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XBOX 360 / Playstation 3

Table of Contents

1)Legal stuff, about me
2) Basics
2.1) controls
2.2) Combos
2.3) How the game works
2.4) Interface
4) FAQ
5) Version

1) About this FAQ/ Me

I’m Degausser, I’ve got the game on the PS3, this is my first Faq, what else do you want to know?

I don’t own the rights to Star Wars, the game, or anything else, and I am doing this purely for non-profit and fun. If you want to post this FAQ anywhere else, send me an E-mail and we’ll talk.

If you have questions, comments, or corrections to make regarding this FAQ, send an email to [email protected], with “Star Wars FAQ” in the title, and We’ll talk.

Throughout this FAQ I’ll refer to the protagonist as “Starkiller”, though, according to outside sources his name is Galen Merak, if you were curious. Visit Wookiepedia to learn more about him, or check out the book.

As one last note, I will talk about this game on the standard, default difficulty. So, I may miss a thing or two if playing on higher levels. Then again, if your playing this game on harder levels, you’ve probably already beaten it on normal.

2) Basics

If you’re too lazy to read the instructions, or have tossed them out the window a-la Eddie Izzard, then this section’s for you.

2.1) Controls Normal Controls:

Left Analogue stick: Move around

Right Analogue Stick: Camera

Square: Lightsaber attack. You can perform attacks in the air, and have up to a combo of 4 swings.

Triangle(Vader) Force Choke people, you have to be close to guys to do this one.

Triangle (Starkiller) Once unlocked, you can force-lightning people.

Circle: Force Push, knocks enemies back but doesn’t deal much damage, can be upgraded to be chargeable.

X: Jump, by pressing X twice, you can double-jump.

L1: Dash, You can dash on the ground, or in the air. You can even dash after double jumping. You’ll need this guy a lot.

L2: Defend. This blocks many melee attacks as well as all ‘standard’ blaster attacks. Explosives, explosive ammo, blasts from starships, electrical blasts, and some melee attacks cannot be blocked. It also brings up your defensive powers menu once you unlock them

R1: Strafe, I find it useless, but hey, it’s there.

R2: Force Grip. You will be given a tutorial on this early in the game. Also, if you release the R2 button while still pushing a control stick in a direction, you will ‘fling’ someone in that direction, it’s a great way to do people in!


While Force gripping you cannot move or defend yourself, but you will be holding something aloft. Not everything in the game can be force gripped, some enemies are immune, so beware. While gripping, the left analogue stick controls things going left and right, to and fro. The right analogue stick controls things going left and right, up and down. If you don’t touch either stick, the object will slowly float upwards.


After you unlock all three special abilities for your defense, your defense menu will allow three additional force powers. Defense and square will throw your saber, defense and triangle will create a damaging aura called a ‘lightning shield’ and defense and circle will repulse everything around you. All of these powers use up quite a bit of force, but all are very effective, so use them as you see fit.

2.2) Combos

You will begin the game with a few combos. For example, pressing L2 while locked onto an enemy will levitate them, then pressing circle will blast them back, inflicting damage and looking pretty cool. This
particular move is called the Cannonball.

You can unlock a ton of powers over the course of the game. The designers did a pretty good job of evening them out, some are more effective than others at certain points against certain enemies. Have fun!

2.3) How the game works:

The force unleashed is essentially a hack-and-slash game, but there are some differences. The biggest one is it’s level system. By killing things, you get points. Now, you will accumulate more points if you kill things in flashy ways, using force combos, and VARYING your force combos.
That means you shouldn’t spam one move over and over again, as you won’t level fast.

Every time you level, you get 1 Force Talent, force power, and force combo spheres. You can use spheres to upgrade yourself, your force abilities, or get new attacks respectively. You can get additional spheres by completing bonus objectives, these can be checked by pressing select, then looking in mission objectives. Most levels have three extra objectives: Do some random task, accumulate X points, or find all Jedi Holocrons.

What are Holocrons? Well, they are various yellow cubes throughout the game, and each will give you a special benefit. Some give you lightsaber crystals, some give you costumes, some give spheres, and some merely bestow points. These guys are Yellow, usually hidden, and look like light sources from far way, meaning you’ll have to get close to them to spot them.

Now, there are also SITH holocrons in the game, which are different. These do NOT have to be collected and are red pyramids. As opposed to the Cube holocrons, they are easy to spot, and will give you temporary boosts like doing significantly more damage, making you invincible, replenishing your health, or whatnot. All Sith holocrons are fairly self explanatory.

2.4) Interface

The interface is super easy for this game. The green bar is your health, it’ll turn red and flash if you are low. Everything you kill will give you some health, so it’s abundant. The blue bar is your force energy, it regenerates quickly, but it can run out. If you use a lot of force energy while it’s low, your force bar will turn yellow. A yellow force bar means you can’t use the force until the bar ‘cools down’ and becomes blue again. It’s easy to spot, just look for it.

Below to the two bars is a minimap, which is useful but not always specific. It does, however, always tell you were to go in the form of yellow dots or arrows, so that’s nice.

Now, when you kill someone, kill them in a cool way, or pull off a Force combo, It’ll temporarily replace the minimap with the type of enemy you killed or how you killed him.

3) Walkthrough

I’ll try to keep the spoilers down, but no guarantees. If you don’t like spoilers, then don’t read past where you are.


3.1) Tutorial stage: Vader (Extra mission objectives: None)

Okay, you are controlling Vader right after the events of episode III, as he is hunting down a Jedi who survived on the Wookie homeworld. Note that Vader cannot double jump, cannot dash, and is far too menacing to ‘run.’ So this section might be a bit long as you are forced to ‘dawdle’ to the rogue Jedi.

You start off, look around. The path is laid out before you extremely easy-like. Follow it, kill Wookies, kill the stormtroopers if you are so inclined.

You’ll get to a large wooden gate. Press Circle to charge up force blast, and let go of the button to release it. This will destroy the gate and let you pass.

Continue on, fight more Wookies, the path is pretty much just a straight line. Eventually you will get to a bridge, cross it, and you’ll reach another wooden barrier, blast it like the previous one. Walk up the hill and enter the tree at the top. Stand on the circular thing, which is a lift that will take you up, so you can continue on.

Go across the bridge, follow the path, and you’ll reach a second bridge that’ll immediately be taken out by a TIE fighter, so you’ll have to proceed to the next one. There’ll be a ton of Wookies waiting for you there, but they are super easy. One swing from a lightsaber will do them in. Cross that bridge, then the next one.

You’ll reach a large clearing, with a hut on the other side, walk towards it to trigger a cutscene and a fight with the Jedi master.

