck could even be a second one, or a force power target thing. I don’t know if Force Unleashed should be only for the Wii, seeing as it’s already in production and is third person. I figure something like Red Steel, but not sucky, and more accurate to the movements of the Wii-mote. And of course placed somewhere in like the Sith Wars or the Old Republic times when there were ALOT of Sith to fight!

  • only thing i care about is the powers please please dont let there be a limit to your powers, i hate having to wait for a power meter to go up n use my powers, jus let there be unlimmited use of their powers, if there is a limit please make a cheat code to stop it please!!!!!!!!

  • Chances are, there will be a limit on your force powers. The game would probably be too easy if there wasn’t.

  • still please let there be no limit of power use, it’s just not cool

  • is this game going to be up to 4 players?

  • Tom:

    Ye the game would be cool on the wii but i think should leave it. i havnt got a wii but if a game came out wher eit was all about using your lightsaber id get it straight away other than im stikin with getting force unleashe don ma 360 😀

  • Al:

    Guys no offense or anything but a lightsaber game for the wii is pretty gay. dont you think. Just swinging that controler around. thats a little embaresing

  • What’s the deal with the different color names? There’s a blue and black. Yes I do also agree it should be on the Wii. I mean think about it for a second. If you were a gamer, and you had a chance to swing a lightsaber, and actually kill someone, wouldn’t that be so cool? I’m also a BIG fan of cheat codes. When I beat the game, I also like to try to beat the game again, only with cheats. Cheats give me a whole new reason to play the game again. The only game I play again is KOTOR. Because the story-line is different. I understand that there are different endings, which I have yet to find out how to get the different endings. But come on, a game without cheats is a game with 1978 graphics (really old graphics, pixel like). So, as the Jedi say.

    May the Force be with you.

  • shane:

    it shiuld be for the wii but however u swing ur controller ur guy should swing it like that in the game for instance if u swing ur controlled like ur going to stab a guy behind u ur guy should do that in the game and i think u should fight like alot of jedis at once and i think ur lightsabers should clash or atleast fight armies of stormtroopers.

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