Boss Fight: Rogue Jedi

This guy’s pretty easy. Just attack him with the light saber, or use force fling to throw him around, he’s pretty much a pushover. He is, however, immune to force choke and Force Push, so, y’know, don’t try that. You might trigger a lightsaber lock. If you do, all you have to do is rapidly tap square to overpower him, do some damage, and knock him down. You might also trigger a force battle, where you rock the left analogue stick, if you win, you do some damage.

Note that he may get a blue aura around him and start concentrating. If he does, he’ll be invincible. Try to move around a lot as he’ll try to bring a TIE fighter down on top of you. That’s not nearly as damaging as it should be.

When he gets low on health, the game will prompt you to press Square, this will lead to a quick time event, where you will see a cool cinematic and have to press the buttons when prompted (if you don’t, you will be forced to redo sections of the QTE) This is true for all bosses in the game and all sub-bosses.

Watch a cutscene, Nifty!

3.1.5 (Tutorial 2)
(Okay, this is a forced tutorial for force grip. Just follow the instructions, it’s cake.)

Another Cutscene

3.2 TIE factory

Okay, first real mission as Starkiller, follow the corridor until you hit a dead end, then force-blast your way into the hanger. There are a TON of badguys here, so go nuts, but don’t goof around too much, or it may do you in. There are several waves of baddies that come in through a whole in the ground, but they’ll eventually stop. There is a Sith Holocron at the end of one of one of the catwalks (Unlimited Energy)

JEDI HOLOCRONS: One is on the far catwalk from the entrance (points), one is on the uppermost catwalk (Yellow Lightsaber crystal). To reach the latter, you must get on top of the fin of the crashed starship and double jump up to the catwalk.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: One of your objectives for this level is to destroy 5 TIE fighters, there are six in the hanger. You can either lock onto them and force-grip them down, or Force-fling stuff into them.

There is a door in the hanger opposite the giant force-field-into-space, but it’s locked, Force Grip the control panel to the left, which will open to a second door. Force grip that up, and unlock the next hallway.

Force Push through the door that closes in front of you, fight some guards, hang a left, fight some guards. You will be at a 4 way intersection, one way is the way you came, one is a dead end, two are doors. Force Push through both doors, one leads on, the other houses a

Continue on, more guys. Careful, these guys have force pikes, which can gourd against your lightsaber. They are, however, still quite vulnerable to Force Pushs and such.

Continue on, and you’ll reach a T intersection, where you are running up the middle. The left will open up into stormtroopers, which can be easily killed. The right continues on after you Force Push a door.

Follow the minimap and you’ll get to a bridge that’s been torn apart. Double jump across it and find a bunch of guys, kill them, then force blast the white door to find some more guys inside a small bunker.

BEFORE heading for the lift (the circular area at one end) Force Push your way though the other door, and find a JEDI HOLOCRON (Force Talent sphere) behind some boxes.

Up the lift there is another fight, and two more doors to Force Push. One continues on, the other leads to a small area where there is a JEDI HOLOCRON (Force Combo Sphere) behind some boxes to the left.

Follow the other path down and kill all the stormtroopers in your way. You’ll see a bridge to the left that’s been taken out. Double-jump to cross it, and continue on. You’ll be on a straight walkway, but there are some areas off to the right. One of these areas contains a JEDI HOLOCRON (points).

Follow the minimap to a large, computer-filled room with a battle between Militia and stormtroopers. Kill everyone. There is a sith holocron (damage) in the little computer hub in the center.

Continue out the other door, fight some more guys (with heavy weaponry), and you’ll get to a large room. As soon as you enter, they will raise the ‘laser gates.’ If you touch these gates, it will hurt, but it instantly kills them if they touch it. Have fun >:D When they are dead, force grip the glowing generator outside the laser gates to shut them down, then move on.There’s a Corridor, then large room.

If you fling something out the window, it will break the seal, and suck all nearby bad guys out until an
emergency bulkhead seals it a few seconds later.

Another corridor, another large room with a Sith Holocron (Health drain aura.) The corridor after that requires you to force-pull two things. One is a hatch down, and the other is a large metal thing. It’s pretty straight forward, Pull the metal thing across, then double-jump=dash to the hatch. Then jump up and continue on. Drop down at the end of the tunnel, blast the door at the bottom, and continue on.

In this room, there are several militia men trying to take down an imperial AT (an AT-CT) You can kill the militia men, then the AT-CT, or you can let the imperials kill it and then pick them off, but don’t go
after the AT-CT first, or you will die. After that, jump on the TIE wing assembly (The TIE wings that are rising up) and ride it up to the uppermost catwalk. There is a bunker at the end, and if you jump on top of it, you will find a JEDI HOLOCRON (points)


All ATs can be killed in the same basic way. You jump, or double jump, hit them with the lightsaber combo, then fall down, jump again. Watch out as they have a ground-pound maneuver that will hurt you and knock you back if you are on the ground. Once they have taken about 4/5ths of their life in damage, stand in front of one to launch a quick time event, (QTE)

Finish off the bozos on the catwalk and go through the door indicated on you minimap. You’ll enter a second wing assembly room, but this one is worse for the wear. It has a Sith Holocron (unlimited energy) though I don’t see why. See below for the Jedi Holocrons, and then just exit through the other door.

There are two in this room. To get them requires a bit of finesse. There is a TIE wing on the ground. Force grip one and fit it into the second shaft from the right. Then jump on the wing in the right most
shaft, then the wing you just placed, then the wing on the third shaft from the right, where one holocron is (points) Jump up and up, and eventually you will be able to board one of two catwalks, One of which has a Jedi Holocron (power crystal.) It may take a few tires. Remember to double-jump-dash.

Follow the corridor to a junction, kill people, go up the lift, follow the corridor, and welcome to a massive assembly line. It’s positively teaming with bad guys. Kill them all, and explore the area throughly, as there is a JEDI HOLOCRON in a side room (points). Tucked away, in the back, is a small area with a bunch of guys, and a generator behind a laser gate. There are two JEDI HOLOCRONS, one is in a side room (Points) and the other is in between one of the masses of energy pylons (sphere). Take out the guys and the generator, and the laser gate will fail, allowing you to proceed to the second part of the assembly area, which is much like the first. Kill people, and search every nook and
cranny for 2 JEDI HOLOCRONS (both Points)

NOTE: You can force grip the assembly lasers and shoot people with them, pretty fun!

Exit at the door at the back, follow the corridor to the lift, cutscene.

BOSS Battle, General Kota:

Well, as bosses go, Kota is pretty easy. Just attack and defend with your lightsaber, and toss him up in the air if you feel so inclined. He’ll occasionally resist your force grip or blast. When he summons a
bunch of monitors to himself, or gets a green aura, hide behind one of the walls, as that may protect you.

When he takes enough damage, he’ll detach the tower and you’ll start falling inside the structure. Continue fighting, and eventually the ground will heat up (glow yellow). From then on, if you touch it, you’ll take damage, so stay on some of the concrete slabs to avoid getting burned. When he’s taken enough damage, he’ll trigger a QTE.

Cutscene: Cryptic!

3.3 (Raxus Prime)
(Secondary Objective, Kill 10 Skiffs)

You now have access to the TRIANGLE button, force lightning, your new friend! Go forward and use it on the glowing blue engine, which will fire off out of control and smash into the tower at the far end of the clearing.

Now, There are two more engines in the clearing (one to the left and one to the right), and you have to fire off one more of them. And that glowing yucky stuff hurts you, so don’t stay in it too long. Luckily there are small platforms that you can raise from the gunk so you can land on them.

JEDI HOLOCRON: One is off to the left (points), underneath a cliff that
is easy to see. It is right behind a platform that you can raise. You will get hurt getting in, I’m sorry to say.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: The secondary objective in this level is to kill 10 skiffs. You can make two show up here by getting to the right-side engine, and by reaching your destination (the tower) and walking around a bit before going inside the hole. A little bit of sith lightning will
blow them up.

Enter the hole, and face, JAWAS! Get next to one and press Square and X for a funny attack. Follow your way on the minimap to a large circular room. Jump up, and use the gears to get up to the large hole up there.

JEDI HOLOCRON (sphere): There is one up there. It’s hard to explain, just jump around in the area for a while and you’ll eventually manage to get it. HINT: There is a lip on the large center cylinder that you can land on.

Leave the hole, and continue on, Force Push the broken scrap heap, move, and jump across the river of gunk. There are large, glowing pylons, which you must force-grip downward to prevent sparks from raining down on you when crossing the area. Follow along and you’ll get to a large open area,
where Rodarians are fighting Junk droids.

Here, Junk droids will pop up, seemingly ad nausium, but you CAN kill all of them. Also, there are several skiffs to destroy. There is a JEDI HOLOCRON (points) directly to your left as you enter the area, and another JEDI HOLOCRON (compressed Red Lightsaber Crystal) hidden in a fake wall on the ground level. Also, there is an Unlimited Energy Sith Holocron here.

Raise the large, glowing blue piece of metal up using force grip, then stand on top of it and double-jump-dash over to the other glowing metal thing. Destroy it (Leaping lightsaber slam works well) and jump down. Kill stuff, Then jump down the next hole.

Another large area, kill stuff, there are Skiffs here to destroy as well. There is a JEDI HOLOCRON (points) Near the cliff to the river of gunk. This area can get confusing, but just follow the minimap to a fake wall and force-blast it open. Follow the corridor to a dead end. There is a fake wall that you can Lightsaber through for a JEDI HOLOCRON (Points), then double jump up to the tunnel above the holocron chamber to continue on.

You’ll come to a large river of gunk with makeshift bridges across it. There are a lot of heavy gunners here, so be careful. If you have Defensive saber mastery levels, just press block and redirect the blaster bolts back on their targets, making your job easier. In any case, cross the chasm. You’ll reach some large, glowing gates. Force grip and bend them so you can pass.

Another large area (scavenger’s camp), with a TON of gunners. You’ll need to make your way to the whole in the wall at the far side. Watch out, tons of gunners here. In one of the corners is a JEDI HOLOCRON (sphere) and off the ‘dock’ overlooking the cliff there is another JEDI HOLOCRON (Gold Lightsaber Crystal). Also in the center structure there is a Sith Holocron (Damage increase)

Go down the Hole and follow the small route to yet another open area. Kill guys, and use the force grip on the glowing electricity . . . thing in the center. That will cause a piece of debris to destroy the laser gate generator. There are two more skiffs to destroy, to get them to come to you, go to the end of the two ‘docks’ near the energy thingie.

JEDI HOLOCRONS: There are Two in this area, One is atop some wreckage left of the entrance/exit (Compressed Yellow Crystal), and the other is underneath the glowing energy thingamabob (Sphere).

Head back to the camp, and through the area that was cut off by laser gates. Beware, enemies respawn, make your way through the corridor, and lightning-zap the two little flying droids at the end.

NOTE: Those little flying droids will siphon off Force energy from you, so kill them whenever you see them.

Okay, large pit. Follow the little walkway down and left, killing any scrap droids you see. Lightening zap the engine, and it’ll start heating that large piece of metal. Run along BACK the walkway and you’ll trigger a cutscene with a Junk Titan.

Sub-Boss: Junk Titan: Use Force lightning to stun him and smash him repeatedly with your lightsaber. A good rule of thumb is to jump, get in three smashes, then lightning him, land, jump and repeat. You can also zap the large thing he’s under to stun him, and stay clear. It may take a couple tries, just try to get a rhythm for him. When he’s low enough on health he’ll trigger a QTE.

Jump to the Right side walkway, grab the JEDI HOLOCRON (points). There’s also a sith Holocron (Damage Increase) if you wanna grab it. Force grab the glowing piece of metal that is being heat blasted. It’ll trigger a cutscene, then jump down to the now-makeshift bridge. Follow along the path, and you’ll get to a glowing, curled piece of metal. Force Grip down, and jump on your new platform, then across.

You’ll come to several metal bars sticking vertically up. Force Push them to reveal more glowing curled bars. Bend them all down to form several platforms that lead to a JEDI HOLOCRON (Sith costume!)

Follow the minimap to an area with another Junk Titan, beat him as you did the last. Force Push the door open. There is a JEDI HOLOCRON (points) Right on the other side. Also, there is another obvious JEDI HOLOCRON (Power Crystal) floating in mid-air just a bit farther down. To get it you’ll have to force grip some junk into position, stand on it,and double jump up to the catwalk, and then jump-dash over to the holocron. There is a third JEDI HOLOCRON (points) at the end of one of the catwalks.

Get on the lift, Cutscene.


Congrats, welcome to your first difficult Boss. Kaztan Paratas is a mean, fast little bugger, and you’ll probably die a few times before winning, but there is a strategy to beating him. When he goes into an
attacking frenzy, he’ll attack twice, pause, then attack a third time with a big flashy move (it may break your guard.) So, when he attacks twice, block, but during the pause, attack him. You’ll do a cool deadlock animation. Then hit him with lightning. Rinse and repeat. You may get into a lightning deadlock. Hit the triangle when it’s in the red part of the circle to gain ground in the deadlock.

Part way through he’ll climb up, out of reach, and summon a Junk Titan, which is actually a good thing, seeing as you can kill it and get some life back. He’ll toss some junk at you (hide behind one of the pylons) then come back down for more fighting. He may summon more over the course of the fight.

Eventually there will be a QTE, Cutscene, NO FORSHADOWING HERE, NO SERIE! I’m sure Maris Brood will stay on the straight and Narrow!

3.4, (Felucia)
(Bonus mission, destroy 4 Rancors)

Wow, a Druggie’s favorite place! Move along the easy-as-pie path, killing Felucian warriors. Watch out for spitting plants, as you cannot block their projectiles. There is a JEDI HOLOCRON (Points) to the right immediately after you trigger the small cutscene where Starkiller says “A Jedi’s hand is at work.”

Enter a tunnel, which empties into a large spire which you must ascend. There are multiple paths upwards, so just make your way on up. There are FOUR JEDI HOLOCRONS here, as well two Sith Holocrons (damage) and (Health drain aura).

JEDI HOLOCRONS: One is on the level below the entrance (points), one is
easy to spot on one of the levels upward (points) The Last two are on two separate dangling platforms near the top (Unstable Red Lightsaber crystal and points.)

Once you reach the top, you’ll go through a corridor. You’ll enter a large clearing and get a small cutscene, prepare for beat down . . .yours.

So here’s the deal, those blue Felucians are now invincible if they have a red aura surrounding them. There is a red dude in the back that makes them that way. Try to take him out, but he teleports, so it’s very much in the ‘not fun’ category. After you kill him, search the immediate area for a JEDI HOLOCRON (points), then follow the minimap to another area with more invincible dudes, only this time, patches of the ground (they look like bogs) will explode if you get near them. You may die a few times. Enter the tunnel where the mimimap indicates and continue on.

UPDATE: Aaron Landry pointed out another JEDI HOLOCRON in this area, the elusive Compressed Gold Lightsaber Crystal

Inside the Tunnel you’ll find a JEDI HOLOCRON (Sphere) where there is a small fork in the road. The Holocron is floating in between the fork, just look around. You’ll eventually come to a bridge with more of those invincible-making dudes and a big ol chieftain. Kill and continue on. Next you trigger a cutscene, now you can choose to kill the rancor, or just run past him. Wait, RANCOR!?

Sub Boss- Rancor
Strangely, the Rancor isn’t as tough as one might expect. Just follow the standard method of taking down the Junk Titans (Jump, three lightsaber slash, force lightning) and you’ll trigger that QTE in no time. Also, there is a Sith Holocron (Damage) to help you out.

Additionally, there is a JEDI HOLOCRON (Points) in the Rancor area. When your done, continue on to the next area, with another shaman and more of those invincible dudes. Run past or kill them, but follow that minimap into the tunnel. Inside, between another fork in the road, is a JEDI HOLOCRON (points). Continue on, more invincible dudes, continue on. You’ll reach a large, underground clearing. There are THREE Rancors here, but they are fairly well isolated from you, so take them down if you feel like completing the bonus objectives.

Also, search the place thoroughly, for JEDI HOLOCRONS. There are 4 Strewn about the area, (3 Sphere, points). Exit at the tunnel in the back, trigger the cutscene.


Another two-stage boss, like Kota. In the first part it’s a straight up duel. She’s immune to force push and grip, and she’s quite agile. Also, she’ll sometimes summon Felucians so you can kill them for health. Watch out for more of those exploding bogs. The Force Repulse (Guard+Circle)Is very effective against her. Use it on her then stab her while she’s down.

When you damage her enough, she’ll jump down and have a mega Sarlacc aide her. Just keep your eyes on those large tentacles, because when she jumps clear they will come down to crush you. They always come down in with gaps in between, so it’s possible to avoid them if your quick
enough. Use lightning and the Leaping Saber slash on her here. When you beat her, it’s QTE and then cutscene.

Cutscenes upon Cutscenes, OUCHIE! Apparently, in the book, it took him six months to recover.

3.5, (Empirical, Science station)
(Bonus mission, Launch all escape pods)

When the game finally let’s you move, take a second. Look around before smashing the glass. You’ll see a large generator outside the glass enclosure. Break the glass and you’ll trigger gas that will continually drain your life. Force Grip the generator to disable the gas and drop the Laser Gates around the door.

Exit through the door for a free JEDI HOLOCRON (Blue lightsaber crystal), continue on and you’ll eventually enter a large experiment room (lots of gas canisters). Inside one of the chambers is a JEDI HOLOCRON (sphere). Another JEDI HOLOCRON (Sphere) is inside a door directly below the door
that you entered from. (Thanks to Sean b for the Holocron in the door, for some reason I couldn’t find it!)

NOTE: This is the first appearance of EVO troopers, these guys are easily recognizable as they have electricity arcing in their suits. They shoot projectiles that cannot be deflected and they are immune to lightning. What’s more, if you zap them, they’ll get a force field around them, which makes them immune to all force powers.

In the far end there is a glowing door. Force Push it open. Follow along the path, and you’ll find yourself facing a huge room full of baddies. Tons of bad guys in here, you may die a few times. All I can say is do what you can.

NOTE: This is the first appearance of Shadow Troopers, these guys have a gun that, while it can be deflected, if it hits you it stuns you for a long time, giving people plenty of time to pound on you.

NOTE: This is the first appearance of Stormtroopers Commanders, these guys have Force Fields that prevent all force powers, and absorb one hit from a lightsaber before it goes down. After their forcefield goes down though, they are fair game.

In this room there are six cylinders which are actually escape pods. Hit them with Force Lightning to make them fire off and explode after a bit.

JEDI HOLOCRON: One of the escape pods is sitting on top of a Holocron (sphere). Fire it off to gain access to it.

When this room is done, force push your way though the glowing door to continue. Another Fight, and there is a JEDI HOLOCRON (Power Crystal) Hidden behind some barrels. Also, listen to the P.A. system and your talk with Proxy for some comedy.

Force Blast your way though the door, and now you have to fight Two EVO troopers and a fearsome PURGE trooper.

Sub-Boss: Purge Trooper
These guys are super droids and can take a ton of hits. What’s more, Lightsabers don’t cause them to ‘flinch’ though force lighting does. They have some powerful hand to hand attacks, and a powerful energy cannon that cannot be deflected if you run away from them. Your best bet is to make him fall down, and stab him with the lightsaber while on the ground. The Sith Saber Slam and Aerial Ambush actually does this fairly well. He is immune to force grip, and extremely resilient to force push
and force repulse.

Force blast your way though the door and into another fight. Fight the guys on the Catwalk first, then go under it where you’ll fight TWO more Purge troopers and several more Stormtroopers of various makes. There are two generators. Force Grip both of them to lower the Laser gates and
rescue JUNO

NOTE: If you have Force Lightning upgraded to lvl 2, this fight becomes much easier, as you can just stand up top, force lightning one Purge Trooper, and jump around and duck for cover when you run out of energy, rinse and repeat. As long as you stay out of the firing line of the other trooper you’re good. Alternately, you can Lightning Grenade all the Shadow troopers down there, and hope to take one or both of the PURGE troopers out.

Cutscene, congrats, you are now fugitives. And for some reason, you now have a Blue Lightsaber in the cutscenes (Where’d that come from???)

3.6 (Cloud City, Bespin)
(Secondary Objective, freeze 10 Imperials in Carbonite)

Start off fighting, and scale your way up two ramps and two landings to the exit. There are two JEDI HOLOCRONS here, one is on the second landing, above the bar(Power Crystal), and one is inside a depression on the third landing. (Unstable Gold crystal), There’s also a Sith Holocron (damage) When you are done, exit by the door indicated on your minimap.

NOTE: This is the first appearance of the Imperial Senate Guard. These guys have lightsaber-like spears, and can take quite a few hits, and they aren’t bad in melee either. However, you can still throw them around with force powers.

Exit the bar and you’ll find a fight waiting for you. There is a JEDI HOLOCRON (Points) in an area if you jump off the circular platform (go right as you exit the bar.) There’s another one dangling in mid-air. To get it, lightning zap one of the large windmills to supercharge it, causing an updraft that will hoist you up into the air. Jump-Dash over to grab it. (sphere) The Third one is on a railing above this area. Move up to one of the towers to jump on the railing and run down it. (Unstable Yellow Crystal)

SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: You’ll find a bunch of cylinders strewn about the docks. They look like containers, but if you Force push or force grip an imperial into one, they will be frozen in Carbonite, do this ten times to meet your objective.

NOTE: This is the first appearance of Scout Troopers, these annoying little dudes are snipers and usually hidden far from you. When you see a yellow Line tracing to you, you know one of them has you in it’s sights. It’ll change to red just before he fires. To prevent him from killing you, move around a lot so he looses his ‘lock’ on you. Their weapons cannot be deflected.

NOTE: This is the first appearance of the Jumptroopers. These are Stormtroopers with jetpacks. They are likewise very annoying, and likewise their weapons cannot be deflected. However, if you hit them with lightning, there is a chance their Jetpack will go out of control and explode, so, lighting these guys a lot.

Anyway, follow the map, and you’ll enter a large dock with a ton of badguys. I won’t lie, you may die, but just do what you can. Watch out for the vehicles, as there are cheap AT-CT knock offs here. There is a SITH HOLOCRON (unlimited energy) Hidden in one of the sub rooms. When you kill everyone, head to the docking platform indicated on the minimap

BUT WAIT! CUTSCENE and, what’s this dude? A Beefed up Senate Guard?

Sub Boss: Shadow Guard
He IS essentially a beefed up Senate guard. He has more health, he’s better in melee, and he’s immune to some force powers, and has a few of his own (Force grip, force push, and lightning.) Just beat on him, he’s not too tough. He does trigger a QTE, and when you beat him, the stage ends, weather or not you’ve killed the other troopers.

Cutscene, Wow, Kota went downhill in a hurry

3.7 Kashyyyk
(Secondary objective, Destroy the communications tower)

Immediately upon starting the level, to your left is a JEDI HOLOCRON (Compressed Blue Crystal)

Move forward, and you’ll trigger a cutscene, Then follow the minimap to fight some stormtroopers. There is a JEDI HOLOCRON (points) floating High above this area. There is a nearby tree branch that you can double-jump to reach, and then double-jump-dash to reach the holocron. An AT-KT is also in the area. These ATs have more firepower than a normal AT, so watch out. Also, there are two guys with turrets in firing positions at the wall, double-jump and lightning them to take them down. Force grip the door open. There is a Sith Holocron (Damage) in this area.

NOTE: This is the first appearance of the IMPERIAL INCENERATOR TROOPERS These guys have flamethrowers, shields like the Imperial commanders, and a ton of hit points, plus they explode when killed. I recommend the Saber throw to beat them from a distance.

Welcome to the Gauntlet, during my first run through of this game I died multiple times, so be prepared. In principle, the area is easy, just follow the track to the end, and force grip the door open. In practice, this place is teaming with guards and snipers. There are two Sith Holocrons here, Restore Health, and Invincibility,

This place is stocked with Scouts, EVO troopers, Commanders, Jumptroopers and Shadow Troopers, so you’ll need to think ahead. Lightning is your friend here.

JEDI HOLOCRONS: There are four JEDI HOLOCRONS here, one is precariously perched on a conduit to the left as you enter(points), another is behind a large pipe as you ascend the left-hand catwalk (points). The third is behind another large pipe, and is placed between a catwalk and the tower(sphere), the last is on a support strut, near the tower, you’ll have to jump off of an above catwalk to reach it. (points)

Secondary Objective:
The secondary objective is here. There are two generators on the central tower that you need to destroy. One is on the main catwalk, and the other is at the base of the tower. This one is fairly easy, just Force Grip the outer plate away and then blast the generator with lightning.

When you finally make your way to the big wall, make sure to double-jump lightning the two turrets on either side, otherwise they’ll shoot you down while trying to open the door.

Inside are a few more guys and a Sith holocron (restore energy) Go into the adjoining room, where you’ll find a bunch of cool creatures (Including a very special someone frozen in Carbonite, no, not Han.) Also, grab the JEDI HOLOCRON (points) that’s in the room above a Trophy case.

NOTE: This is the first appearance of the ROYAL GUARD. Like the Senate Guard, these guys are light-spear wielding force users. He’s immune to some force powers however, and has more hitpoints.

CUTSCENE! Great, we can get out of . . . ah crap.

Follow along, kill things, There are snipers in the huts, but you can double-jump lightning them to take them out. When you get to the end you’ll have to take out a SHADOW GUARD.

Note: There are several prisons in this level, with wookies in them. Free them and they’ll help you fight the empire.

JEDI HOLOCRONS: There are three: One is in the FIRST sniping nest you come across, stand on the nearby Wookie Prison to get it (points). The second is in the THIRD hut, you’ll have to Force grip a rock over to stand on it, then double jump (points), the third is in a wookie prison (points).

When you’re done, enter the base. Now, there will be a series of laser gates. To disable these, you need to force grip the power cable in each section before you move on to the next. REMEMBER, you can Force Grip things on the other side of a Laser gate, to thin the heard if you so choose.

There are two JEDI HOLOCRON (sphere and points) in this area. There are many small holding cells on the left side of the tunnel that you can force grip open. Some contain wookies, two contain holocrons. There is also a PURGE Trooper in there, so be careful. Exit the door when you get
to it.

Welcome to the Gauntlet, part two! Here is the deal, there are seven posts around the skyhook that you need to force-grip out of their moorings. The problem is a crap-ton of empirals. Take care of ALL the empirals first (watch out, there are several, that’s right SEVERAL purge troopers here. I suggest you kill things one mooring area at a time. There are Wookies in prisons that you can release, and they will help you. There are also several sith holocrons around to help you out.

NOTE: Taking out the Purge Troopers is actually a bit easier than one might think. Occasionally, the AI gets retarded, and they get stuck behind the moorings. Just double-jump, Lighting them for a bit, land, wait for force to recharge, and do it again. If you don’t like exploiting AI glitches, then don’t do it.

JEDI HOLOCRONS: There are two, one (Purple crystal) in a tree branch. The other (points) is near the wall of the skyhook. Look for them after defeating all empirals, they’ll be easy to spot.

Once you finish killing everything, start lifting the posts out of their moorings. After you take out two, Sturn will come out of a door in a modified AT and attack you.

BOSS: Sturn
Sturn is just like any other AT, except he has a HUGE cannon in the front, so don’t get hit by THAT. Stay behind him and lightsaber-lightning him and he’ll go down. Also one of the cooler QTEs in the game.

When Stern is down, destroy the rest of the pins and trigger the stage-end cutscene. So Organa want went after Shaak Ti . . . whoops . . .

3.8 Return to Felucia
(Secondary Objective, ease the Sarlacc’s pain)

Upon starting you’ll be on a cliff. Jump down and kill anything that moves as there is a big battle between Imperials and Felucians Watch out for the exploding Bogs. There is a JEDI HOLOCRON (sphere) near a large thing in the ground (looks like a claw). To get to it Force-Grip some boxes and jump on top of them, then Double-jump up to it. When your done, follow the minimap.

Cross the bridge (careful, there are two PURGE troopers,) and you’ll find yourself on a small cliff overlooking a valley. To your right, if you jump up, you can find a JEDI HOLOCRON (Compressed Purple Crystal) Go nuts fighting here. At one point the Imperials will drop an AT-ST from orbit. Cute . . . take it out.

There are two more JEDI HOLOCRONS in the area. First, go to the rock ledge that is easily accessible from the valley ground (a double jump will get you up there.) There is a small cave there, enter it and double-jump-dash the gap, to find the first of the holocrons (points), then follow the cave along, kill the stormtroper with the turret, go into the second cave for the second holocron (sphere.)

Follow the minimap and Force-push those boulders out of the way. Another fight, another AT-ST Move on, and . . . what are they DOING to the Mega-Sarlacc?

Okay, so here’s what you need to do, to the right there is a large vehicle, kill all the Imperials there, and lightning Zap the generator. (Also, go down the opposite side of the vehicle for a JEDI HOLOCRON
(points), a second JEDI HOLOCRON (power crystal) is on top of the generator’s power lines.) Then since your at a dead end, go around, and head across the bridge (Imperials will resist), and go to each of the other two bridges, where you will find other identical vehicles, and zap THEIR generators. In total you will have to zap three generators from the three different vehicles, then go down the elevator into the Sarlacc’s stomach (not a pleasant idea.) Before you do, there is a JEDI HOLOCRON (points) atop one of the roofs over the bridges.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Off of each of the vehicles is a chain. Throw your
lightsaber out to it to sever each of the three chains in order to meet your bonus objectives.

Upon entering the stomach of the Mega Sarlacc, exit the little ramp and to your right is a JEDI HOLOCRON (points). You’ll enter a ‘tunnel’ with a bunch of little tentacles. When you see a piece of equipment, zap it with electricity if you don’t the Sarlacc will eat you for MASSIVE damage. Continue on, you’ll find a small chamber, and then another tentacle-tunnel (no machines this time.) You’ll come to a cliff with a JEDI HOLOCRON floating in mid air, but I don’t know how to get it (can anyone help?)

Aaron Landry has come to my rescue with this well-written guide to getting it:

Return to Felucia: Mega Sarlac’s stomach: To get that enticing JEDI HOLOCRON floating in mid-air high above the stomachs floor:

1) Save the game BEFORE JUMPING ANYWHERE… just in case you miss, you can reload.

2) Do you have Dashing Blast Combo? (L1,O) Best get that first, otherwise you’ll never make it.

3) From the lip of the cliff move forward and Jump—Jump—L1(Dash) and then quickly after press O to do Dashing Blast as that will give you TWO Dashes in Mid-Air, effectively flying to your Goal.

4) Great you got the Holocron! what?!? Only a pitiful 10,000 Force points for all that work?

There were a LOT of people who told me how to get this, I just used Aaron’s because his was so well written.

Anyway, when the whole in the center opens up, jump through it. Go through the tentacle-tunnel (Zap those machines!), and you’ll get to some sort of wind room. The trick is to get behind one of the columns by the time the wind blows, or else you’ll be blown to the back. There is a JEDI HOLOCRON (points) behind one column. Enter the hole at the back, cutscene.

Back into a battle, and remember our old friends the invincible making Felucian shamans? Yeah, they’re back. As are the Rancors. There is a JEDI HOLOCRON (Points) floating in mid air in this clearing. Jump on the nearby wreckage, then double-jump-dash to get to it.

Follow the minimap, scale the cliffs, kill some Felucian Chieftains. . . there are also Poison splitters here, so watch out. Move along, another Rancor, move along. Also, near the Rancor is a JEDI HOLOCRON (points) on the ground. Look around, it’s not too difficult to spot.

Move on into the tunnel,cutscene.

BOSS FIGHT: Bull Rancor
Maris Brood cannot be hurt here, so just concentrate on the Rancor. It’s bigger, it does more damage, and it has more hits than a normal Rancor, but it’s essentially the same game. Jump, swing swing swing swing, lightning. Try to be behind it as it has a tendency to kill things in front of it. You’ll get the QTE soon enough.

Alternate Strategy: Saber Throw works REALLY well on this guy. Get away from him and Saber throw. When he charges you, double jump over him and use the Leaping slash to do some damage.


Boss Fight: Maris Brood (Dark Side)
Compared to other Jedi, she’s cake. She can turn invisible, but just Force Repulse her away and she’ll go flying (and turn visible) Then stab her on the ground. Nice QTE though.

Cutscene, so who are you working for?

3.9 Return to Raxus Prime
(Secondary Objective, destroy the tractor beam tower)

Okay, you know the drill, move along the path, kill dudes, eventually on your left will be a small corridor with a JEDI HOLOCRON (points). Follow your way on the minimap and reach a bunch of metal bars blocking your path. Force Push past them and continue on.

You’ll reach a gap in the form of a destroyed bridge, but just double Jump across it and continue on. There is a Sith Holocron to restore your health, and then cross the bridge to your left and kill a couple dudes. There is a Fake wall in the side of the space ship there for a JEDI HOLOCRON (sphere). Then jump down the cliff. There is a large porthole that you have to jump up to, but on it is a free JEDI HOLOCRON (points).

The Tunnel exits to a war zone. To your immediate left is a Sith Holocron (Unlimited Energy) which is good for taking out those pesky PURGE troopers (If you have Lvl 3 Lightning, just keep triangle pressed.)Just run around killing everything. Eventually the Empire will drop an AT-ST, but it’s nothing you haven’t handled before.

JEDI HOLOCRONS: There are Two. One is floating on a platform (Compressed Green Crystal) and one is above in mid-air. (points.) Just jump around from platform to platform and you should be able to get them.

When you are done, scale the platforms extending from one side of the junk heaps to continue on into the tunnel, where there is a free JEDI HOLOCRON (points), The end opens up into another valley. Lots of bad guys, go though them. Watch out of the PURGE Troopers. There are a few Sith Holocrons to help you out. A JEDI HOLOCRON (Points) is atop a sniping tower (you can just double-jump up to it). Once everyone is dead, the dropship will open with more baddies, including an AT-ST.

Kill stuff, but do NOT ascend the elevator before you grab the JEDI HOLOCRON (sphere)in there Instead, jump up on the platforms and the holocron is in the upper catwalk. After that, get on the elevator and . . . cutscene

Kill stuff, get inside the base, get on the elevator, Look around for a JEDI HOLOCRON (Points). Go inside the door.

You’ll enter the Tractor beam Facility, a massive two-story complex with two rings, a gap, and then a large cylinder in the middle. On the second story there is a dead end, but force-push through a false wall to find a tunnel with a JEDI HOLOCRON, an Unstable Purple Crystal. Kill everything on the outer edge, Destroy the generators (they are behind the laser gates) and have fun!

If you jump to the central tower, you will find five generators outside of it. Zap them with electricity to bring the tractor emitter down.

Exit the door, go down the elevator, and prepare for another tough fight. You are on the middle of a pincer trap, and there are snipers and stuff waiting to take you out. There are two catwalks to the side of the main catwalk, and your first priority is to get to one of them, and behind some shielding so the snipers can’t kill you. Then take out what you can, and use Force Grip to grab a barrel and take out the sniper. At the end of the catwalk is a large glowing lock. Force grip it up, then repeat on the other side to unlock the door. There is a JEDI HOLOCRON on one of the sniping catwalks, but I have no idea how to reach it.

UPDATE: Several People
Several People have sent me the E-mail on how to get this. You need to use the Dashing Blast. It’s the combo of Dash (L1) and Circle. You have to buy this upgrade in order to use it. Then, at the closest point between the two catwalks, Double-Jump-Dash Blast. Dash Blast makes you go farther than Normal Dash.

Enter the door, and you’ll find a circular corridor. Go all the way around it to insure you find the two JEDI HOLOCRONS (both points) Then go through the door.


Not much to say about this Boss Battle, first, Proxy is a Shadow Guard, then he’ll change between a bunch of different people, then He’ll change to Darth Maul. Just do what you can against him, I didn’t have all that much trouble, but I did die a few times. Watch out, as one of his combos is very damaging and his lightsaber throw is unblockable.

Alternate Strategy: Force Repulse is super effective against his Darth Maul form. Get him in a corner, Let him reach the end of an attack sequence (block it, obviously), then Force repulse to knock him down. Stab him while he’s down for massive damage. QTE


You’ll come up in a bunker, force push your way out

Okay, here is the deal, there are Four stations, heavily guarded, with bunkers underneath and electrical devices up top. Kill stuff, and hit the electrical devices with electricity. Once all four of them are lit up, it’ll trigger a cutscene.

Boss fight: Star Destroyer

Okay, the good news, now you get to rip down a Star Destroyer with nothing but the force! The bad news? Lucasarts has managed to make this the most boring part of the game.

Here’s what you do: hide behind a pillar, and wait for an engine core to float by. Then, Force grip it and use lightning to fire it off at a TIE fighter. When all TIE fighters are gone, move out from behind the pillar, press Force Grip, and then control the Star Destroyer so that it’s nose is facing you. When you see the little analogue sticks on the screen with ‘down’ arrows, move both of your analogue sticks down. Eventually, more TIE fighters will come, and you’ll have to repeat the whole possess over again. It’s going to take many, many cycles of this, but you’ll eventually bring it down. I will tell you that the Star Destroyer goes through three ‘phases.’ Pointing to the right, to the left, and down and slightly right. Eventually, you’ll trigger a cutscene. Damn, your badass, and hey, proxy’s your friend again!

ALTERNATE STRADEGY (About 50 Bajillion people, I like hyperbole)Apparently you CAN Force Grip and Force Lightning the TIE fighters, which makes this level much quicker. I’m not very good at pulling it \
off, but try your luck at it. Apparently this shaves mucho time off of the fight.

Cutscene, cutscene cutscene, Vader’s an (expletive), let’s go kick his butt!

3.10 (Death Star, Incomplete)
(No secondary objective)

Okay, probably the hardest part of the game, you are dropped into an area positively TEAMING with Imperials, and let me tell you, YOU WILL DIE, A LOT! Here is the general strategy I have come up with:

Make a Bee-line for a corner. One of them has a lift that will take you to the upper levels, up there you will find two snipers. Kill them. Also, two Jumptroopers will chase you up there, kill them. On the ground level there are lots of imperials, and an AT-CT. When you kill that, an AT-ST will show up. When you kill THAT a Crapload of PURGE troopers will show up. Spam Double-jump Leaping slash as that keeps you most protected. Throw in an occasional bit of force Lightning (especially if you have Lightning 3) and You’ll eventually take them down. There are two SITH HOLOCRONS in this room, both restore your health, so don’t use them unless you have to. When you kill the PURGE
troopers and most of the imperials, force-grip one of the plates in the glowing floor and jump down the hole

JEDI HOLOCRONS: There are two on the upper Catwalk (points and Power crystal)

Okay, so, not that you’ve dropped into the hole, everything should be nice and HEY! THIS IS THE FIRING TUBE FOR THE DEATH STAR LASER! That’s right, you are in the firing tube, and they are doing tests. Make your way down the tube, find a hidy-hole, and wait. Break the green crystal lenses (Leaping Saber Slash works well) and continue on. fight some guys, break through the lenses again.
Eventually you will get to a room with a lot of guys (this is in the third segment.)

Kill them, and take cover behind something (against those floor turrets.) There will be a door you can lock on to. Use force grip to open it up and then move through.

Okay, just go down this tube, you don’t even need to kill these guys, just continue on, though the chamber directly to your right houses a JEDI HOLOCRON (sphere), and another side chamber to the right (further down) houses another JEDI HOLOCRON (points).

Continue on, and you’ll reach a dead end.

There is a JEDI HOLOCRON (Points) in the firing tube, and a pair of spinning gyroscopes. Drop down the cliff to pick up a JEDI HOLOCRON (sphere), then use the side exit to catch a lift which will bring you back up top.

Wait for the laser to finish firing, then stand near the cliff and Force grip. You need to lock the three rings into place, which will extend a bridge. Double Jump-dash over and land, hide (laser will fire,) then do the same thing to the next pair of Rings, Grabbing the free JEDI HOLOCRON (points) in mid-air. Exit through the right side chamber, and follow the path.

Okay, you are now in an absolutely MASSIVE chamber. Drop down, take out two AT-STs,then Force grip the glowing generator into place. This will activate anti gravity lifts.

Stand in one and float on up!

Now, the main thing you want to do is to get to the big central black ring, where you’ll fight several royal guards and a SHADOW Guard, then Force Grip the Ring to open it. However, there are several smaller platforms around with snipers and PURGE troopers, so you can feel free to take care of them if you need points. There are also Sith Holocrons littered throughout the area.

JEDI HOLOCRONS: One of the sniping platforms has a holocron (points.) Another is on the highest laser tube. To get there, you need to double-jump-dash from the highest ring of the anti-grav lift to the little metal housing that encases the array, but it’ll be worth it as it’s the BLACK LIGHTSABER CRYSTAL! A third one is on the platform with the guards (sphere)

Cutscene . . . VADER

Boss Fight, Vader:

Vader is, understandably, tough. You WILL die. His fight comes in three parts. First is just you and him fighting outside a room. If he lifts you into the air, press circle like CRAZY because it’s very hard to stop him from throwing you around like a rag doll. Once you hurt him enough, he’ll go to another room

The second part is easier. He’ll stand on a central platform, grab some junk, and try to beat you with it. Zap him when he does this, and he’ll drop what he was force gripping. When your not zapping, keep your guard up, as he’ll occasionally throw his lightsaber. If you try to jump to him on his platform, he’ll continually lift you into the air until you fail your test, he won’t even let you land, cheap little so-and-so.

Eventually he will pull your little platform down into the heat, so you will be forced to jump to his platform, and he’ll jump away. Follow him and fight your dual. It’s very tough, but you should manage to pull through after a few tries. Remember the technique with Kaztan Paratas. Get into that ‘deadlock animation’ (where you deadlock for a few seconds, then spin away) and then blast him with lightning. If you can win against his Lightning deadlock test you’ll inflict a fair bit of damage.
Also remember your Leaping slash, he won’t jump so it’s a good bit for you. QTE, Cutscene, Kota was lying! His connection to the force WASN’T CUT!

Atom Robot assures me that beating Vader can be done in a cheap way, and I’ve done this before, but it’s time consuming. Simply block everything he throws at you (you have to have enough force
points to sustain his constant force grips) and, when he glows red and charges up, jump behind him.
After he releases the blast, he’s vulnerable for a moment. Make him pay!

Okay, now you have the cliche light side Dark side ending choice:

Jump down, Kill Vader (Dark Side)
Vader has full health, as do you, it’s pretty much the same fight you just fought. Damn, I hate Vader. Freaking’ cool QTE at the end.

Run to the left, fight Palpatine (Light Side)
Palpatine, having his Lightsaber just stolen, is forced to rely on sith lightning against you. This is how the fight goes. Fair warning, you WILL die against him.

Palpatine can move pretty freaking’ fast for an old dude. Get a few hits on him while he’s dodging around. Occasionally he’ll surround himself in a purple shield and throw stuff at you. Get behind a wall when he does this. Occasionally he’ll surround himself in a purple shield and summon guards, kill them and be thankful for the health when he does this.

Most of the time he’ll force lightning you. This is pretty bad if you don’t know the trick. The trick is, of course, to hit block when he does this. Sometimes you’ll concentrate the lightning in your lightsaber and toss it back at him, dealing a fair amount of damage to him, and taking only minimal damage yourself. Once you do him in, QTE for the finish.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY: From Jonathan Miller, I haven’t tested this one out.
Use Force Repulse next to Palpatine when he summons the junk to him, and it’ll push it away before he can throw it.

Congrats, you just beat the game!

Section 4: FAQ

Well, I don’t have any questions yet, as I just made the walkthrough, so
here are some questions I’d imagine I’d get:

Q) What are the best Upgrades to get?

A) Everyone plays the game differently, and all, or nearly all upgrades are useful at some point. However, I have to say Lightning (at least lvl 2) and the Sith Dark Side Combo (Attack, hold, attack, hold, attack, hold) are my personal favorites and are almost indispensable for me.

Q) What’s the best way to deal with those PURGE troopers?

A)Lightning Lvl 2 or 3 works wonders. Just stand next to them and Blast the crap outta them. Run away, let your force recharge, and do it again. The Aerial slam (Attack attack attack, circle(hold)) uprade works well too, as it will throw them to the ground, where you can stab them. It can be hard to pull off though.

Q) I keep dying on boss X!

A) I don’t know what to tell you. Some of the bosses in the game are just downright HARD, Kaztan Paratas and Vader in particular. Just keep doing your best and try to find every cheap combo in the game to throw at them.

Q) Pulling down that Star Destroyer . . .

A) Is very boring, yes, I know. If there is a better way out there, tell me, but this is the best way I’ve found. If you have high health, let a few of the TIE fighters hit you to give you a few extra milliseconds of pulling down for that extra bit of damage.

UPDATE) So fifty BAJILLION people emailed me about this, apparently you can Force Grab or Force Lightning the TIE fighters for a much Quicker battle.


1.0 First version
1.05 Added One Holocron (Vader’s Science Ship) and how to get the
Holocron in the Mega Sarlac and On the catwalk in Raxus Prime,
added alternate strategies, corrected some spelling/grammer mistakes.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: FAQ/Walkthrough by Degausser
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